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Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin EPISODE 04 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode No.4 of Mendirman Jaloliddin with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. May peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.May peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.May peace and mercy of Allah be upon you.Estagfurallah. Estagfurallah.Estagfu rallah.In the name of Allah, the merciful, the beneficent.My Allah. May you save our state and people the fire of disorder.May you send the armies marching on us with your blessed name.Don’t let us see the defeat of our Sultan and his loyal soldiers.For the religion, for the state, for the people…..don’t let my son lose.You are the one, who hears my prayers.My Allah, bestow us beauty both in the world and the other world, protect us from the wrath of hell.Allah is the Greatest.iMy Allah.May you bestow Turkan Hatun and our Shehzade, Uzlagsah victory.

May the ones, who stand before them, be defeated.Let us return to the city as victors……where we left as victims.Ameen.-Ameen.-Allah is the Greatest.Allah is the Greatest.Great mother.Your Sultan has taken defense position on the walls of Gurgenc……and your grandchild, Aksah, is waiting for orders with his cavalry.The city is locked itself against the attacks.They have provision enough for months and soldiers to fight to death.Basbug Timur Melik has controlled the passages of Amu Derya……and stopped the soldier transportation from the west to the east.

Now…am standing before you with Gurgenc.And for the love of Allah……for the love of Mohammed Mustapha……I ask you to stop.Enough.Enough now, Celaleddin.Aren’t you tired of begging, huh?You keep saying these words because, you don’t have any hope If you have any courage and……some pride……go back to your soldiers.Come on.My brave brotheIf you have the courage face me alone!Let our fight determine the outcome of this war!Don’t let blood ofMuslims be shed in vain!Do you have the courage?Don’t try to do such a thing No!Is this your last word?Stop, Celaleddin…..I will give his punishment!He did it to protect his commander.He couldn’t know that I would never kill my brother.But you don’t understand me.Necmeddin Kubra is coming.His goal is to make Turkan Hatun give up on the war.I don’t know how he’ going to do that.

What can he do alone?I don’t know what he is thinking of, and that drives me crazy.Peace be with you.Peace be upon you.My daughterTurkan.What kind of Jihad are you planning with all these Ghazis?So you are not planning a jihad.Then……what is all this preparation for?Here is your world……and here is your afterlife.Those who trust in the good deeds they have done, can cross this line.Nizamulmulk……do you think Necmeddin Kubra Hadrath arrived?He wouldn’t decline our Shahzade Celaleddin’s invitation. He must have arrived.And he probably showed them the rules of sharia law.InshAI la h.Even great mother cannot disobey sharia.Be at ease, my Sultan.When it’s about you great mother……I cannot be at ease.Put up a tent here.I will talk with my daughter Turkan Hatun, and my son Celaleddin.

Put up a tentThank Allah.Turkan Hatun can’t disregard Necmeddin Kubra, and continue the war.InshAIlah she won’t do that.Well, we have shown our side now.Do you think Sultan Aleaddin didn’t know which side we were on?The other commanders didn’t find the chance to take action.But we have taken up arms.We have entered a path which we cannot go back from.That’s right. Celaleddin won’t forget that.To stop the war……he acted like a sheep.When he manages to bring Turkan Hatun to the palace……he will become like a lion again.I’m afraid, Husamettin, that…..we will fall in to his claws.That won’t be that easy and fast.When I return to Semerkand, I will think of a solution.InshAllah you can return.I wonder what evil thing they’re talking about.

I wonder what evil thing they’re talking about.They’re worried about their own life.These men will try to stray you from the way of Haqq.Don’t fear my Shehzade.Don’t worry lala.InshAllah my shehzade.InshAllah.There’s a giant inside of me.He can never stay hidden.To lower his head……won’t be easy.When there’s no faith a man is filled with evil.The infidels and cruel ones are never Muslims.Lands of Islam are filled with profanity.Mohammed Mustafa’s ummah……is at the hands of majus.The infidel mongols are right outside your door.And you’re worried about the sultanate?/f’ A- ^4My Sheykh.If sons walk all over their mothers……can order prevail?It can’t of course.

If sons accuse their mothers of betrayal……and try to imprison them with the words of liars……can order prevail?It can’t of course.If my grandson……asks his men if they’d shoot Turkan Hatun……and imprison the ones that say no……can order prevail?It can’t of course.It can’t my Sheykh.All of that happened.My grandson, whose woman….sneaked into my room…… to leave the letter of betrayal…….is right here.

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