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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 58 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 58 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. The head of everyone who accepts being under my shadow.. .will remain healthy over the shoulder Whoever stands against me on the way to the sultanate....should know thatthey will die.Kavurd Bey.Seferiye SultanrWhile we thought you got afraid and took cover in the castle were trying to protect Sultan Mesud’s life huh7 You will try to protect your life.Let's see who can save you from me now.Leave Sultan, dastard1Mighty Vizier, are you alright?Stop1 Don t1Stop1 Leave him’ StopGet him up'You think you can headbutt Vizier of Ghazne...and you can still stay alive?I said stopHusamedd m1Alparslan1You are the only armor that will keep your husband away Sefenye Sultan.You are inviting your death by force, Husameddin1 For a single drop. .. of Seferiye Sultan s blood, .1 will cut you and your soldiers into a thousand pieces1 Hold your handSultan Alparslan1Come on, Atsiz!Are you alright7 -I'm good ueupvDo anything to make General Diogenis feel comfortable He saved our lives after all You owe your life to Kaiser, .not me.I need to take you to Constantinople alive.Sorry*You re going to stand trial Earl Leon You are accused of...setting up Roman vassals. .. .arid killing them.

I want you to send a message to Lotus Knights Neither Kaiser nor vassals ...should ever know about the message What are you doing7-Fools'You guaranteed our lives .Sultan Alparslan1SureThe letter containing stupid lies ....which Bagrat wrote to Kaiser.The vassals were killed by Seljuks, not me Iraz, put him in the dungeon.This is Am I give orders here.Put General and his men in the dungeon immediately.I rn here on behalf of Kaiser1 I have full authority1If anyone takes another step ...he won t be as lucky as Earl Leon1 If you push your luck, I will hurt you.

You can't hurt me, Octopus.ueupvYou heard General Diogems, God damned fools’ You dastard!You traitor1 I m going to kill you I m at your service General.You will pay for this.You’re making a mistake Diogems.You are making a mistake Diogems’ Put him in the dungeon1You're making a mistake Diogems.God damn you all1I II kill all of you'Adnan!Adnan*rr4 :II% wAlparslanYou are bleeding . When you..I m alrightDon t worry Sefenye Hatun They used three different ways to escape.Batur Bey. Melik Suleyman Shah.....stay with meAtsiz Bey Artuk BeySplit and try to find some traces Come on.We got over them, thanks to Allah Come on! Let s leave the woods.Damn it! They caught us1 ■ /#$Cagri Bey's son, ruler of Kirman . .Sultan Kavurd Bey!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Long live Sultan Kavurd1 Long live Sultan Kavurd1 Long live Sultan Kavurd1 Drums were played, coins were minted Khutbah was recited, my Sultan Now the last thing to do to conquer the city of throne There is the throne city..wherever the Sultan isThe place where we step the center of the sultanate It won't take long for Ray to hear the khutbah read in Kirman, my Sultan.We will attack Alparslan Bey. ...before he attacksus, right, my Sultan’We won t be the ones who will make the first move.We will not show the same weakness with Ibrahim Yinal and Kutalmis ....and stand against my brother.When they think we are preys..we will be hunters, Erkut How could Vizier Husameddm take .Sultan Mesud captive... and go beyond his limits?Someone apparently encouraged him.We will learn who he is .. working with for sureThis way.What happened’ What did you see’ Who is that Hatun7Someone is comingWho are you7 What are you doing here7 Drop your swords.We are traders who bring and take goods safely in Seljuk lands./zThat is true my Sultan.Have you seen someone running or escaping from someone7 No. We haven't seen anyone.What are you carrying in those carts?

The most valuable goods of East Silk clothes and spices.Go on1Nature is filled with wonde It heals youThere is no need. Thank you.How dare you touch the Sultan of the Seljuk state without permission’ The Sultan of Seljuk?AlparslarPForgive me Sultan Alparslan.My Sultan. Hatun is telling the truth.There are just silk clothes and spices.Come on. We are leaving.You can't do this to me1 - x: = .No one can do this to me1 Adnan*Damn it1Bagrat is a damned liar1 Bagrat is a damned liar1 I have nothing to do with the deaths of vassals!I have nothing to do with the deaths of vassals!Diogems1Do not tire yourself.You will have to convince the ones in Constantinople about your innocence It s not a problemI can immediately tell the great Kaiser and the members of the court about the games Bagrat is playing behind my back.Just open the damn door.... and take me to Constantinople I understand your excitement.But... you have to be patient.Because....King Bagrat will come with us.What7Constantinople wants it to be a fair trial.Bagrat is a captiveI guess you are not thinking of going to Ray and asking for Bagrat from Alparslan Actually ..that s what I am thinking Leonsiqi pip oi|MHusameddin is not among them It's an arrow I have never seen before This is the end of the traces SubhanaAllahWho killed him?

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

And why?We will understand that for sure You are a bloodthirstyGod s disgraceYou will pay for the Christians that died in the blast DammitHe not only knows that I killed vassals .But also I am behind the explosio and the Christians dying there.Rot in hell Bagrat.King Bagrat will come with us King Bagrat will come with us King Bagrat will come with us Easy LeonTake it easyLeon.Alparslan would never.Deliver Bagrat.Never.Sir.Yc-You traitorCalm downI will kill you how can you stab me in the back?I needed the general to trust me Only I can help you.However, you need to be patient and calm.'Uncle, my SultanI once again owe you my life.My nephew Sultan MesutAre you alright?I am alright, thank Allah How much you ve grown.You’ re just like my sister Sehver.They also say that I look like you.I am proud to be alike the Sultan of Sultans Vizier Husameddm, the one who did this to you is dead Do you know who he contacted with while planning this7 I heard him talking about Kavurd Bey.Is that soLook at thisKavurd Bey tries to stab you in the back An another soldier that you don t know of helps you Today in the forest, soldier or sister, everyone wants to help our Sultan.

I am curious about who acted before us And wanted to kill Husameddin, my Sultan.Maybe, some rival of his from Ghaznavids.Took his life by taking an opportunity Or someone who doesn t want him to speak .Wanted to silence himWho where when.And why he did this will surely be revealed.Did you warned the hands that we sent after them again, Batur Bey?Whatever track they find, they shall bring is quickly.I've informed them good, my Sultan Alparslan are you alright?I am good don t worry.You should ve let that infidel girl put on the paste, instead of interfering Maybe it would ve done good to your pain.FeshupanAllahMy Sultan.What about Kavurd Bey?We can talk it out later First, let's take our Sultan to healers Accompany Sultan Mesud to Ghazni You may deliver him safely and come back May your life be long and your rule everlasting, my Sultan.EyvAllah my nephewMay Allah protect you, let’s go GeneralI et's send an ambassador tor King Bagrat.I don t think that going to Rey is a good idea.Sultan Alparslan may take you hostage and put Rome in a bad situation Alparslan is an old enemy of mine.I know him wellHe gets what he wants by not kidnapping .

He gets it by f ghtingHow?He is in hmbo, his mind wanders He either come to himself Or he will consume himself The sound of water calls one to himself Healer Ferhat.He will be alright InshaAllah April rain, it is curative.Bring him up so we can make him drink.You gave his other rn» -dh int’% .is II > -Yes, chief.Alright.Bismillah.We need to inform Sultan Alparslan .About the latest situatio Sultan Alparslan.That devil worshipper Husameddin He did us no goodNeither he could stop Alparslan..Nor he could lessen his numbers My Sultan.If Alparslan learned that we dragged Husameddin into this.His anger would be sharper You say that we should wait, become a hunter instead of a hunt, however For how long my SultarPUntil they come charging at us.Charging to Alparslan..Is marching to death.His army did not receive any loss in the castle..Nor at the baseEven if we have an army..We are not strong enough to go against him Why do you think we drew back to Kirman while we have all those properties’ This is the most important place we will have to keep on our way to sultanate It has steep mountains and deep rifts on both sides The one who wants to arrive this place has to walk through the Uluyol.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Just like Alparslan will do.When Alparslan and his soldiers, are gathered in the shallow passage in Uluyol the naphtas buried under their feet will blow up.Uluyol will be a graveyard for Alparslan and his soldiers.I know my brother.He would not postpone his duties 06 MONand put your most effective naphtas under the feet of the army.And then take up a position on an appropriate place.That path Erkut,the destiny of the Seljuk state will change on that path.Yes my Sultan.Kavurd Bey went too far and minted coin on his name and delivered a khutbah.It seems that he thinkshe has no share on the fate of his son Melik Merdan It s clearMaybe the loss of his son caused him to follow this unruly path, Hace We don't know.Even though his test is harder than us straying awayis not appropriate for a Bey I have no doubt that Kavurd Bey walked with his son on the path of treason.About the Georgian army matter they drew us into the trap together.

But Merdan sacrificed himself for his father.What they didshows that they have been after sultanate for a long time.It seems that the love of brother in my heart, the trust I had in my brother, caused me to turn a blind eye to them.nHow pityI swear thatregardless of the reason my brother Kavurd who allied with the infidels and caused many of our soldiers to die will be punished for itYour army is waiting for you outside of the city, my Sultan.When you have full strength, we are ready to attack Kavurd Bey.EvelAllah I'm all right Batur Bey.We cannot leave the rebel alone We will move towards Kirman as soon as possible.My Sultan, ByzantineGeneral Romen Diogeneswants to be admitted to your presence t%’ A1 <4 A 0 * o0 Ar a-VOnly thing you were lacking was the throne, Alparslan, now you have become theSultan in the end. *They are your cognates Iraz As you know Turks are hospitable.Be comfortableOur Sultan is waiting for you, General Diogenes.There is a very precious gift for Sultan in the car.Only General Diogenes will be admitted to his presence I go wherever General goes.

Calm down1IrazYou calm down tooWait for me hereDiogenes who went to Constantinople not to lose against me in Vaspurakan, now came back to defend Am.So he will have to faceanother defeat, while running away from a defeat Sultan AlparslanI must admit that you look so good on the throne.I knew I would see you here one day.But I wasn t expecting to see you again.-Captain Diogenes.General.You must have heardAll I see isThe collar that Dukas, whom you once left to die now puts around your neck GeneralSo Constantinople is so afraid.Upon seeing that your mad Earl won't be able to defend Am, Caiser Dukas sent you here.You are right aboutEarl Leon being mad.But Caiser is notafraid of you at all.He doesn t think that he will lose Ani Just like meHave you come all the way to Rey just to show your courage, General?NoI’m here to see King Bagrat whom you keep as hostage.I want to see him, with your permission.Of courseBut you'll see him while we are watching.If you'll excuse me, I'd like to present Caiser s gift.!4?C,V' ’ 1This is Caiser Dukas gift, so that you never forget the limits of what you have and the things which you will never have.The stones on it are very precious.

Do you know the place where you put that stone, General’ -Just a mountain.-Ergenekon.It s not an ordinary mountain It s a mountain made of iron A blessed mountainwhere Allah Almighty melted his army with the fire of the Turks iTake this precious giftthereCome with me GeneralDoes that Caiser think that with a piece of paper and a little bit of stone, he has put the Turks who melted a mountain of iron in their place?Am CastleIt looks so solid0Bl6* 0The fire ignited in Am will spread to Constantinople, Rome first. and then the whole Europe General.Don t confuse.Europe with Vaspurakan which is full of pathetic Armenians like Kekavmenos What you re saying.... means standing against the all Christian world. Am I right7 You're absolutely right.We don’t intend to stop. ...before we raise the flag of Turks and Islam in the whole world Even if you all gather,.you can’t extinguish the fire...ignited in Ergenekon... It s the same person who saved your life with that arrow. .. and who killed Vizier Husameddm Is that so?We think so, motherWhy is he not showing up, but hiding himself then7 I don t understand.Is he enemy or ally?

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