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Destan EPISODE 05 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 05 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. May Erlik Han take you.Do you know what this is for?It is for Tilsi..whose heart you stabbed.Batuga, who you left without a mother.Akkiz, you you left..without a father.If you stab him, will have to kill me, too.What did you do?\Don't\nleave>even one.\n We are catchingthem, my Ulu Ece.Why are you looking at me like that, Temur?Ulu Ece wants to take her for Kaya.As his second wife.Later, mother.Later.Get them all. Do not leave even one.I'll check my father s room.- Do you think Akkiz succeeded killing Alpagu Khan?- Quiet.Someone might hear you.

There is no one around.Anything can happen.Be quiet. Come on.Kircicek Hatun.Kircicek Hatun.Dag girls will kill Alpagu Khan.Father.I sent my aide after the Dag girls, thinking that it could be useful.She heard something last night.What did she hear?Batuga’a aide.She might have killed Alpagu Khan last night.What?Are you looking for me?Akkiz,...I stopped you from killing my father twice.- I ll stop you for a third time.- What will you do?Will you complain to your father?

If necessary, yes.I will accept even dying, I will say to him Your son who you think is disabled is sane ..and the girl you think is a slave is the paw.".Then I will have to take your life first, Gok tagin.I think so, too. Come on.Do it.I was going to take your revenge, not your life.Two halfs of the cruel destiny, those two kids never forgot....I was going to take revenge from Gok, for the both of us.Where is that boy who was left without a parent on the same day, just like me?Who are you?I will show you....who I am.

Come.was the son of the Khan, who grabbed a wooden sword ...with a bow string on his neck.On that night,..I looked for my father..but I found the Khan.The Khan said to me,"There is one person who drank Dag milk in my palace.""And that is you.".I did not beg the Khan.I begged my father.Neither the Khan heard me,..nor my father.So I grabbed a wooden sword...and took out the bow string myself.That little boy...Did he give up on his mind right at that moment?The bow string was that little boy's mind.Gok Palace, I hope you fall to pieces!Gok Palace, I hope you fall to pieces!


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They will hear you.Why don't you let me kill him?Why don’t you let me...tear this Gok Palace down?- I want to avenge those two little kids.- Because if Gok Palace falls, ..Gok will fall, too.When my father dies, there will be a war for the throne.Balamir will take the throne in the general assembly.But Russian Valek princess Ulu Ece will not let this happen.She will ruin Ulu Kaya and Balamirs relationship. A war will start.When the war breaks out, my country will be divided.Temur's Chinese emperor father in law will come, ...and occupy the weakened country.

The Palace is already occupied.I will not let my country be occupied, too.Do you think I don't to take our revenge?But just to take two orphans revenge, ..I will not let Gok fall.Why don't you?Let the Gok fall.Why do you care?Let it fall. Gok, who put a bow string on your neck should fall.Let it fall.- I can't.- Why not?Why don’t you let it fall?Because there is a khan in me.If Batuga was sane, he would be the new Khan.He is not only Gok's son,...he is Dag s son, too.He would make a good Khan.

Two-headed wolf will arrive.He will unite Turks.Gok Tengri will give him the divine gift of ruling. He will draw the golden bow, ...he will shoot the silver arrow.May the wolf be your guide, may the throne be your tent, ...and may the horizon be your limit, Akkiz.Walk.Do not be afraid.You are the one who will win.This is what I saw in my dream.The baby...He is our future country.Gok and Dag..were brothers.Now brother tribes are fighting.Brothers' blood is spilled.The moorland need peace.The Turks need to unite.Erlik needs to unite the homelands.Two-headed wolf will arrive.He will unite the Turk.

You are the son of Dag and Gok.One head of the two-headed wolf is Dag.The other head is Gok.You are the one who will unite Dag and Gok.You are the one who will draw the golden string ..and shoot the silver see the two-headed wolf, tell him that I will never the sword of any Khanate.I will be the paw of the two-headed wolf.You are the two-headed....wolf.You are the wolf who Gok Tengri gave the divine power of power.You are the khan....whose paw.....I swore to......Tell me.Tell me.The injury on your not getting better.ftCrush pomegranate peel, mix it with bee oil, ...two pinches of ku§i, a fish gall, ..and some dovetail soil.My Ulu Eve told me not to let anyone in.I need to see my Khan.You are alive.Why wouldn't I be, Balamir?

Why wouldn't I be, Balamir?Someone wants to kill you.What does that mean, Balamir?Who wants to kill my Khan?Who wants to kill my Khan?Get up.Where? To mop floors?Yes, blood will spill.Maybe you will mop it, maybe you will bleed.You are the two-headed....wolf.You are the khan....whose paw.....I swore to be.Batuga.What are you doing here?What is going on over there?Get up, the paw.Get up.Now that I've found you,..I can't die.Gok soldiers!KayiFamilyTV.comKayiFamilyTV.comWhat’s going on here?Someone wants to kill you.My spy heard that.Before we blame someone, let me.....find evidence.Alright.I've heard he fought you.I wanted to fight too.

You’re good, Dag girl.I thought you would kill me.What if I harmed you with panic?I already harmed a Tegin. I’d also have harmed a Yabgu then.Are you afraid of.....harming a mighty person?While you struggle for your life, don't care about mighty people.When you want to have fun with a slave next time, ...keep this in your mind, my Yabgu.Your quite a warrior.And very beautiful.You knew he would have fun with me.That's why you said there was blood on the ground.He called you over.I thought you did something wrong and would be punished.How could I know Yabgu wanted a morning training?Come on. This barn should be cleaned.How could she resist me?


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How could she fight me?There is vengeance fire in her eyes.I always recognize that fire.Your spy is telling the truth.Why didn't you kill her when you heard she was a warrior?So you could have also gained Alpagu Khan's trust.If I had killed her,...Colpan would have run away.Who knows how many they are in the palace.I'll bring Colpan and interrogate her here.I will crush both the head and the tail......of the snake at the same time.My brother.....will learn to trust me.He will see fight isn't against him, but his Tagins.Are you alright?What are you doing?I’m kneeling before the two-headed wolf and.....respecting.If I were the two-headed wolf...I'd have protected you from Balamir.

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Aug 14, 2022

plz tell me how to download this ep?

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