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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke Season 2 EPISODE 18 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 18 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. -Atsizr '-Yes, my Bey.‘ -AtsizJ-Yes, my Bey.It's my order. Have the glorious flags of Seljuk be displayed on the walls of Bust Palace.Make sure that khutbahs are recited and coins are made in the name of the ruler of Khorasan, Cagri Bey.The command is belong to our Bey.We thought your aim was to destroy Qarmatians......who spoiled the religion of Islam and caused many cruelty.We also thought that you took Bozan's head for this.But we see that what you expected was not that bastard's head......but it was Bust's throne.Yinal Bey.As I said, the lands of Bust don't not belong to the son of Cagri Bey, Mohammed Alparslan......but it belongs to the ruler of Khorasan, Cagri Bey himself now.You also know that the successor can also be the one seizing the succession.It's not the time to discuss about the qualification of the succession.My sister's body is waiting to be buried for this good news.Whenever we drive that bastard's lineage into extinction.....then, the good news will come.Kutay.

Find Bozan's man and bring him here.Be quick.It's cold.It's been quite a while.Bozan would certainly send news by suspecting.that the ammo didn't arrive Bust.His silence- is- hot normal aball.Send news to th'e castle.Let them come, here and collect'th'e bodies.-We are going to Bust.-As you ord er',..Captain.Get ready! To the horsesHe's not here.We've searched everywhere, my Bey but there is no trace about him.We need to be sure, Kutay.Obviously, Bozan's man ran away in the chaos.His body is not among these.csWe tore off the head of the snake but......its tail is still there.We will capture him soon or later of course.Artuk. Go and ask the Alps we left outside before we went in.Learn if they saw anyone running away.Someone from this tribe gave information to Bozan, who caused......the death of my daughter, my Sehver!...the death of my daughter, my Sehver!

May whoever sent news to Bozan and ruined our plan know that he can't hide.May whoever sent news to Bozan and ruined our plan know that he can't hide.He will be punished! It's our duty to find him!Before we started our plan, Karaca had been with me all night.I'm just saying this in case you have a suspicion.I'm just saying this in case you have a suspicion.Suleyman, what are you saying?Suleyman, what are you saying?I consider Karaca same just as the daughter I've lost.Thanks father.Karaca is also my daughteI can't even think that he was the traitor.Don't say such words neither while you are with her or with anybody else.She is pregnant. It may upset her.Karaca!Are you okay?I am fine. I am fine. I've just felt a bit sick.Come, come.Karaca.Karaca, why have you left your bed?

I need some rest.Come here.Come here.Despite being a Qarmatian monster, Bozan was his brother.That's why she is sad.How long are we going to hide it from Mesut?Right after the death of his father, he lost his mother too.

It's not easy.But we need to tell h about it in a right wa May my Allah give him patience.

May He make his future blessed.Everyone is here......why didn't my mothe come, Sultan grandpa: Where is she?Come here my lion. Let us have a chat as grandfather......and grandson.Don't matter what kind of situation we are in......Allah is the One that puts us in that situation.Oh great One that can change the fate of everything.Make our fate a good one.Maybe you will keep saying this prayer, too.I will, my Bey.I will keep telling it, and keep it in my heart.Thank you.Show mercy.Heal him please.Do not leave us separated, my Allah.Aybike...Aybike...Father!Your Aybike is here father.She is here.That's it, Maria.It's obvious from your skill in sword that you are a Turk.What kind of a Turk name is Maria, Alpagut!?You told me everything.....but you never told me my true name, the name my father has given to me.Your name is.....Aybike.

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ye kya website hai alp arslan ke previous episode he show nahi ho rahein

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