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Destan EPISODE 17 Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

This is EPISODE No 17 of Destan with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Akkiz!Akkiz?Let me go!Akkiz!Akkiz!Batuga Khan,..will we be alright?Will our wounds heal?Of course they will.Have you ever seen a wound that does not heal?Akkiz!Even thought it is wrong, I want you.Tutkun!Come on!Tutkun!My Akkiz.IYou smell like you did on the day you were born.Just like you did when I hid you in the tree.My dear Akkiz.You are more beautiful than I imagined.If you are not my mother, ...I will kill you.What happened?She died.She died, my Ulu Ece.My daughter died.

I put her lifeless body into the fire with my own hands.The day...She died on the next morning ...we destroyed Dag.What if...What if...What if Gok Tengri is ..punishing me, my Ulu Ece?Yibek.Gok Tengri gave you divine power because you are protecting the Khan.Would he punish you?Look,...if it will help just a little, ...that rebel...called Batuga is either killed ...or he will be.Really?If Hay...lost her life..because of that disabled ...who was trying to take down the Khan ...then she went to heaven.

I promise you that..Batuga will burn in hell.Yibek, come on.Pray to...Gok Tengri with me.Come on.Come on, Yibek.My Tengri, who created the blue sky ...and the rich grounds.My Tengri, who made the earth, fire ...and water holy.Who you made disobeying his father.So I disrespected his land.Who you made disabled is holding a sword.Put his sword down on the ground, my Tengri.Who you made incomplete......set his eyes on the throne.Make his eyes bleed and......go under the ground, my Tengri.

Forgive my soul for the lives.....I took to protect the Khan you gave the gift of ruling.Unmask my enemies.And reveal their tricks.Help me protect......our unity and peace, my Tengri.Help me.Kircicek.Father?You’re awake.Thank you, my Tengri.Batuga..Bring..What? What are you saying?Bring Batuga.Before I die,..I need to talk to h You want Batuga?He's gone to fetch water from the river.Bring..Bring Batuga.It wasn’t me......who laid the trap......for Tilsim.I didn't......have a deal with China.Tai Sui....gave them your name.


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He said they laid the trap with Vargi Bey......but he was taking orders from Balamir.I know......who Vargi.....was taking......orders from.Bring Batuga.My father has waken up.Happy for you. I hope Colpan Khan wakes up too.He wants Batuga. Is he back from the river?Not yet, Kircicek Bike.Not yet, Kircicek Bike.Where are you goingKircicek Bike?You wait. We can call him back.You stay with my father.Don't leave them unprotected.We've run out of water.Both my father and Colpan Khan are thirsty.Alright.

I ll go fetch water from the river.I'll go with you, my Khan.So we can fill two buckets.Batuga..Akkiz.Come with me.Come on.Akkiz.We abducted this woman from my father...We abducted this woman from my father......but we have to find out......if she is your mother before we take her to Batuga.We are hiding Balamir and Colpan from everyone.

If that woman is not your mother......and if she is a spy, you are saying...Akkiz..Look... I really do not want to upset you.But.....I can not put Colpans life at risk because of a woman who I don't know.I am not upset. You are right.I have to confirm if she is telling the truth.4**When I brought KunAta....I became happier......since she might be my mother.I am your mother.You can test me anytime you want.But you can not do that now. People are coming.I don’t hear anything.Because you are listening to the sky.

You have to listen to the ground. Come.You will put your ear on the ground.****A*They are far away.Five.....or maybe six horsemen....or maybe six horsemen.One of them is wearing a body armor. Can you hear it?You can hear three horseshoes at every step.I can hear them.The first one is wearing an armour, he is heavy.The horse learned how to run with a body armor.Weren’t you a slave?How come you know so many things about horses?I was the best caretaker of horses in Kurukan before I became a slave.

Didn't your father tell you?This herb will take his pain away.How do you know that, father?Your mother was the best caretaker of horses in Kurukan.I learned it from her, Akkiz.Can Kiz.She is right.My father used to tell me about it.Stop questioning her......we have to know......if the ones who are coming after us are travellers or.....enemies.The horse that is wearing a body armour with a heavy rider...It is Akturga horse. Not every horse can learn how to run with a body armour.

Only Akturga horse can.Akturga my father's horse.So that Alpagu Khan is coming here by is time to take our revenge.Sirma, Yaman. Lay an ambush.Go with them.Saltuk, go there.arWhy are you standing there?The Khan you want to take your revenge from and to kill is my father.He is my father.Alpagu Khan killed my own father.....and my KunAta.He destroyed Dag.We will take the revenge of KunAta and Dag.Akkiz is right.And Colpan who he hurt is fighting for her life.


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Isn't she going to ask why we didn't take her revenge when she wakes up?You deserve taking your revenge.But I won't let you set a trap against my are going to fight with Alpagu can do can do that.I will not draw my sword.They went southwest.From this way.What did you do to Batuga?Did you throw him into the river?Did you take him?Who are you? Demons!:»** • fsftJ** ~Gokmens...Stay out of this.♦ S’You fulfilled your longing with your mother...And now I guess you want to.....die, Akkiz.

Enough!Enough!Father...Stop...Enough.You killed the people of Dag.Are you going to keep killing the people of Dag?What are you saying, Temur?How can a a tribe on a wedding day?Raiding a tribe on a wedding day?You killed everyone!You cut their heads off!You didn't show mercy on pregnant women and children!You shed the blood of Dag!Now... I will shed your blood......on this soil Alpagu Khan!I didn’t shed Dag's blood.What are you saying?...was waiting for your mourning to end.I was going to attack if Batuga rised against me.

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