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EPISODE 01 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 01 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. It has been rumored that this sea, which is called……Bahr-i Sefid by Arabs and Akdeniz (Mediterranean)……is a monster, which swallowed many kings’ thrones and many sultans’ crowns.It is even known that the great kaiser of the Rums, Caesar……was captured by the pirates and became a galley-slave in this sea.The riders coming from the distant lands of the ancient world by galloping……found this harsh sea right before them.However, they regarded this sea as not a malice……but as their mother’s lap.

They conquered the castles in these seas one by one, where they later call it the sea of the islands.Midilli was also one the conquered castles.One of the warriors who joined the fight settled there.And he had four children.The ones who don’t see the truth can’t understand what four boys might do……in this sea which swallowed a thousand states.Don’t be like them.Four brothers, who sailed against the storm of the trouble……restrained the thunders, chained the borane and sealed the seas.They beat the waters, which brought everyone to their knees.

They bled in the sea.They became blood brothers with the wild seas.The first one who sailed through the sea was called Baba Oruc.After years the other two brothers were also known with the same name.Barbarosas.Yet, there were still time for them to become pirates and later sultans.The unknown story of the famous legend has just been started.Reef the main sail!Capitan has been in pain since we departed.I have told him that his remedy is eleagnus flower.But he didn’t listen to me.He pointed to us, and we said “eyvallah” to him.So we got the responsibility to determine the route of the ship of which we protect the cargo.Levents!I have never lied to you.I have never sent you to any trouble that I didn’t join myself.I will tell you everything clearly today, as well.The water is calm.

But shallow.Our duty, and our ship are both heavy.Our goal is to go through the passage safe and sound.But we may have go return, and fight enemy.There are three kind of people.There are kings.There are ones who are scared of kings.And there are ones who make the kings fear.We have never been the ones that are afraid, thank Allah.Levents……even if we face bandits……or kings today……I have sworn to make them fear!Shall our oath be our destiny?Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!May our lives be sacrificed for you!Our oath should be our destiny!Hey!Heyamol!Let’s start with the name of Allah!

We should see through this duty!Hard to starboard!Hard to starboard!The gifts Ottoman Sultan sent to Memduh will pass through here.That ship has a crew, which I don’t want to be seen by and cause them to take precaution.He is talking about Ottoman Sultan, it looks like they will attack a Muslim ship.We should be prepared.Reis!If they suspect anything, they will spill blood!Let them!We lost our ship, and more importantly,

our freedom!It doesn’t matter if we lose our lives as well!You are talking too much, Vefa Captain.You should rest now.This is what happens to anyone that tries to be a hero!Shut their mouths!According to the sound coming from the rocks, the passage is narrow.I have no worries left about the passage.But still, we haven’t seen the end of the passage yet.

In the name of Allah.You know about birds right Horozcu?Is that a pigeon’s voice?It is, Father Oruc.As far as I know, pigeons fly straight to ships to find something to eat.Is that right?It is. It is Father Oruc.The sea’s full of fish, but they come to ships to take our food.Since when are these birds so complacent?Sohret’s here.They came from the narrow passage.We’ll see them by the rocks in a bit.Ilyas.Yes, my Aga.

I’m at your command.Sweep the dock. We don’t want to slip.As I see, chaos is waiting for us.Go back to your cabin.Take your guards with you.We’ll start firing cannons the moment we see the ship.If they stop, good.If they don’t…Take cover.Quiet.The ship’s in sight.The ship’s in sight.Aga Reis.This ship carries cargo, like us.It seems so, but only Allah knows what there is inside.They were the pigeons we heard.They’re sending each other word.\A/e shall be vigilant.Father Oruc, they mean to attack us.They’ll corner us in the passage if we return.There’s nowhere we can escape.A battle is inevitable.In the name of Allah.Allesta (get ready).-Allesta.

Get the cannonballs ready!Hard to starbord!Reef the main sail!Allesta Istinga (brails).Fire!Halt!Halt!Helmsman, stay on course.Halt!On course.In the name of Allah, fire!In the name of Allah, fire!Bring the springs, time to attack!Shoot the arrows!Now!Get ready for the impact!Fire!Throw the ropes! Throw themPull the ropes!Pull!Pull the ropes!Attack!Give us the gifts of the Ottoman Sultan and the messenger of the Mamluk, and save your lives!

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