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EPISODE 01 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This is Episode number 01 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. In the last Episode of Season 3, you have seen Ertugrul was hit by a man who has covered his face. He is likely Ares who has killed Ertugrul from the back. The start of the first Episode of Season 4 is very tragic and sorrowful. Ertugrul is missing and everybody is finding him everywhere. The people of the tribe are reached there and they see everywhere the wounded soldiers and the martyred soldiers. Even the healer Ishaque is martyred and Mr, Arif, and Baber are also wounded in the field. Noorgul who is bringing the soldiers from Cavdar tribe didn’t reach there yet. Saeditin Kopek also gets the news of the raid, Actually, Seaditin Kopek is behind this raid. When he gets the news that Ertugrul is missing he send his troops to find Ertugrul dead and if they find him alive then they kill him on the spot.

Ares is very happy to kill Ertugrul and he is getting as a victory for him. Zuljaan sends his soldier to inform Kopek to help him to find Ertugrul. Kopek is searching him to kill not to save him. BBaber, Mr. Arif and other soldiers are brought to tribe wounded. Helena sees the wounded Baber and starts screaming. She wants to call Ishaque to heal him but then tells her that Ishaque is martyred. Helena is worried that if Ishaque is martyred and Arif is also swear wounded then who will cure them who will take care of wounded soldiers.

Ares is celebrating the victory on the other side. He puts the sword of Ertugrul on the floor and every soldier of him is crushing the sword under his feet. Baber comes in conscience and he is remembering the battlefield that he cannot help his Ertugrul bey. He is asking forgiveness that he cannot save him in the battle field. Baber tells the whole story of the battlefield to the physician of Saedtin Kopek and Helena. Some martyred are also reached to the tribe. Babar is severely wounded but he is running out from the tent when he sees the funeral folded in the flag of kayi.

Aslihan also reaches on the spot of ambush. She is comforting the Halima and Hayma mother that we will find Ertugrul inshyaAllah. Later on they have found the ring of Ertugrul and from there they have confirmed that Ertugrul has been martyred. When they found these stuff of Ertugrul there is a mourning starts everywhere. Firstly they have found the Armour of Ertugrul then and lateron his ring. Ares and Saedtin Kopek has also get the news and starts their celebrations. The Ertugrul body is reached to the tribe and mourning is start all over the tribe. Baber is blaming himself for the death of his Bey.

Sultan Alauddin inform Noorgul about this atrocity and he give an order to Noorgul to fullfill. Noorgul is also reached to his tribe. Babar is wounded is also running to see Ertugrul dead body but there is no body its a burnt carcass. This all Episdoe is about he search of Ertugrul and later on when it confirmed the mourning in the tribes and celebrations in the castle. Noorgul announce to fight for the revenge till thier end. Halima also speaks that in her mourning days she has to take revenge of her bey. This is the most late Episode of all.

The reason is death of my sweet son. Many of people know about it but who are not on Facebook are not known yet so i have to informed them now here. He is just seven months old but the sudden death is a shock forme and so i have no interest to work but then i stay strength and again starts my work with a broken heart. They prays of you people are very precious forme and your patience is very worthy. Password for this Episode is MySonMustafa. Watch it and Thank you!

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