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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 55 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 55 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. If you forget even one of the things you are supposed to say before the naphtha blows up......your daughter and wife are going to die. Don't forget that.The people must think of you as an angry Turk that hates Christians, Argus.My brothers, I know how much you trust me, and that you would believe my words.oThere have always been people......that wanted to sow discord among us, and oppress us.Avar Bey should have done more to you!Death to allChristians in the world!Stop him quickly!SeferiyeSeferiyeMother!Help us!SeferiyeSeferiye! Open your eyes! Seferiye!Open your eyes.Thank Allah. You are okay, right?Yes.Akinay Hatun!Akinay Hatun!

Do you have any wounds? Are you okay?I am okay.Come on, come on!Atsiz! Artuk! Help here!Hold on Hasan Bey. Hold on.Mother! Is she alive?She hardly breathes, but she is alive.Her wound looks deep.Selcan Hatun, is she alive?Batur Bey.Akinay Hatun.Akinay Hatun, don't die.Help us nowSave Hace! Save Hace!Hang on Hace!Hang on.Hang on.Your leg looks damaged Hace.I'm stuck!Gevher.Gevher!Help us now.Help!Help us! Help us!Help us! Help us!Gevher!Gevher.Gevher.Gevher!She's alive.Take them to the hospital now Mother.Are you okay?I'm okay.Are you okay?We're okay. Are you?Bishop.Don't you die.Don't you die!They did this to kill the bishop.You deserve to die Bishop Yorgo.Leon!Leon!Leon!Leon!Shut up you damned bastard!Leon!Leon!Shut up!Where are you, you demon?Come here Leon!Shut up!Leon!I love to hear you calling my name.I missed you too.Killing your worthless soul......will be my Sultan's job.But I don't know if I can be that patient.You must wonder what's going on in Rey.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Alparslan doesn't've been kidnapped. He thinks you ran.It upsets me to say......your Sultan's in a tough situation.Because the Christians.....think Alparslan had you kidnapped.Thanks to yo...the justice of Great Seljuk has taken a hit.Don't make me killyou before I have to.You will fail Leon!You can't kill our Sultan.You're not a wolf like the others.You're a bear.A suggestion for you.Don't struggle for nothing.You're going to need that strength.You won't succeed Leon.RCYOkay enough.A little more.Let's wrapI'm okay I can get up.Rest a bit more here Gevher.You can rest in your room later.Mom Akinay has hit her head really hard.She's unconscious.We're going to do everything we can to heal her but...There's no but.She's going to be okay and that's it!I'm sorry my sultan.Mom Akinay is strong.She's going to be okay.InsAllah.Don't leave her side.Report me how she's doing wish my sult-am.My sultan.Did you learn anything about the one who did the attack?

He was not a Muslim even if he looked like one my sultan.There's nothing left of him.But we found this on his burnt...... jacket.That mad Count is behind this too.He stopped Bishop Yorgo from telling the truth...... and fed into the anger non-Muslim folks feel against us at the same time.Where is the Bishop? Did you bring him here?Unfortunately my sultan.Non-Muslim folk stopped us.They keep on saying that they won't let Muslims have the Bishop.We didn't bring him here not to anger them any further.We took him to a infirmary in the city with our guards.But if you say it's not right...No you did good Suleymansah.The non-Muslim folks are angrier at us.There's no need to anger them further.Count Leon...... would want to finish what he started.Increase the security around the infirmary.You're going to take down anyone that comes there who look suspicious and make them talk.If her situation changes...let me know.What did I tell you?Didn't I tell you that a hunter who attacks their pray before the time comes becomes the prey?Didn't I tell you..... not to attack Alparslan without me telling you?Your cautiousness..You waiting...I don't have any patience left dad.The prey we were waiting to hunt gets stronger everyday.He's going to attack Ani.Then?Anatolia.If we don't defeat him now...... we can't stop him ever again.Do you think you know that and I don't?

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

That you thought of it but I didn't?You think you're seasoned.But you're inexperienced and stupid.Someone stupid doesn't get to live a long life Merdan.You're going to get me killed with yourself.If you ever do something without me knowing...I'll be the one to kill you.Did you hear me?If I were you, I'd bury me, too.But even if you bury me six feet won't be able to run from me, Leon! won't be able to run from me, Leon!I pray that the Almighty......lets me in His that I can......welcome you at the gates of it!Hey!Hey!You're disrupting the rhythm of the music.You better keep quiet or I'll have to cut your tongue out.Let go!My goldStop, my girl, he will hurt you!-Stop here!-My father and I worked for a year to obtain the gold you stole!We already made all payments to Seljuk!Get away from our villageDon't make me cut your tongue out and feed it to dogs.My girl!Open your eyes!Wake up!Wake up, my dear.Hang in there.Hang in there.The land that you and......feed yourselves on, belong to......feed yourselves on, belong to......the Mighty Seljuk Sultan!...the Mighty Seljuk Sultan!This is the punishment for not paying the tax he demands......and disobeying......and disobeying......his orders.I am Avar Bey, son of Yamtar!If any of you disobey the Sultan's orders again......I swear to Allah thatI'll burn down this village Let's go.He's as strong as the real Avar.....but he's way more cruel.-How dare you come here?-Go away!When are you going to leave us alone?How dare you show your face here?Go away!God protected Hadrath Bishop!

You weren't able to kill him!We will not leave until he recovers!We're not going anywhere!They can kill him in there without any of us seeing it!He's right!Step aside.Step aside, let me!Listen carefullyI want the Bishop to live as much as you do!Keep in mind the eyes of the State, there's no difference......between Muslims and non-Muslims.The truth is different tha...what's being shown to you.You will find out soon.Trust me.Never doubt Sultan Alparslan's justice!Also, it wasn't a Turk who attacked the was one of you!Just like the rest of them, Count Leon controls him as well.Are you blaming a Christian again?You're trying to blame us while trying to make Muslims look innocent!What's the situation?Is he going to wake up?He lost too much blood my Bey. His situation is critical.But we are doing our best.You will do more than that!Bishop Yorgo is not going to die before speaking of the innocence of Avar Bey in front of the Kadi and the people Tell the alps around healing center to be careful.Alp or doctors, whoever slacks......will get his punishment by my hands.How are Mother Akinay and Gevher hatun, my Sultan?Gevher is better, but.....Mother Akinay is not well.

Protect them oh Allah, give them strength.Protect them oh Allah, give them strength.If he dies by my hand, that demon called Leon will not have an easy death!If he dies by my hand, that demon called Leon will not have an easy death!I will not kill him before making him suffer and pay for what he has done!My Sultan.Speak, Hace.Unspeakable things are happening around the non-Muslim villages near Vaspurakan.Some wild Turkmens are saying that they are collecting Jizya(tax) by your order, and.....steal it from anyone that does not want to pay, and kill them.What does that mean, Hace!?Since when raider tribesmen collect tax?Did we not collect tax from Vaspurakan recently?Who is this bandit that uses our name?Yamtaroglu Avar Bey.What are you saying, Hasan Bey?The one leading the raiders introduced himself like that.That's not possible, Avar wouldn't do that.If we want to find Avar......we need to go to that village and see what's going on.Suleyman Shah, you will stay here.You are responsible from safety of Yorgo.He is the only witness that can clean our names off of that slander.Don't forget that.As you command my Sultan.Come on.Bury my head, too! You infidels Kill me!

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

What are you waiting for?I will kill you!Aren't you afraid of Allah!? You bastard!Either face me like a man......or just kill me!Your brothers are going to kill you, not me.After you stab Sultan wolf's heart, of course.I will kill you! I will kill you Leon!If you don't kill me, I will kill you!Your hair is too long.It's not healthy. Experience speaking here.I will kill you.I will kill you.I will kill you.I will kill you Count Leon!I'll kill you Leon.I'll kill you.Looks good on you.Don't be sad.We'll punish the Seljuk Bey who raided your village.Kont Leon will secure the safety of your life and your belongings.Kont Leon will secure the safety of your life and your belongings.To make you feel safer.....I'll leave my soldiers here.And find that bastard called Avar.And you will stand together side by side against the our Christian brothers living in Seljuk.If you don't unite......Sultan Alparslan will send more he sent Avar.Tell this to all the nearby Christian villages.They should realize what the future holds.He's right.You're a blood thirsty monster, dammjit.You'll pay for the Christians that died in the explosion.You better pray.....Bishop Yorgo is alive.I'm sorry about the bishop.

But not for the others.The innocent can die in war.When he has the can't escape Kayzer's wrath this time, Kont Leon.I did it all to save Ani from the Turks.I'll do even more if I have to.You asked for this Bagrat.Soldier.King Bagrat sent a messenger to Constantinople.Go catch that messenger.Take the letter and kill him.Leave the body in the Turk's land.As you wish.As you wish.It suits you.That is made out of camel hide.You must be wondering what's going to happen I'm sure.As the sun heats up the helmet...... it's going to shrink.And shrink.It'll shrink until...... you've gone mad.And then I'm going to send you Rey, where you came from.But your sanity won't be coming with you.Let me look son.Let me. I'll get it.Sultan Alparslan is coming.Hide.Turks.Turks are coming here again.Let them come then.How can you come here?How can you come here?-What else do we have to give? -We only have our lives left.-What else do we have to give? -We only have our lives left.They took everything. Everything.They took everything. Everything.Shame on you.What else do we have left to give Sultan Alparslan?Did you come to take our lives too?One of your beys, Avar.He took everything we got and left. He took everything we got and left.He even took an innocent man's life.You're my people.Neither I...... nor the beys under my rule can do such a thing to you.The person you thought to be

Avar Bey...... is the pawn of those who want to bring your apart from us.When he came to get jizya...... he showed us the token he got from you.It's not the jizya time.It's not harvest time.We told him we didn't have anything.He didn't show us any mercy.He took everything with the Turkmens he had with him.If you're that sure that he was Avar Bey...... then describe him to me.Okay.He was tall.He had a thin mustache.He tied his hair up behind him with his forehead showing.He had a big mace.That's Avar Bey.It's clear he's poor now...What are you saying brother?One who made the plan thought it through.If I didn't know him I would say it was Avar too.As I guessed.Avar didn't run away.He was kidnapped.You couldn't even denyYou took everything from us for undeserved jizya.You didn't keep the promises you made.From now on we're not Seljuks's folk..... but those who protect us and our goods.And who's that protecting you from us?We do.So they both hurt them...... and act like they're protecting them.Protect the people.My bey.|V|y bey.

The Christians outside decided on a spokesperson.They want to see the Bishop and make sure he's safe.What should we do?What is your order?Let them see him then.Let them see him then.Let them come in.Let therifii»come in.You can see the Bishop.Thank God he's alive.-Thank God.-Jesus Christ.Now look down.Where do you feel the pain?Here.Which one of you is Andra?I am.It's from Count Leon.The anger of Christians should bring chaos to Seljuk The anger of Christians should bring chaos b® Seljuk*!But you need to do something for that t® happen.You're going to burn Rey Chapel down......and kill Yorgo, wh® betrayed Holy Rome!That traitor bishop should never breath again.

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