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Destan EPISODE 16 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 16 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. The new sixteenth episode trailer of Destan (The Awe-inspiring) has been delivered! In the end episode; When the mountain clan is likewise tainted with a cecek pandemic, Akkız and Batuga are trapped in the clan. What occur in the episode on Spring 22nd?

In old times, when legends were not composed however lived, a hero young lady is caught and ends up in an extremely merciless epic showdown and an exceptionally unadulterated love. In the legendary tale of Akkız, who was a detainee to her foe, and Batuga, the child of an endlessly faltering khan, who was squashed in his dad's castle, these two, who are disregarded by everybody, combine efforts to stroll to drive by accomplishing the unimaginable.

The new sixteenth episode trailer of the awe-inspiring series has been delivered. What will occur in the new episode of Destan to be distributed for the current week? Destan Episode 16 is on ATV on Tuesday, Walk 22, 2022. Here are sixteenth episode trailer and episode rundown of Destan (The Epic) ....

At the point when the mountain clan becomes tainted with the cecek pandemic, Akkz and Batuga become caught inside the clan. Batuga will not deliver Balamir, who wishes to attack the Western Rainbow Realm and separation it in two, however Balamir's military goes after the Mountain Obs! How will Akkz shut down Balamir?


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Temur is in for a major shock. Batuga and Akkz, alongside Kün Ata, start to search for a remedy for the cechek illness that is obliterating the camp. Will they die? Will they remain? Obscure, Colpan Khan provides Batuga with the relics of the Tlsm Bicycle.

Batuga demands that Akkz transport the Charm's conflict robe and sword. This activity brings Akkz and Batuga significantly closer together. Yet, as they draw nearer, an unforeseen guest to the camp achieves stunning data Akkz's past, which she knows to be valid. Temur is in for a major shock when he goes before Alpagu Han to make sense of reality.

Gök Khanate parts in two, picks Temur side. At the point when Balamir and Cholpan take the Western Gökkhanate, Alpagu Khan announces war. At the point when the children of all the tribe bosses killed by Alpagu Khan leave him and join Balamir, there is just a single arrangement left; Asking China for help in return for salt.

Batuga's forecast that China will attack assuming the nation is partitioned works out as expected. Akkız and Batuga split into two to forestall this and complete a major activity. Picking the side of Temur, he has his spot close to Batuga. Akkız and Temur aligned with the Sabars and went after every one of the salt stores of the Gök Khanate.

Batuga and Saltuk, then again, need to compel their tribesmen, who were broken by the smallpox pestilence and salt deficiency, to bury the hatchet with the smallpox antibody and the commitment of salt.

Manço needs to wed Akkız as a trade-off for his mom. Akkız and Batuga's well conceived plan doesn't satisfy Balamir, who plays for the khanate of the new state, and he focuses on dispense with Batuga. Will Batuga, who needs to drive Alpagu to meet with the family masters by taking the salt he will provide for China, will actually want to save Balamir and come clean with all to his dad Alpagu Khan? How might Akkız answer the engagement proposition of Manço, the head of the Sabars, to find her mom, whom she knows is dead?


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I will stitch the wound. Come on.My Khan.What are you doing?We are here to save prisoners ...and you wanted to be taken as a prisoner. Why?I do not know the man outside.He used to be my son.Now he is an enemy.15 years.A man who hid his anger, pain, happiness ..and fooled us.Do you know how dangerous a man like that can be, DanisAta.So much.So dangerous.We need to know this dangerous enemy.

That is why we stayed.I need to figure out...if there is a rebel looter in him ...or a Khan who was born with a blood clot in his hand.Since I made an enemy out of a son with my own hands ...I need to know who threatens my throne.What is Alpagu Khan up to?Being a prisoner, taking the arrow out...What is his plan?He will get to know us.When he thought I was not sane, he used to tell me •••ueiu vu..should know two things well.His enemy....and his woman."Look at the person who said that.The man who said this killed your mother and made the Ulu Ece his wife.Forget about that for now.Are you okay?That arrow was supposed to be for me.If Sirma dies because of the arrow shot for me...She will not die.How do you know?\Ne are talking about Sirma.Would she die without having a wedding with Yaman?

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