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Destan EPISODE 08 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8

This is EPISODE No 08 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Here is the sword that destroyed the Gok Khanate.Get up and hug your father.- Did we succeed?- We did.Alpagu Khan resigned.The council will gather.The victory is ours.What will we do know?Will we wait for the council for you to take the throne?Don't you know your father?I cannot wait patiently until the council gathers.What does that meanFather? You will do something.What will you do?

The fake paw who attacked your father.The one who showed her wound to the council.- Don't you think she was...- It was Kircicek.I want to go back and take her and your uncle's lives.First we need to save my father's life.First we need to save my father's life.How much longer until we arrive?We will be there before sunset but your father doesn't look like he will make it. -He will.He has to. We will beat Balamir or none of us...None of us what?Will see Gok Palace.Akkiz.My Khan!Danis Ata?

Where is our Khan?Danis Ata? Where is our Khan?Our Khan went to Dag, my Ulu Ece.Our Khan went to Dag, my Ulu Ece.Our Khan went to Dag, my Ulu Ece.What does that mean? The council will gather.Did he go to Dag instead of fighting Balamir?How could he not tell me?Did that Dag girl take hKunAta will heal hBefore his wound is healed, my Khan cannot fight Balamir Yabgu.Before his wound is healed, my Khan cannot fight Balamir Yabgu.Before his wound is healed, my Khan cannot fight Balamir Yabgu.

I poisoned Tutkun.What?Tutkun!Tutkun look at me!Tutkun!Open your eyes. Tutkun! Please.Tutkun, look at me.What did you do?What did you do juts before the council?How can we explain this to Colpan?What did you do?What did you make her drink?- Which poison?- I do not know which poison.I put it on the currycomb.Tutkun, don't die.I forbid you from dying. Tutkun!They mixed Mandragora and common wormwood.She cannot be saved.But I have the antidote.Bring it.Bring it now!If we agree, I will.


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Woman, I will kill you!I will kill you!- Temur!- Bring it.If you kill me,...Dag girl will die, too.If the Dag girl dies, the law will kill Gunseli, too Even if you sacrifice her, Colpan Hatun will stop supporting you.Just when Balamir Yabgu gathered the council, do not want to lose Colpan Hatun's support. Isn't that right, my Ulu Ece?Are you threatening us?- How dare you?- I am not threatening you.I am negotiating.You Turks like negotiating.I would want to ride horses but there is no time.

The girl is about to die.Tell me.What do you want?Kaya Tagin.....will marry this woman.But he will not be a candidate in the council.Against Balamir Yabgu, Gok Palace's candidate will be......Temur.You are insane, woman!If Colpan does not vote, neither of you will be the Khan, Kaya.So? Will the Dag girl live or die?Enough.Okay! I will do whatever you say.Just bring me the antidote.will do everything.Open the door!Hang on, Tutkun.- Will the andidote work?- If we are not too late.Colpan Khan.Colpan Khan.

They poisoned Tutkun.Who?Who?Who?Who?-You can't put that girl on my bed. -Chinese!Not the throne and the bed at the same time! Give me the antidote!Tutkun. Tutkun.Tutkun. Tutkun, don't do this.Tutkun, please.You can't do this. Don't do this, Tutkun.Tutkun. Tutkun.Bring it! Now!Tutkun.Come on.Tutkun.Will she wake up?Pray to your Tengri.If it's not too late, she will wake up.If it's too late...Temur Tegin, I wouldn't have done it if I had known you loved her so much.Forgive me.By the way, you poisoned the wrong person.Your man didn't want Tutkun, ..but Akkiz.Enough!

Your father isn't around.We're losing the throne! And you're still talking about girls of Dag!If you're sick of girls of Dag, ...what about a khan of Dag?You're pointing an arrow at me in Gok Palace?If that girl dies, I won't let anyone here live!You're right.If Tutkun dies, life is yours.I swear.Why your life?-What do you have to do with Tutkun? -Nothing at all!Kaya is a khan candidate.Gunseli got jealous of Kaya and poisoned Tutkun.Gunseli got jealous of Kaya and poisoned Tutkun.And Temur is sacrificing himself to protect his brother.....who is a khan candidate.

Pray to Gok Tengri....for Tutkun to survive.o> A A. ZIf she doesn't, I won't leave any males in Gok Tribe to be a khan!Tilbe, bring Tutkun.She's too heavy for Tilbe.Kaya, carry Tutkun.Come on!Come on.KunAta.Calla lilies are here.Come.Slowly... Lay him down.Go and collect those flowers. Go.Come.Give them to me.Start squeezing it.Let it drop on the wound. Let the essence heal it.Continue.Squeeze see? You might have to heal the wounds you open.Thank you.Will it work?Will the flowers heal him?We will understand in the morning.If he can get through the night...Gokmens!


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Open the door!Balamir Yabgu! You can't get in the palace with your horses at night.It is a crime to fight with your Yabgu!Open the door!Break the door!Are you making a night raid, Balamir Yabgu?-Are you going to.. -Don't!They might shed blood.-You can't come in. -Move!Stop!Let them in.Ulu Ece..Is she dead? -She isn’t.You failed. She opened her eyes!We would succeed if we wanted to kill her.We helped Tutkun fight for her life. Why don't you understand?You just help your sons.

If she was dead, I would kill them both.But if you think I am going to sit silently just because Tutkun is alive...I don't!Tutkun is alive. This is the important thing.\Ne will talk tomorrow.We will do what we have to do.And you will keep supporting us against Balamir.-My Ulu Ece. -Saltuk.Balamir Yabgu raided the palace.He will take the throne.What?Walk.Do not sit on that throne, Balamir!According to our laws, the throne of Gok can't be left empty.Gok's throne is not empty. It's Alpagu Khan's order..I am the regent of the Khanate!That's what our laws say.Alpagu Khan resigned.

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