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EPISODE 02 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 02 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. We have no problem with you.If you leave now, you can save your heads.Otherwise, you’ll pay a heavy price.Come on!They gave up.There they leave.You’re the only one resisting, huh?Those who sent you here said you would defeat two easy meats.They faced the difficulty and wanted to save their lives.I won’t give up.Even if I stay aloneI won’t give up.Ilyas, if you are careful…you can defeat a ship full of pirates.But when you are distracted in the battlefield, …a big guy like him can catch you.You’re right, Aga Reis.

I’ll get my lesson from this.Being careful is important!You picked up a nice spot to die.The last thing you see will be this huge sea.-Do you trust me?-No.-No. No.-That’s what I thought.Kill them!Don’t let them live!Arrow them!The best moment to stun a man isn’t the moment he closes his eyes, …but the moment he opens his eyes wide and look around.It seems that friends doesn’t like advice.He’ll come to his senses when beaten.-Do I have your permission?-We’ve had a long talk, Ilyas.Let him come to me.

Whatever they promised you it seems you really need it.Yes. I have to do this.We like giving a hand to those in need.But we can’t let you bleed us. Sorry.Obviously, you’re meant to bleed me. I’m ready.Come on.They’re going to the boat.Arrow them!Protect me, my Allah.Protect me for the sake of the innocent kids in the orphanage.Me too, my Allah!She excluded me even here!What now?First, we’ll leave this island.

Then you’ll thank me for saving your life.If it weren’t for you, my life wouldn’t be in danger.-Untie the rope.-What?Grab this axe and cut the rope in the back.Cut the rope! Hurry up!If we can’t leave here, they’ll cut our necks with that axe.What if they follow and find us?If we get out of this bay…I can find a thousand of bays to hide until they come here.I’m a man of Midilli girl.It’s not easy to defeat me in the sea of islands.Come on, bismillah!Loosen the winding ropes with my sign.Winding what?Allah has given the wind behind us. No death for us in the sea!Lower the sails!This is for your service. Take it.

This is for your service. Take it.And send my regards to Yorgo.Poseidon won’t forget this companionship of his.Come on! Grab the oars!-Let’s leave this island!-Come on!-Hurry up!-Let’s go.Come on!Capture all the fishing boats and ships in the harbor!Put our men in each of them!Check every corner of the sea!Find that impertinent man for me!You think those patrols can find the man……who exploded the bell and escaped the island unharmed?-Lord Pietro. Believe me…-Okay!Cut it short. Impertinent!You’ve just said something right, Ratko.Impertinent.You called him impertinent.You said something right.You’re right.He did something really impertinent.But would a person go through such a hardship and take such a risk…..just to show off?Maybe, this is a move of Muslims who want to wear us off spiritually.No, I don.’bthink so.

I don’t think so.He distracted us by exploding the bell.He was up to something else. But what?If we find that, we can also find who he is.Lord Pietro, some soldiers saw that mysterious man following prince Murad.Is that so?Send prince Murad to me immediately.He may know somethinglwhich may help us find the ironsmith.I hope prince Murad got a lead about the man who bothered him.Nice! If we keep going at this speed, they can never find us.-Where are we going?-I’m going to my homeland.I’ll drop you in a safe harbor. You can pick a boat to go anywhere.There aren’t any safe harbors left due to pirates like you.-I’m not a pirate.-Right.I saw how you defeated the pirates.You’re not a pirate, but the king of pirates!If you despise pirates so much,

what were you doing in Kalimnos, the nest of pirates?I’m a member of Cezuliye tarikat (sect).We established an orphanage with our friends in Alexandria.We take care of the children whose families got attacked by the sea outlaws.

One of those innocent kids was sick.And I was in Kalimnos to take medicine from a doctor friend. Okay?-Do you understand now? -Look what Allah destines.It’s fate.I won’t tell you about it anymore.I have bigger problems.There were two bottles.I guess I dropped one of them while running.Isn’t one bottle enough for the treatment?It will be enough, but…But look at me.I’m sailing in the middle of the sea.Allah knows when I will reach Alexandria…..and give the kid the medicine to cure him.My father named me Hizir.I need to deserve my name then.We’ll deliver the cure in time.Don’t be upset.Is your handkerchief drier than my eyes?

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