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Destan EPISODE 02 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 02 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Let Gok Tengri know!Shoot whistling arrows!Gok Tengri, the owner of the blue sky!Hear the whistles of our arrows.....and listen to us.Give an ear to Ulu Ece of Ulu Gok Khan....who is the only ruler of the dark ground.We are scattering wheat on the ground to.....reach peace.We are pouring kimiz on the stop blood shed.We re releasing the horses to get good news.My Tengri who looks after.....the blue sky, the dark ground....and the wise water.Give us a sign!Will our path bring us welfare.....or darkness?My Gok Tengri, give us a sign!-Temur.-Prepare to defend!Protect Khan!You shall die too.Alpagu.Help!-Protect him, alps!-Alpagu.Protect our Khan.KayiFamilyTV.comDon’t cry. Take this.For those two children.There is the Paw of the Two-Headed Wolf!- £B\ I I GOK KAGAXI IGI JJAI AMiR YABGl 'XI N OBASI 4. ~ *BAI 1 G()K KAGAXI igi . BAI AMIR YABGl ’XI X OBASI Open the door!A messenger has arrived!A messenger has arrived!

Vargi Beg.Have they arrived? -We are waiting for them Balamir Yabgu.-Are the preparations completed?-Yes, Vargi Beg.We are just waiting for our Khan.May that Khan never arrive. -Kircicek!Don't get mad at me, father.I am going to marry a disabled Tagin.Don't you ever feel sorry?Balamir Yabgu!The paw of the two-headed wolf shot our Khan.-How is my brother?-Yabgu's wound is deadly.I will beg to Gok Tengri....for my brother's life.Leave.Everyone leave.My Gok Tengri..When Alpagu.....dies......give your kut (divine gift of ruling) to me.Give his me.(.OK OKI) \(.OK K \(. \\I K.l B\SKI *Slowly!Hurry!I took the arrows out.They didn’t reach his heart.When will he wake up?One of the arrows....missed his heart.But the other arrow broke his shoulder blade.Our Khan lost too much blood.Gok Tengri knows......but it is hard for him to wake up.We set off for a wedding but faced a disaster, Alpagu.It all happened because of this sinister man!It all happened because of this sinister and disabled man!Mother..Gok Tengri did this to us......because of this sinister man!-Mother, enough!Enough!Enough!Leave him alone! Does he even know how to speak? How could he reject them?What did he even do to you?

He drank the milk of the Dag Khanate.What could he do worse?What about the bandit who shot our Khan? Isn't she guilty?Mother... Mother... If my father is going to die.....may Tengri forbid.....he is going to die because of that villain archer. Not because of Batuga!Batuga missed his footing and the arrow missed my father's heart.Please watch our episode on Even if I have to search the whole steppe......I promise, I'll find her.I will throw the archer who shot our Khan under your feet.How?Saltuk?We don't know who it is.A girl who hides her face......and calls herself the paw of the two-headed wolf!My Ulu Ece...I saw her face.-Would you recognize her if you saw her again?-I saw her for a second. But she is at this height.An arrow of mine grazed her arm. She has a wound.You stay, Saltuk. My father gave the duty of catching that looter to me.My Tegin, you stay here.Our Khan's condition is serious.You shouldn’t leave your father.Is Alpagu Khan really dead?Batuga stumbled.The arrow didn't precisely hit his heart.He got two arrows on his chest.He must be dead.

The bulls of Erlik Khan must have taken him deep into the ground.* Akkiz, we have avenged your father.I heard my father’s voice in my dream.What did he say?Draw your bow and shoot your arrow.""Where it falls is your fate", he said.And the arrow hit something like an eagle or a dragon.That's Alpagu Khan.You have taken vengeance. Your fate was to take revenge.It bleeds again.Bandage it. I don't want to die before I see Alpagu Khan's funeral.You can't die before you see our wedding.Right, Yaman?We got enough loot to have a wedding.Yes.Akkiz's arm is injured. I'll beat her in the competition and marry you.-I can beat you even with one arm.-Sure. Sure, you can.I can even beat you now.Shall we?Watch, my boy.I will marry her if I win.Fine.But if I win, you won’t mention Sirma again.Accepted.The tree in the middle is the target.Enough!You always lose in this game!If you can’t, I will beat Akkiz and qualify to marry you!You get on your horse! Don't make me tear your hair off!No arrow competitions!Go let Colpan Khan know!As you order, Sirma Khan.


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We’re going to the tribe and hand out the goods now.And we'll have a wedding next week!Get on the cart! Now!Alright, Sirma Hatun.Don't be mad.I’m already mad! Come on!-Let's go!-Let's go!-Let’s go!-Let's go!-Let's go!-Let's go!Don’t make Sirma angry. Come on!Come, boy.Why did you steal?-I’m hungry, Colpan Khan.-Everyone is hungry.Why are we hungry? Whydoesn't our Khan feed us?Because Goks who killed my father and sister don't let us enter Gok Orda.They don’t let us sell our animals and milk.They don't let us trade in the Silkroad. That's why we're hungry!The reason of your hunger is Goks.But you stole from Dag.Dag men never betray each other.Dag men never steal from each other.Dag men gets what they deserve from Goks......but never steal from Dag. They can t!Our morals order us to kill whoever steals from us!

I will let you.....starve slowly to death.Don't do this, my Khan. Kill me with your sword.Only honest ones deserve to die with a sword.A vile thief doesn't deserve the honor of my sword.You will die dishonorably as you lived.Tie her on the post!You went for looting again?Yes.But this time..I didn’t loot the tax caravan of Gok Khanate......but the dowry caravan of your nephew Batuga.And..I shot Alpagu the heart.Come!Close the gate, Tilbe.What have you done?Alpagu Khan exiled us from our tribe.He left.....both you and me as orphans.He left your nephew motherless.We just waited for years without doing anything.How do you know I just waited?What about the promise you gave?The oath you took?My Khan gave her tribe a promise.She said Gok would kneel before Dag.My Khan couldn't do that.

And I did.I made Alpagu Khan.....get on his knees.Get on your knees.No.Get on your knees before your Khan!Get on your knees before your Khan!You think you made Alpagu Khan and Goks kneel, huh?You need to kneel first to make others kneel!You ruined my plans, Akkiz.If I hadn't promised Evren Alp to protect you, ...I would kill you right here!Sirma, Yaman. make the cart disappear.Kuzu Beg!Have you seen Kaya Tagin?Um..He is in the room of throne.May my Tengri give you long life, my Khan you want me to be the you want me to be the Khan......after you?The council will make the decision but......lands are conquered by swords, and kept with knowledge.If your brother Temur serves your mind.....with his sword.....Gok Khanate will always be ruling.My still alive.He is.And he won't die.I was just...You were just?

I missed seeing him here.You?Why are you here? -I was looking for you.Saltuk.....told me that our Khan father was not alright and that I should stay but......not being able to chase that bandit......hurts me.I want to take some Alps with me and set off.You can, if Saltuk can't find her.My father gave that duty to me, not to Saltuk.He said, "You will find the paw of the two-headed wolf, Temur."Temur!Stay here!We shouldn't be searching for you if something happens to my father.Alright....something happens to my father.....we know where to find you....anyway.Alpagu Khan died.....before I could take your revenge, father.

Creation and undertaking setup has a spot with Mehmet Bozdağ; including Ebru Şahin, Selim Bayraktar and Edip Tepeli, facilitated by Emir Khalilzadeh; Deniz Barut, Burak Tozkoparan, Burak Berkay Akgül, Ecem Sena Bayır and Esra Kılıç are among the performers of the outstandingly expected series, whose content was formed by Nehir Erdem and Ayşe Ferda Eryılmaz.

The conveyance date of the Destan Turkish Series isn't yet announced. In any case, the SeriesSeries will meet with its group on ATV screens. Disregarding the way that it is understood that the channel has chosen Friday evenings, no appropriate statement has yet been made. After a short time, there will be a power statement.


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Tilsim..Forgive me.sister.I raised Tutkun to be a second wife like you.She was going to get in the palace.She was going to steal the heart of the Tagin who was going to be the Khan.She was going to give birth to his child.And she was going to whisper into Alpagu's ears before he died.She was going to say, ’Dag will rule the Gok now, Alpagu Khan.’’ Alpagu Khan was going to die knowing that he left Gok into Dag's hands.

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Aug 14, 2022

plz tell me how to download this ep???


Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit
Jul 10, 2022

please upload part 1

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