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Destan EPISODE 03 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 03 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You meant to say this in my dream, father?Is this my fate?Taking our revenge from Alpagu Khan?I did, father.And he's not dying easily as you did.He's agonizing in the presence of Erlik Khan.Come with me.Alpagu.Batuga Tegin, I couldn't ask during the ritual.What happened to you?What happened to you?You are asking as if he could speak.And we are making her marry him.Pity on you.If our Khan demands, your father will approve, right?Our Khan should recover first.

What both my father and I care his health right now.My Ulu Ece.I’m exhausted and want to rest. Do I have permission?You said the poison will kill him immediately.Alpagu Khan is still struggling for his life.I don't know. The commander said so, Kircicek Bike.What happened then?I poured it on his wound just as Pars described.I hope someone didn't clean it off.Do you think my father will survive......or die?What do you think?You want him to survive or die?What kind of question is that? I want him to survive, of course.Kaya.Do you really want him not to die because you really love him?

Or are you afraid he will die and Balamir will get the throne?Balamir can t have the throne.I won t let that happen.I got my answer.I highly respect and love father.But..But if he dies,...I need you by my side.Balamir Yabgu is powerful.He holds all the tribe beys.I can't stand against him on my own.As Kam Hatun said, I'm the mind of Gok.You are the body of Gok.If body and mind don’t cooperate, Balamir Yabgu will crush us.Kam Hatun.She also said Batuga is the soul of Gok.But you don’t need a soul, right?Don't worry; My sword is withkyou, brother.The body of Gok. The mind of Gok. The soul of Gok.Mother.She dared to call the disabled boy of Dag the soul of Gok.She must be confused.She'll stay in dungeon and come to herself.Mother.Batuga has the blood of my father too.He has both a soul and the divine gift of ruling.Actually, you don’t have it.But he does.Did you get grieved that Baksi Hatun couldn't find anything of Gok inside you?

Is that why you mess with us, uncle?I'm not messing with.I'm telling the truth.Batuga is a pureblood Turk.He's the only tegin who carries the soul of Turks.You think you carry it?Kaya Tegin who got stained with the milk of a Russian Vareg.Or you?Temur Tegin who is also the grandson of a Russian.....and seeded the field of....a Chinese woman.If we had followed the morals of our ancestors Batuga would be the only tegin who deserves to be the Khan. But he's disabled!You have minds.You have bodies. But you have nojsouls^.Batuga has no mind, no body.But he has the soul.Three of you can't be a single man!Now he will say he can even be’a Khan.What I’m saying..If my kin Alpagu dies,...the council will elect me. You know that....the council will elect me. You know that.Well, you can have the mind, the body and the soul of Gok.I have the divine gift of ruling!He’s the grief of Gok.Tilsim.Tilsim.Tilsim.Tilsim!Oh, my Khan!Thank you, my Mighty Tengri!


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Don't touch.The lord of the blue sky.Only you can..Danis Ata. You can congratulate later.What happened during my absence?-You bled too much. You've just waken up...-Shh..Danis Ata.What happened while I was sleeping?Tell me.You will wait with the prisoners down there.Wait for what? What do they do to the prisoners?We just make those slaves work. Some work in the field, some in the palace.But we're not slaves yet. We're just captives.What if our Khan pays our bail?The law is clear. If he pays enough, we will send you all back to your tribe.Move in.Open the door.Go in.You’re a captive of Gok Palace?-Why are you crying?-Akkiz!I thought they beheaded you!-You're alive! Alive!-I am.Why did that Gok man take you? What did he do? Why are clothes ripped?I shouted that we are not slaves. And they tried to intimidate. That's all.Put this on. Or you will feel cold.Wait.Tutkun should give her vest.You should stay naked. You may learn your lesson then.Tutkun wouldn't leave me naked. She's a good girl.Speak while you are taking your vest off.

Why is the thief girl hanged on a post?I don’t know. Is she?Don’t pretend as if you didn’t know.Gok men think the paw of the two-headed wolf is that girl.They think she hit Alpagu Khan.How did that happen?Hit him in the arm.The arrow the head of Gok shot grazed his arm.When Gok attacked Dag, Colpan killed her and threw her at their feet.She protected you.What else do you want?I appreciate that.I appreciate that, but...She's hanged on a post instead of me.Like she was sitting on a throne in the tribe!She was a thief. Colpan issued a death warrant about her, anyway.She tied her on a post.You're right.Yes.But I don't understand.Why did Gok attack Dag?How do they know it was someone from Dag who shot Alpagu Khan?I don't know.

Maybe, you gave yourself away.Tutkun.Only one Gok man knew about me.And he died before he could speak.How do they know the paw of the two-headed wolf is from Dag?What’s going on? Why are we captives here?-Are you ready to be a captive?-I would even die for Dag.Being a captive doesn't matter at all.Enter the palace then.Seduce Kaya and give birth to his baby.We can’t defeat Gok in the battlefield, but we can make them kneel before a woman.How can I know?

Whatever. Thanks for the vest.I will ask Colpan Khan when we go back to our tribe.Yes-When we go back to our tribe?-Yes.We’re going back to our tribe.Yaman will have recovered by then.And we will have the wedding before the next month.We’re in the dungeon. How?The warden said the law was clear. When our Khan pays our bail, ...we'll go back home.But..How will our Khan find enough to pay our bails?Dag is in poverty.We looted the dowry caravan.And we gave it all to Colpan Khan.With that treasure, she can even save all the slaves in these lands.Our Colpan Khan will not make Dag girls slaves to his arch enemy Gok Palace.Is that a mouse?

My Temur Tagin.What happened to your brother?He is in the dungeon.Head of the Gokmen Kirac attacked him.He was always messing with that innocent.No matter what happens, the punishment for assaulting a tagin is death.Did you take his head?One of the prisoner girls from Dag took his life.He put that girl in the dungeon because he wanted to take her honour.A lot happened while I was hunting.

No one will know that I woke up.Why, my Khan?Let’s see.How far will my brother Balamir who took his army to the walls ...go while I am sleeping.Will my sons unite for the state while their father is dying, ...or will they turn into each other for the throne?Watch my sons and Balamir.Gunseli, take him to the herbalist so that he will put ointment.He is a tagin, after all. He can't walk around like this.The head of the Gokmens will die ...because he hit this disabled.But we won’t do anything to the collaborator who protects the looter that tried to take our Khan's that so, Temur?Why?Because he's the aunt of this disabled?Is this your commitment to your khan who is in the death bed?No, mother.I didn't go because I was with my father.Once he opens his eyes I will raid that Dag tribe.


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Once he opens his eyes I will raid that Dag tribe.Let’s not wait.\Ne hung the girl at the post but it's not enough.Even it is a khan who committed a crime against us, ..we need to show the public that we will not let him live.Colpan Agha did not know the archer shot Alpagu Khan, my tagin.I still raided her tribe and wrecked it.But she was innocent.Raid the Dag tribe, anyway.Take Colpan Hatun and bring her here.As you order, my tagin.Will she be on a trial?She will.Tell her. The palace will decide on a ransom for Dag prisoners.If Colpan Hatun is innocent,...she can pay the ransom and take the Dag girls.But if she is guilty,But if she is guilty.• >...we will make the Dag prisoners decorations for these walls, ...and hang Colpan Hatun right in the middle.Saltuk.The moorland is full of traitors right now.Don't go alone.Take my loyal Gok soldiers with you.

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