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Destan EPISODE 06 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 06 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Are you alright?I couldn't organize an engagement ceremony with my Yaman......but I am serving at the ceremony of Gok's bride.It's been thirty days. But they keep celebrating it.Alright, hang on.We will also have an engagement ceremony.Don’t...How? We couldn't even escape.They burnt your hands.We couldn’t even take our revenge from that demon.Look, my hands healed.Be patient.

Even the groom can't be patient, he is not around although it's his ceremony...And you are talking about patience.Balamir's Kimiz bottle is empty. Take it.May he drink poison.May he drink poison.When will the show start?Before the Kimiz is finished.What happened?Are you tired of 40-days engagement ceremony, Gok’s Tegin?Is that why you called me?Since you are calling me Gok's Tegin......Dag s girl is still mad at me.I am.

I am mad at you and myself.It's been a long time. We still couldn’t get out of the palace.....and find the killer of your mother.Come in.You will keep insulting me on the way.I am not insulting you.You told me to behave, so I did.You wanted my hands to heal first and told me to wait.You told me to stay away from others, and I stayed away from them.Look, I didn't even hurt Hay.But it's enough.

Besides, there is a ceremony outside...You should stay with your fiancee, but you are in a tunnel with me right... -Hold this.I am telling you..You should be with your fiancee right now, but you are holding my hand and...Where are we going?You'll see.Let’s go.My Yasavul. Vargi Beg!Is everything alright in the West Gok Khanate?As you left, my Yabgu.There is no problem.But I was surprised when I received your engagement invitation.I thought you'd find a way and prevent this wedding.You talk like everything is over.


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Wait for the end of the ceremony, be patient.Greet your might be your last greeting.What are you trying to do, my Yabgu?Come.My Khan!My Khan... My Ulu Ece...Welcome, Vargi.I thought you wouldn't come.How could I not come......when there is a hunting ceremony at the end of the engagement ceremony my Khan?We can't have a hunting ceremony without you.I will sit there, and wait for tomorrow.Vargi Beg.

The body has been hung there for a long time.The wind will carry the smell that way...The wind will carry the smell that way......come here, sit.My Khan..Should we take it down?Why are we keeping it there?Whoever betrays the khanate......will be hung like that...will be hung like that.We are keeping it there to teach a lesson to traitors, Balamir.You do well, my Khan.If you shoot an arrow to the mighty Khan of Gok.....that's how you will die...that's how you will die.How long will it stay there/my Khan?

How long will it stay there, my Khan?We celebrate the engagement for 40 days and 40 nights.We will set a meeting for hunting.a GuD®@0i(JO®I had 40 thousand sheep sacrificed... and there will be more...I had Kimiz poured into 90 lakes.And there will be more.And that bandit.....will be kept there......until our 40 days of celebration is over.- BfXr—She will be punished for trying to shoot the Khan...She will be punished for trying to shoot the Khan...and we..will celebrate my survival.

That bandit, who called herself the paw of.....two-headed wolf..-...will teach a lesson to our enemies. -It's not the real one!'oWhat are you saying?It is not the paw of the two-headed wolf!It is not the real one!'Jr~-••wri*Are we digging a tunnel?I called you for many times, but you didn’t come.Do you want to do it while celebrating your engagement?How? How did you come here?Thanks to Batuga Tegin, he brought me here.How?You..You know.You will tell me what is happening here, or I will hurt both of you!She can.Tell her.Batuga Tegin found me at the arrow contest.He told me his order.

Find me strong men.They will dig a tunnel from the outside of the palace.We've been digging a secret tunnel from the forest to here for 30 days.It is finished today.KunAta and Borte are waiting outside.Why didn't you tell me?You were upset since you couldn’t join the......arrow contest because your hands were burnt......and I didn't want to tell you as you might’ve got upset again.Go and bring my Sirma to me.Sirma was preparing the meals for the feast.I should go and find her.You are the paw of the two-headed wolf!This is our secret.What happened?What happened?You know her.

How do you know her?Kid!He asked you a question.How do you know her?He asked you a question.How do you know her?What are you hiding?Bring both of them in for a questioning.My mother is sick and my father.....went to jannah.My Khan, forgive this child.My Khan, forgive this child.His mother is sick, that's why he steals.What are you talking about woman?Didn't you catch him because he stole?That's what I thought.He knows who the paw of the two headed wolf is.That’s why we took him.Isn't the paw of the two headed wolf rotting on the stick, my Tegin?It is not the real one.With the kid's word.."Those idiots caught the wrong girl."Right?Right?When did he say that?


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It's been some time.I wanted to be sure.You said, his mother is sick.....and that he steals.Where did you see him?He stole a wolf's gall from KunAta's tent in our tribe.And I caught him and beat him.A wolf s gall....from KunAta’s tent.Yes, my Khan. From our tent.His mother was sick and she needed it.He stole it to treat his mother.Then I got mad at myself for beating him.Is that true?Think well, then answer.You know what we do to liars.You know what we do to liars.Your secret is my secret.When I grow up, my sword will be yours.She is right.I stole aiwolf s gall from their tribe.

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Aug 14, 2022

plz tell me how to download this ep?

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