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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 54 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 54 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. My Sultan!Who is he?-Brother!-Kavurt Bey!0 . ’u' w•“Protect‘us, my Rabb!'It*,As soon as we get to Rey, you'll come together with your families.Seferiye Sultan... We start by killing her?No. Not only her.Emir Fazluye.What is this, my Sultan?QCome, brother. Come. Come.oWhat are these things I see, Kavurt Bey?Do you have any explanation for this?Open the doors!The one, whom he expected to see hanged on the door was not Fazluye, but it was you, father.No one can know who expect what and what he finds in the end, Merdan.Our war begins now.Kavurt Bey doesn't act normal, my Sultan. We should be careful.My Sultan Brother!I see you've come to Shiraz, when you heard we were in captivity.May your sultanate and mercy be eternal. Long live Sultan Alparslan.As you see, we have beaten our enemies......with my brave Melik Merdan here.Rebel Merda...Kavurt Bey.What's hanged there is not Emir Fazluya but my broken orders!And whoever breaks my order......pays for it......including whoever sided with him.

THE CITY OF REYMurdere-Murderer!-Why did you kill that innocent woman?Here! Murderer! He's here!Back off! Back off!Murderer! Give him to us!Murderer!-Back off!-Don't get close!-Don't get close!-Don't get close!Murderer!Don't get close!Stop!Stop!Stop! Don't do this!His crime has not been proved yet!The justice will be served!Calm down!Stop! Listen to me, brothers!Stop!I know why you are angry, brothers.The child of Jesus Christ has always been oppressed.Our Holy Father ordered us to turn the other cheek, when we get hit.If there is an injustice, it will be revealed.I promise.I assure you. Wait for the last trial, brothers.I'll be in that trial and the justice will be served.As Bishop Yorgo says......the trial hasn'tbeen concluded yet.Be patient.Trust Great Seljuk's justice.You lying peasant.Be patient.I know that woman's lying.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

But we can't do something wrong now.Don't.Come on.Go.They'll try every way to save their Bey.The women we sent to the palace instead of Gera's wife.Kill her now.The guards are watching her house.Then kill them as well.s i P A zDid we allow you to come here?You didn't my Sultan.Let's say you disobeyed me.Why are you with your rebellious son?Instead of trying to convince him to killed Emir Fazluye who's under my command!You don't know who the rebel is.I had to kill the traitor my Sultan.Who's the traitor?Who gave the ruling?Is Emir Fazluye who defended Siraz in my name, a traitor?Exactly.Listen brother.I came to stop my son Merdan.But turns out Fazluye......has a secret side.What do you mean?What dp s/p.UirMe’an'??Commander Mubaris is a brave man.o.f»Sifaz.Commander Mubaris is a brave man of Siraz.He told me about Fazluye.....and his secret business.Tell him too.Speak.My Sultan. I obeyed Fazluye when I saw......your firman that stated he'll protect Siraz.I did as you said.

But things changed.Because Emir Fazluye defended Siraz with your men.But he also wanted to conquer Kirman with your army.Did you hear brother?He used the army you sent to protect Siraz.....and wanted to take Kirman.When I found out.....I did what I had to do to protect Great Seljuk.This is the explanation of what you saw.My Sultan.The reason why I came to Siraz......was that I feared for your life Kavurt Bey.But now you're telling me......"I'll protect Kirman with my life."Is that it?...I don't kill you......Sultan Alparslan will.I'll kill you Fazluye.I swear to you.I took Siraz from yo...and I'll take your life too.Traitor!Don't wait there. Kill him!Mubaris.Fazluye.I told you I'd kill you Fazluye.You harmed Great Seljuk's melik.You will be punished!Bastard!Thank you Mubaris.I knew we were right to trust you.Your loyalty will be rewarded.

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

Right.We'll protect Kirman with our life.And Commander Mubaris protected us with his life.Fazluye almost defeated us if it wasn't for him.Emir Fazluye died.So, Siraz will be ruled by you.Is that it?You can have someone else rule Siraz.I don't want it my Sultan.Your son Mercian rebelled against us.And fought the men I the name of Siraz.Now you say you don't want Siraz.How should I think about this Kavurt Bey?That's why I don't want it my Sultan.I want you to accept this as an apology......for my son Mercian's rebellion.I want you to forgive him.Let it be that thHacip.Send Akarag, to Erbaskan Bey a messenger.Tell him to come to Rey quickly.I'm going to give him the news of his new position of being the bey of Siraz from me.As you wish my Sultan.The destination is clear now Kavurt Bey.We'll walk alongside towards Ani.As you wish my Sultan.You being with us gives us strength Bishop.That man named Avar is a merciless killer.He's an beast who enjoys hunting and killing innocent Christians.He's an beast who enjoys hunting and killing innocent Christians.Hatun...... lying and blaming someone is a sin in every religion.And the punishment for it is very harsh you know that right?I'm a good Christian.

I'm just telling what I've saw.I want justice to be served too.But you, just because he's one of you, are trying to prove a killer innocent.You can't change the truth by using Sultan's powers Vizier.Besides she doesn't know the innocent one who got murdered or...your bey.Why would she lie?He's right.You can't save the killer.We want justice.Bishop Yorgo.We know you well.We don't doubt you'll be on the side who is in the right at all.Even if Avar Bey looks guilty with the evidence right now...... you know it well that when it comes t® the things like these...... it's not always what it looks like.Contrary to this woman who saw everything with her own eyes and has nothing to gain from this...... if you still believe your men to be innocent....... then as the Vizier of the nation it is your duty to prove it.With Allah's permission we're going to prove it inshAllah.Notify me of every breath that woman takes...... and every step she takes.Wk/. sAs you can understand..... if we can'tJind proof..... if we can't find proof..... which will prove

Avar Bey to be innocent until tomorrow's hearing..... they will order his execution.What are you saying mom Akinay?What execution?I send Avar Bey to search Gera's house.They're framing him.Of course they are.Tell me whomever it is that is trying to frame Avar Bey and I'll teach them a lesson.Tell me whomever it is that is trying to frame Avar B’ey and I'll teach them a lesson.(•alm*down ELatur Bey.We need to solve this with our brains and not with our swords.Then let's do it.And that's not easy unfortunately.Since we don't have..... any proof or witness to prove that this is a lie.We do mom Selcan.0We do.• o. •0.Move.Don't push me you damned I'm not going to run.I'm just a tradesman.You can't treat me like this.You lowlife.You planned everything.You killed that hatun.Why are you laughing?Move.Open the door.Give him to me.I told you to open it.I promise you're going to pay for what you did.How can you give up on Siraz dad?-How can...-You still don't know what I'm doing.Merdan.When you can rule over..... all of Seljuk....... Siraz doesn't mean anything to me at-all.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Don't you see it<?Giving up on Siraz is a move to achieve more.My Sultan. Avar Bey.He's going to be executed tomorrow.What are you saying?Who? With who's order is it to execute him?Brother.He's being accused of murder my Sultan.If he can't prov.e that hets inneeent at tomorrows's hearing the people's statements which a&c-used him will be taken as proof.We're going to Rey. Come on.Things are about to get complicated, be ready.What are you talking about, father?Just do as I say.Don't leave anything behind.I did what you told me to do!They're following me, leaveThe fact that Gate-got caught bothers meHe's in the dungeon of the city now.Avar is in the same dungeon as well.So they infiltrated Akarag because of Cato.What about the Christian folk?According to Genna and Varta, they're still furious.They don't want Avar to walk away due to his relationship with Sultan Alparslan.So they're angry and concerned...Good.Avar will not be able to walk away unless Cato confesses.Let's hope that doesn't happen.That wouldn't change anything......unless he does that in the court.We still have a chance.Cato needs to die.He should.I don't know if that’s possible, sir.

Do you think fighting the Seljuk is an easy task?If Avar gets sentenced for the murder......Alparslan lets him out of there......Christian folk will be even angrier.Roman soldiers in Rey, the ones that people know as mere slaves...They're the only ones who can accomplish my perfect plan., o^O0OThey will get better soon, my Bey.They're not doing bad.They're not doing bad.They all need to be treated immediately.Our Sultan's orders...Batur Bey...We safely took the kids who were kidnapped from the school back to their families.They're all grateful to our Sultan.The wounds inflicted by those demons......will get better soon, InshAllah.InshAllah, my Bey.Don't worry.Don't worry.Once they're all treated......find jobs for those who want one.As you command, my Bey.Get ready.My Sultan!Protect the Sultan!Prete&t t-he Sultan!Let's goLet's go!Wait until they run out of arrows!Don't let them hit you.!Break the arrow.Are you alright, brother?I am, what about you?I'm alright.Allah forbid, InshAllah the arrow wasn't poisoned.The dogs have stopped.They must have ran out of arrows.Let's go.Stay behind, brother.You're wounded.I will go after them with the Alps.I will bring them back to you.Be careful.Merdan!

Alps!Follow me.>5.Let us check your wound, my Sultan.Bring some cloth here!Welcome, my Sultan.Take me to Avar Bey.Here, my Sultan.My Sultan.My Sultan IMy Sultan!My Sultan!Back off!I didn't do it.* • * •^:0We know, Avar Bey.The ones, who blame you, will also know tomorrow, don't worry.Stop!Some of you go there, and some of you go this way. Corner them now!Some of you go there, and some of you go this way. Corner them now!Merdan, come with me.Back off!Lower your swords.Lower your swords!Merdan.Retreat.Retreat now, Merdan.You've accomplish your duty well.Return to Shiraz now.And keep your mouth shut.Understood, Kavurt Bey.You killed our leader, Fazulye, and left us alone.Don't be late for the gold you promised.Bey never backs down from his promise.Don't worry about the gold.You first tell were supposed to bring me something.Is it with you?Are you okay, my SuitaYou think we did the right thing by going after them, while you are like this?What can an arrow do to me, Atsiz?

Let's learn from whom came to me.I hope nothing bad happened to Kavurt Bey, inshAllah.Let's go faster!For the signs are ready......Alparslan will have no doubt about Fazluye's betrayal.Of course, he will also trust me much more.Attack now-What are you doing?-My uncle is coming! Kill them before your plan is revealed!You betrayed us! I'll tell everything to Alparslan!They caught them! Let's catch up with them!Merdan! Shoot!Alparslan BeyAllah damn you!Damn it!Everything is over.Alparislan BeyThank Allah.Thank Allah.I'm looking for Andrea.It's from Count Leon. All the things he wants you to do is written in the letter.All the dirty games the Byzantines and Kont Leon played on Seljuk......were assisted by you.You kidnapped innocent kids from school.You ambushed a member of the dynasty, along with the Beys by his side.....and the soldiersaccompanying them.0(A.o o’ * ?0 ft ® $ » o «-0 ’ • % 'o0o00/• 00You killed many innocent people.The men we captured in Tozluhan......said they robbed the caravans as you ordered.You know well that.....according to the law and the order of Seljuk.....committing even one of these crimes results in.....death.There is only one escape this punishment and be sent to exile.You'll prove Avar is innocent to Kadi in court tomorrow.If you don't confess the'll be executed for your crimes.f *• <KSultan doesn't have all day to wait for your answer.That woman..Gera's wife was going to tell you everything.0I0 . IoaQI got scared and killed her.Then you sent someone else to the palace so she could fool us.You'll tell all of this to the people and the court tomorrow.Otherwise, I don't have to tel you what will happen to you.Okay.Okay. I'll tell everything in court.00oI 0 0 5&0oo *So, the archers are Fazluye's men, Kavurt Bey.If,Emir' Fazluy.e didn't order it......who commanded them?There was no time to make him talk my Sultan.

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