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EPISODE 01 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number ONE of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. Our scouts. my Bey they have spotted Mongol’s patrolling units near our borders. For ten years these degenerates were collaborating with our Sultan’s dog they have bribed What could they be doing here my Bey? My Bey. there must be the reason behind their coming this far. After the battle of Kose Dagh they took over the control over our State. [Battle of Kose Dagh. Seljuk Empire was lost forever] They spread throughout all of Anatolia like a plague… and brought a great distress to the people We have obtained these lands by the right of our sword. By the sweat of our brow we have brought it to prosperity Sag lit… it is the heartland of Anatolia it is its heart While our hearts beat for the sake of justice and freedom… the hope will not be lost Artuk Bey. And they are perfectly aware of that… therefore they want to rip our heart out. and lay these lands to waste. Hmph Let them come like a fire into these parts my Bey.

And like steel that cannot be melted we will stand against them as solid as a rock evelAllah. EvelAllah. Put the necessary measures in place. Obviously they won’t turn back before coming to our tribe. As you order my Gey. As yoi^prder. As you order my Bey. Osma qeuiso Osma Osman! Osman! My Osman. My darling what happened to you? Osman Osman! Osma My son what happened to you? My Osman what happened to you? Osma My Osman My son what happened to you? Osman! My Osman My Osman. My Osmaff Osma My Osma My Osman! My Osman My Osman Osman! My Osman My ‘On Osma What’s happened? Who did this to him hatun? I don’t know who did this. They were subjected to an attack. We came just on time to save them  Don’t let him lose any more blood my Bey. Get him to the tent immediately. Il^in Hatun you take care of the rest of them As you order my Bey. Who would do this? Who? Hurry up. Artuk Bey. Savci bring my healing bag. quickly. Osman! Osma ! Osman^Op^n^our eyes my brave heart! My Osr ;a i My Osman open your eyes My Bey. Allow me to examine him my Bey. O my Allah (swt)! Do not let us live through such kind of pain o my Lord (Rabb) Amin. He is still breathing. 

Bismillahir Rahmamr Rahim [In the name of Allah swt the Merciful and the Compassionate] My Osman He is bleeding fro here. My valiant! My Osman Hayme Hatun bring me hot water Right away My Osman Restore our Osman to health o my Lord (Rabb) Brother who js this hatun? Is she a human or Jinn? Is she is an angel or a Satan? Where did she come from? In what condition is he Artak Bey? ’Will you be able to stop my son’s bleeding? I will put stitches in a minute. He shall be alright after that. In shaa Allah In shaa Allah. Hayme Hatun. give me a hand here. O Allah (swt) for the sake of Your name Al SbaffiBS; remove ttt r? hrso’?’ heal my child o m Amin. May you get better soon Those men… what did they want from you? I don’t know. They have captured us and took us along with them Father! I am so very tirec^ father! Nea. hold on. my daughter endjure. V^e will be saved soon Why do you tregt us like that? What do you want from us? You may ask that of this scum Of your father! I don’t know what you are talking about. f don’t know anything Let us go! Stop laying Father! Father! Oragos will know how to make you smg. Father We will ascertain then who you are’ Get yourself up! Ah. Who < this Dragos. father?

What will you have to talk to him about? What are you hiding from us? Tell us. They wanted to sell us on the slave market. And where have you been going To N kea We were going to our relatives. Wfc will Vvjait here How will we escape from thefh father? Father Are you all right? The prisoners are escaping! Run into the woods! Hurry up! ? hey’ e getting away Where did this brat come from. now? Vou get out of here first! Be quick! Do not linger here! Your flight is useless you can’t get away. You run into the wrong men. brat. Death will be your end. Have a go at me. then Let’s see who will end up dead. Father! Father! Are you all right? No! Don’t do it* Don t kill that boy A low me Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Ya Shaffee (The Only Healer) Ertugrul Beyr I hope he will recover soon Do you know/whefr this incident occurred hatun? I explaiffSd it to your Alps outside. It happened at the foot of the Tuma Hill.

Kill all of them. Sister’ They were taking us by force And this brave child saved us from their hands. Mold on there brave boy. Tell me who are you? I.lam.. Er. . Ertu.. . Ertu.. grul Bey’s… Bey’s so .. son… ueuisQ Who is the man who came with you. along with his family? His name is Teokles. As I understood he was the main object of that attack And Osman… in order to save them got involved in something… that was way beyond his strength. My father should get some rest now Did they tell you why they kidnapped you. along the way 

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