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Destan EPISODE 21 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 21 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Akkiz!Akkiz?What is......your Chinese emperor father's order?He said:"The ones who destroyed the Dag Tribe ...should kill Batuga in front of Alpagu Khan's eyes.Word for word.Didn't Alpagu Khan destroy Dag Tribe?You have been underground for days.You do not know anything.We guessed that...they would blame us for the Dag Tribe raid.We said that whoever blames us the one who did it.Who do you think did it?Who?Kaya Yabgu.The one who destroyed Dag is either him or his mother.Ulu Ece.Now,Now,...if Kaya, who would do anything to save his mother ..knew where you are, ...wouldn't he come and finish what he started?I think he would.He would come and kill you without hesitation.And you will make sure that Alpagu Khan sees this.He will find Kaya next to your dead body ..with a sword on his hand.

The Gok Khan will kill Kaya ...and the two Tagins who can be Khan will be dead.The throne will be Temur's, ..Temur will be mine..and Gok will be China's.So, my Tagin,...China will win at the end of the day.Not you and Akkiz,..not Kaya or Ulu Ece.China.How will we track him?We will not look for the tracks outside, ..we will look for them inside.What does that meanVargi had lllu Ece's ring.And I gave it to Alpagu Khan.\Ne think that the one who set up Tilsim Hatun is Ulu Ece.If she is the one who destroyed the tribe, ..she would know where Batuga is.Are you saying that my mother killed Tutkun?/X '6You go.Hatun.Why did Vargi Bey have your ring?Don't keep quiet.Tell me.Why?•' -bTMy Khan,..this ring is similar to mine.It is not similar.It is yours.I know this ring well.I gave you this ring when Temur was born.The ring you gave me..on the day Temur was on my finger, my Khan.* .• A' '&Obviously someonetried to set me up.They imitated my ring

When that traitor Vargi had that ring, were fooled by this game.You thought that I betrayed you, ...Alpagu.I am sorry.I am sorry, Hatun.I am sorry.Put the herbs in the pantry.Bag the corn. Come on.Canik. Help.Canik. Help.Canik. Help.CalayiCalayiCome.Why are you wasting the time of the regent of Chamberlain?Go and work!Work!Alpagu Khan questioned Ulu Ece about the ring.Good news.Not really.Ulu Ece had a new ring made.She showed him her finger......and told him that her ring was there.Demon..Does he think Ulu Ece is innocent now?Alpagu Khan will question Akkiz for this.And Ulu Ece will make Akkiz pay for it.Bride Hatun.Where have you been? We were looking for you.Come on, Bride Hatun.Go and pee..I will pour it on dandelion green.I will see if you are pregnant or not.I don't feel like doing it......but if I drink water, maybe I can, right Calayir?Go and send some water to my room.....I will drink it.....and learn if I am pregnant.Go.Go.Go.Go! Go!

Take some water to Bride Hatun's room!Hurry! Hurry!It's me, Calayir.Come in.How can you run away like this, Bride Hatun?If Yibek doubts about you, you'll be done.I'll be done if they understand that I am not pregnant.Ulu Ece will send me to Kaya.And if I leave, we can not learn where Batuga is.And we can not expose Ulu Ece's betrayal.Calayir...Find a way.Who, my Khan?Who, who?Who; who?Who set this trap against me?Who gave you this fake ring.....and tried making us enemies?This is Ulu Ece's ring.It was found on Vargi who hung himself.Don't think about it.Don't worry.I will destroy the traps of our enemies.How, Alpagu?You'll see.I will first find Batuga.Then you will see.Someone gave the ring on Vargi to Alpagu!My Ulu Ece, fortunately you had the same one made.Who set this trap against me?Who gave him that ring?Could it be Akkiz?Or Mei-JinIt might be Mei-Jin.My Princess.Is everything alright in the palace?Everything is alright, my Princess.


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They will tell them that you visited Chinese traders if they ask.Is the note ready?The seal?Bring one of the pigeons whose peer is in the West Gok Khanate.Come on.Fly to Kaya Yabgu.BA I I GOK KAGANVIGIDid you check here?We checked that affluent.Gok soldiers are checking this affluent of the river now.And here if they can't find him there either.They'll go to the south.They know what they will..0 xV to Batuga when they come here, right?All of them are our men.They'll kill Batuga as soon as they find him.May I come in, my Yabgu?Come in.A note has come from the Gok Palace.It has a seal of Ulu Ece on it.Is there a problem?I know where Batuga is.He's being kept in a pit on the foot of the mine mountain.Go there immediately.Kill Batuga.

I'll be waiting for the great news.Are we wasting time here?Shall we go back to the Gok Palace?If it's my mother who destroyed Dag ..she never touches the fire.She must be using Kaya or Kuzu Bey as tongs.Is it possible to make Kuzu Bey or Kaya Yabgu speak by intimidating them?What if we ask them where Batuga is?We can't make Kuzu Bey speak by intimidating.But we can make Kaya speak who can't find protection from her mother.Akkiz.Are you sure it was my mother who attacked Dag?Kaya Yabgu set a game and put the blame on China.But I think it was Ulu Ece.Everyone died, but we survived.So she sent the killer after us.And he killed Tutku...Don't say that.Sorry, my Tagin.Let's save Batuga first.Are you putting your pain aside for later?I'm putting aside my vengeance for later.It will be hard for us to get in there......while there are so many watchmen....while there are so many watchmen.We need to figure something out.

It's our lucky day, I guess.My Tagin.We'll catch him outside and make him speak.Let's go.It's afternoon, my princess.Kaya must have gone a long way.Now it's time to send a message to Alpagu Khan.Bring the falcon of Dag.My Khan.The red side of the river.....was searched thoroughly.And now Gok soldiers.....will search the dark forest.....will search the dark the east.Still,...send a troop of alps to the west.Right here....send a troop of alps to the west. Right here.Immediately, my Khan.My Khan, this is Akkiz. I've found a trail of Batuga.He's being kept in a pit on the foot of the mine mountain.I'm leaving now.Catch up with us.' K)K OR DA(.OK K AGASI K.l BASK I • >If we had let Alpagu Khan know earlier, ...he could have arrived before Kaya Yabgu killed Batuga.But now what he'll see there.....will be a dead son and a murderer son.We're being followed.Let's lay an ambush.-Release the horses! -Let's go, Kuzu Bey.-Release the horses! -Let's go, Kuzu Bey.-Come on. -Giddap!

Don't kill him!We will question him.Where are Kaya Yabgu and Kuzu Bey?They set up the trap and left.Where did they go?Tell me or I will take your life.They found Batuga Tagin.They went to Madan Mountain.Kaya will kill Batuga.Come on.Come on.Come on.Did you find Batuga Khan?We couldn't.Where is Akkiz?Akkiz is looking for Batuga Khan.Temur Tagin is with her.She is not alone, don't worry, Alaca Hatun.Where is Colpan?She went to Dag Tribe with Balamir Bey.And you let this happen, huh?She is Colpan Khan.Would she ask for permission, Saltuk? -Stop!Where are you going? -I am going to kill Balamir.Yaman.You stay here.What are you carrying on the carriage?The spices I got from Silk Road.I am taking goods to the herbalist.You can go in.Give me smelling salts.Welcome, my Bey.There is no one here.You can get out, my Khan.Thanks.$o 0 ,Tilbe, someone should go to the palace and find Calayir.They should ask if there is news from Batuga.No news.

What are you doing here?I had a feeling.I thought a sword would was not enough for Colpan Khan, ...maybe she wanted to get her throat cut ...and came to where Alpagu Khan can find her.I wanted to see you one last time before you died.What are you doing in Gok Orda, Colpan Khan?Don't you know that Alpagu Khan will kill you if he sees you?Go away, Calayir.If you hear something about Batuga, send news.Calayir is right. If Alpagu Khan hears that you are here ..or sees you here..Alpagu Khan will not see .or hear me.I just do not know..if he will kill me, ..or if I will kill him.What does that mean?Revenge does not......take the pain away.But it relieves the heart.Colpan..Do you want to relieve your heart?Do you know what that means, Kircicek?It means that Gok's palace will empty as Dag tribe.

How will that happen?We will buy the wheat.....barley.....salt....and every Gok's city......and hide them in our own storehouses.We will raid the caravans that are coming.Therefore, we will provoke the hungry people....and lead them to rebel.And those people will destroy the Gok destroyed Dag.And you will not tell that to anyone.Or I will throw you under the feet of......the people that will destroy the palace.DanisAta.Do you know where our Khan went?No one knows where he went, my Ulu Ece.A note came. My Khan took a group of soldiers with him and......left.My Ulu Ece.You were looking for me.Where have you beenI haven't seen yousince the morning.I visited our traders who sell silk and spices in Gok's city, my Ulu Ece.I know that......but why did you want to visit them for no reason?Someone is playing a game against China, my Ulu Ece.They raid Dag and put the blame on China.Batuga Tagin got lost. And they think we abducted him.And I wanted to ask if our Chinese traders......are happy to do business in Gok and that if......they are being lured into traps as well.As the daughter of China's their Princess.....I am responsible for our traders who do business with Gok.You know that.


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Be honest with me, Mei-Jin.I think I am honest enough, my Ulu Ece.But don't worry.But don't worry.Our traders are happy.For now.For now?Are you threatening us with going out of business with China?Why would I threaten you?Those who play games against us must be worried.Not you, right?Let's go!Alps! Hurry!When I put this stone there...Scorpion..Horseshoe cutter.This is the short cut!Let's go!Stop!Akkiz. Temur.What's going on?Get off.What's happening?We're trying to......stop Kaya Yabgu from killing Batuga Khan in time.Killing? What?Didn't you send me a note telling me where Batuga was?I didn't.You..You know I'm looking for you.And I will.You know that too.You're looking for Batuga in the pit.What if you find the pit in Batuga?What does that mean, my Khan?Don't.Don't call me Khan.Because I became a Khan, ..Dag died.My people are buried in the grave inside me.A man with no people cannot be a Khan.

A man wearing an armor of fire is called Khan.A man rising from his called Khan.A man falling down in a pit and going up to the sky is called Khan.I'll hold your hands.We'll go to the top together, hand to hand.Hand to hand.Hand to hand.Heart to heart.I'm having a dream due to......the scorpion poison, right?You don't exist.You're not here.I'm not here.But I exist.I do.Here.You're here.You're here.M > *The spot in the map is here.There.Are you here to kill me, brother?■’ i, tVI ;♦ ; v‘A’ *It seems a scorpion stung him.I took the poison off.Don't worry. We arrived in time.He will live.My Khan.Kaya Yabgu savedBatuga Tagin's life.-This note isn’t from Ulu Ece. -But there is her seal on it.My mother said "Don't believe any notes which aren't sealed with my blood.

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