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Destan EPISODE 13 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 12 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I won t leave before I take my brother!Keep hitting, Saltuk!We can do it, my Tegin!Hang on my brother...Let's break it, my Tegin!Brother... brother...His hand... Unchain hHang on. Hang on, my brother.My Tegin! Let's cut his hand off!Let's cut his hand off! My Tegin!No. I won't let you do that!That's Temur's horse!Vargi!Was Temur in the tent? -He must've got in without being seen.Did he go there to save Batuga?But how?Batuga is chained.He'll burn himself while trying to save him.Temur! -My Ulu Ece!

My son!My Ulu Ece...My Tegin, we have to cut his arm off!-No.-No.Akkiz... We are all going to die here, let's cut his arm off!My Tegin!My Tegin, let's do it!We will burn here! We have to cut his hand off!My Tegin!Cut it.My Tegin... The keys..Let s go out.Temur Tegin?They got out. I saw them.Let's go and take Ulu Ece to the palace before someone sees us.Let's go.B \ I I (.OK K\G \\I IGI Let's go. My Gok Tengri..Give blessings to myAlps in your heaven......who were raised by their mothers......who left their home and their wives......and came here to stand next to their Khan.

May your swords accompany you on the way to heaven.If you see the bulls of Erlik Khan, may your swords help you.The valiants we hosted in the tent of a Khan......will be placed in their graves.Their gravestones will be put there.Any news?Any news?We still haven't received news about Balamir Bey and Batuga, my Khan.Father...The fathers of these Alps......will bury their children.-At least, Batuga is... -What?Alive?We don't even know.Their fathers know where their sons are.But I don’t know where he is.I don't know if he is alive or dead.Find the tribes of all Alps who left with Balamir Bey.

Then call the tribe Beys here.We'll see who dies and who survives.Tell your spies.If they don't find Batuga until I go back to the palace......I will kill all of them.Akkiz...Akkiz! Akkiz!You have a fever.Akkiz...Batuga...You are alright.-But you have a fever.-Your hand...Your hand! They didn't cut it off!They didn't cut it off...Who was going to cut my hand off?What are you saying, Akkiz? Akkiz, where are we? How did we come here?I don't know.How don't you know?The fire..They set the tent on fire with flaming arrows.


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There was a fire...Then... I don't remember what happened then.Stop... Let s start again.Tai Sui abducted me. Tutkun was also there. Then......he told me it was a trap. He took Tutkun.Did he put me to sleep?Then...Then... they sent me news.And we came to save you.When I got in the tent to unchain you, Tai Sui locked the door.Then he told me he was going to kill my friends. Sirma.. Yaman!Stop., stop... Akkiz, stop.Stop., stop... Akkiz, stop.Water.. You have to drink water.Drink some water.Drink.Akkiz... How did we come here? Who brought us here?We did.Let him go.It will take time for him to accept it.

What if he tells Alpagu Kha He won't.Batuga Tegin's lucky that Temur Tagin learned about his lie.If someone loyal to Gok found out, ...they would behead hWhat about you?Would you behead me too?The day they placed a bow string around your neck, I broke with Gok.I’m bound up with nobody.So he's collaborating with Dag Khan......and betraying Gok.Can I hug? Will you let me?Well-thought, my Tagin.Well thought.(.OK ORD \Temur.Sister.Temur?Is he saved?Yes, my Ulu Ece. Don't be afraid.

Thanks to Gok Tengri.I almost burned my own son.Drink.Akkiz.Batuga.They’re dead, right?Tai Sui chained Batuga.Tai Sui chained Batuga.Tai Sui chained Batuga.Temur Tagin and Saltuk wouldn’t have left without him.For this reason, both Akkiz and Batuga are saved.Damn it.How did Temur Tagin and Saltuk Bey know and they came to save Batuga?Akkiz must have brought them.We couldn't think she might bring help.How could she reach Temur and Saltuk as a fugitive?My Ulu Ece.Thanks.What if he tells Alpagu that China abducted Batuga?What if he mentions the fake note and seal?

Alpagu will immediately......find out it was China that set Tilsim up years ago.Tai Sui will throw you at Khan's feet with no hesitation.He will say you are the true traitor.And he will say he and Vargi set Tilsim up together.Even if Alpagu Khan takes my life, I will never mention your name, my Ulu Ece.I know.But I cannot trust.What then?Akkiz must have told Saltuk and Temur Tagin everything.What if either of them tells Alpagu Khan?As long as China holds Tutkun, Temur Tagin won't speak.Akkiz and Saltuk shouldn't speak either.If they do, we will be ruined.What will we do?We will find and kill them both in no time.

Alright. It's fine.Eat some.Let's go before it's late.We don't know if Yaman, Tutkun and Sirma are still prisoners.No.If Tai Sui have taken them captives, you can't fight while you're sick and hungry.Eat some.I don't understand.Why would Tai Sui lock us and give us the key later?I will tell you.I will tell after you eat.Akkiz, come on eat. So we can know what Batuga Tegin has in his mind.Tai Sui couldn't foresee I would send a message to Temur.He realized my brother wouldn't leave before saving me.


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He threw the key and ran off.China does not want to kill their groom.The person who brought the key was not Chinese.He was a big person.Vargi Bey?I do not know.He covered his face.We will find out.We will find out about everything.Then we will go and tell Alpagu Khan.But first, we need to save Yaman, Sirma, and Tutkun.Or Tai Zu will kill them.But first we need to find out if they escaped or they're prisoners.Saltuk Bey, go to Dag tribe.- I will go.- Stop.You haven't recovered fully, yet.You inhaled so much smoke.You need to rest at least one night.Colpan Khan exiled you from her tribe.Even when you were dying, she tried to kick you out.Do you think she would let you in now?

Will you fight my aunt like this?Batuga Tagin is right. I will go to Dag tribe and see.But...What if they are not there?What if they are prisoners?If their scent is in Kayrak Forest, Borte will follow their tracks.Tell KunAta to bring Borte.And something that belongs to Sirma.I will be in Dag tribe by the morning.You will come to Kayrak Forest when the sun rises.Batuga Tagin.It's a good thing that you have been fooling us for years.This is the first time I am happy that I was fooled.Good. Someone is happy.Come on. You go.What did I do to you?Batuga, answer me! What did I do to you?

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