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Destan EPISODE 14 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 14 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Shoot!Shoot, Alps on the right!Attack!I'm here!Yaman!Shoot, Alps on the left!Shoot, Alps on the right!Shoot, Alps on the left!Defend yourself, my Tegin!Shoot, Alps on the right!Shoot, Alps on the left!Shoot, Alps on the right!Kaya must be in the tent on the right.Don't let them approach there.Shoot, Alps on the left!Shoot, Alps on the right!Hang on, my valiants!Shoot, Alps on the left!Is everyone alright?Shoot, Alps on the right!Yaman... Is Sirma alright? -I don't know.Shoot, Alps on the right!Shoot, Alps on the left!Shoot, Alps on the right!Where is Temur?Shoot, Alps on the left!Why didn't he inform us about the attack?Temur, it seems worse than they told us.Yes mother.It is smallpox.It is the worst, you know that.Erlik Khan's dark souls surrounded them.I can even pray for smallpox.

Or else we couldn’t have stopped Temur from going after Alpagu.Stop! You can't leave!He would get mad at us if he knew......the spy told us where Batuga was.He can get mad.He thinks his brother escaped and got rid of it.If he went after Alpagu.....he would find a way to save that disabled one.He can not save him now..Alpagu Khan must've caught those traitors already.My Ulu Ece. My Temur Tegin.Where is your Bey?First your soldiers arrived.Then you came.Thank you.Stand up, Hatun.White gold.Did you bring us white gold?It's salt, Hatun.It's not just salt. It is worth more than gold.Gok's Palace will always......send salt and gold to its people.For the sake of our health....for the Khanate of our state.For the sake of our health....for the Khanate of our state.Let s go.Put salt on the wounds.Cover the thresholds with salt.We brought juniper, tar and lime.Put juniper and tar.And incense.Kam Kadin will send the dark soul away.May Gok Tengri protect Gok's Palace.Alps! Build a tent.Those who are not badly injured.....burn the dead with fire.

Those who are not infected must stay away from the dead.We are drawing a line here, in the tribe.So, no one will go out......until the pandemic is over.If the pandemic rages......then there will be a bloodbath.If you don't obey the rules......if anyone tries to escape, we will kill them.Where did this smallpox trouble come from?Chinese traders stopped by.We think those sinister men brought it.They are Chinese.They never brought good things.It's not the Chinese.Don’t come closer.It's because Gok oppressed the limping Tegin.What are you saying?You tried to strangle the Khan's son who Gok Tengri......sent to this world with a blood clot in his hand.Tengri saved him and allowed Erlik Khan.He sent smallpox to Gok.I would go after him if I was healthy enough.Whoever calls that traitor Khan.....whoever goes after him.....will die.He will also die!Alps on the right!Alps on the left!Alps on the right!Hang on!Are the horsemen ready?

They are, my Khan.They will attack with your command.We have to kill them all before they get to Kaya's tent.They can't leave this place alive.Shoot, Alps on the right!Shoot, Alps on the left!Attack!Get ready, horsemen!Now!Let's go!Saltuk!< W.' *■oIt’s a trap.They set a trap!Take Sirma to the tent!Yaman.. come on, my valiant.Let's go!My Khan!My Khan!I will kill you this time, Alpagu Khan!It s a smart move, Paw.But my arrow hit your friend instead of you.It was Sirma, right?Is she dead?Don't worry. I will send you to her.Alpagu Khan!I am asking for return for your son’s life!Drop your swords!Who do you think you are just because you rised against me?Batuga, I know who you are.You can t kill Kaya.You know your son who was mentally disabled.You don't know who I am.Let s go!We won’t be able to arrive on time!My Khan, how are we going to save Batuga?He is my nephew. He is the sacred blood of Dag.We have to save him! Let's go!Let’s go!They don’t need us.They saved themselves.It looks like they will bargain.Hide!So that you are asking for a bargaining...Get on your horse.....if you can....if you can.You want to hit my weak spot, Alpagu?You should hit the enemy from any spot you can find.


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Bring a horse.Bring a horse.I said bring a horse.Tell me if you need help.Let the negotiations start!Paw.Get on your horse.You abducted a Tagin from the throne chamber of Gok Palace which they say is impossible to escape.You ruined....the army of Great Alpagu Khan......with a single trap.You deserve to negotiate.I won't negotiate with a looter.As you said, my Khan...You should hit the enemy from any spot you can find.You should hit the enemy from any spot you can find.

If Alpagu Khan doesn't negotiate with the Paw, ...cut off Kaya Tagin's head.Stop.What do you want in return for my son? What's your condition?We want girls of Dag.When we became slaves of Gok Palace, they put on green belts......and were sent to the fields.You will release them and give them to us.I accept your condition.And Tutkun, the girl of Dag.The Chinese are holding her captive.You'll take her from them to give her to us.My Khan.That would harm our affairs with China.If Kaya Tagin died,...that would ruin your affairs with Russia.Make your choice.

Will you turn against......China or Russia?My Khan.My princess.I'm glad you're saved from those traitors.Ulu Ece has gone to Sari Culgush Tribe with Temur Tagin, my princess.The smallpox pandemic is spreading.Fine.Let Turks become weaker.We told them they would the dogs of China or die.If they are choosing to die, ...China will keep her promise.They've driven you into a tight corner.There is no other way, Danis Ata.

We ll take that girl from China and give her to them.We can't leave a Turk captive for China, anyway.China will demand.....a huge compromise in return.Alright.I will take the girl from China and give her to you.Release my son now.Release my son now.It's not done yet, Alpagu Khan.We want ten war horses.We want sharp swords......forged with the iron of Gok.And we want ten chests of gold.You want me to recruit the army......which you will use against me....which you will use against me.Alright.I have a condition as well.What is it?

I want Saltuk's life.Saltuk Bey's life is......not included in negotiations.I won t leave a captain......who betrayed the law and abducted a Tagin from the throne room.Alright.Saltuk.Negotiation is over.Yaman.Cut his head.Stop!Alright.I accept your condition.How precious your son is!Yes.Because he didn't lie to me for fifteen years.Then..Go to the Gok Palace and bring my prizes, Alpagu Khan.Bring them.....and take your precious son.I have another condition.

You will release Kaya Yabgu.He will fulfill the conditions.And you will take.....a Khan and Ayguci (Vizier) hostage.My Khan.Why?Why do you want to stay with us?I want to see.....if my son has the heart to look at my eyes.Father.I can't leave you hostage here.Go, Kaya.-My Khan.-Go!Father.Go. Do what I say.Why can't you take the arrow out?You put it.....between the bones.The tip of it is deep in the bone.Your hands are shaking.One can’t take an arrow out from a beloved.Let me take it out.Come on.Don’t touch him!This arrow was meant for you, not for her.I took many arrows out in the battlefield.Let me do it.Get me my scarf.


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I will stitch the wound. Come on.My Khan.What are you doing?We are here to save prisoners ...and you wanted to be taken as a prisoner. Why?I do not know the man outside.He used to be my son.Now he is an enemy.15 years.A man who hid his anger, pain, happiness ..and fooled us.Do you know how dangerous a man like that can be, DanisAta.So much.So dangerous.We need to know this dangerous enemy.

That is why we stayed.I need to figure out...if there is a rebel looter in him ...or a Khan who was born with a blood clot in his hand.Since I made an enemy out of a son with my own hands ...I need to know who threatens my throne.What is Alpagu Khan up to?Being a prisoner, taking the arrow out...What is his plan?He will get to know us.When he thought I was not sane, he used to tell me •••ueiu vu..should know two things well.His enemy....and his woman."Look at the person who said that.The man who said this killed your mother and made the Ulu Ece his wife.Forget about that for now.Are you okay?That arrow was supposed to be for me.If Sirma dies because of the arrow shot for me...She will not die.How do you know?\Ne are talking about Sirma.Would she die without having a wedding with Yaman?

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