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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 02

This is Episode number TWO of Kurulus Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. Clear the way! Get out of the way’ Clear the way’ Get out of the way’ Answer my questions That you've saved my life doesn't matter, I can still kill you What are you doing here Did you kill the Governor9 What Governor9 What are you talking about9 As a Turk what are you doing here7 You nearly killed him Ertugrul's son Osman What the hell are you doing? How did you come up here9 Ertugrul Bey s son the famous Osman, huh9 He is skillful like his father They say, "A wolf's offspring becomes another wolf Do what you have to do I ll take care of him Job 26:7 [ Bible verse ] Job 26:7 [ Bible verse ] He puts north in nothingness " He drops the earth in nothinoness. Glorify him 1 The sun and the moon, all the gleaming stars 11 104:6 He wore the headwaters like a dress And the water was standing on the top of the mountains Absolute thanks to my Lord Allah is the greatest We also need to find what our master mentioned.

I've found it IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MERCIFUL Indeed, We have given you, [O Muhammad], a clear conquest" Surah Al Fath [48:1] Thank Allah Thank Allah Now that the Governor is dead there must be a panic We don't have much time Come on hurry up We need to take him out now Ya Bismillah! (in the name of Allah ) You couldn't protect your Governor You turned his castle into a grave for him Damn you, Commanders None of you have been like Osman Damn it Answer me’ How could you not take precautions9 How could you not’ In this castle, there is no traitor who means to kill our Governor Ne were his sons We would risk our lives for him.

We'll question everyone in the castle We'll make everyone talk Where was the Governor? With whom was he? We'll learn everything. He was in his room I sent Helen to his room to call him After I notified our Governor with our offer5 he took action. But before I went into his room, I saw Ertugrul s son Osman leaving his room. What did you say? Are you sure that he was Osman? Yes, sir It was Ertugrul's son Osman. ueuiso Search the whole castle right away, Andreas Get all the Commanders into the act!

Search for the whole castle! Come on I hear footsteps Don t worry He!ll wake up soon He has a heart that could dare all the world He'll take care of himself Let's go You're entrusted to Allah Let's go Come on come on hurry up* Run Hurry up Inform the Commanders Osman is in the castle I promise you I will find Osman, and we will be settled down. I told you the stars would help us tonight Commander Kalonoz, Commander Kalonoz’ Osman is in the Sofia s starry room’ Starry room9 III catch him, Sofia What is Osman doing there9 The holy entrustment' You killed our Governor, you bastard.

The killer of the Governor is the most innocent one of you Run’ Catch Osman Catch him before he exits the castle* Damn it we missed him1 The Governor is dead’ Where are you, my Bey9 Where are you, my Bey9 Aag A|/| My Bey, drink water Catch your breath. I worried about you when the bells ringed The governor is dead I am held responsible for it What are you talking about, my Bey? We need to find somewhere to hide immediately Let s go to Mario's place my Bey You thought it well Don t let anyone stop you kill them all' Okay Let's go They took the holy entrustment and the treasure’ Damn it Forgive my sins, god Inform Master Yannis right away Sofia, Master Yannis would make both of us pay for this. How could we explain this to Master Yannis5 huh?

We couldn't enjoy the governor's death, now we sorrow for this. ubujso I ll bite your lungs out with my teeth. ueuiso Apparently no one saw us Nobody is around pray to thank to Allah when we arrive in our city You need to depart early in the morning Worft you come? The war has just started daughter The ones who serve to the devil will take action The Governor has been killed things will go crazy here 6Ae^o si uewso noA og What if he couldn't get out? Thank my LordNe have found Ahi Evren s treasure, which was kept by the enemy We have the blessed treasure of Ahmad Yasawi Thank Lord I wonder, my Bey Who do you think killed the Governor9 I don't know brother I don t know However I know something The Governor was killed by his closest ones You are right, my Bey Governor nursed vipers in his bosom Why did they kill him9 Because he made peace with us They couldn't accept this. They want to end the peace and fight again Who are those bastards my Bey9 As they arranged such an ignominious assassinate It must be a secret organization.

A secret organization that is everywhere in Bithynia They took advantage of the fact that my father is in Konya We should send men to the tribe my Bey Kalonoz must have done it already. Their aim is to disorder the tent by using me. My brothers, we are under attack from two sides The woman who masqueraded as a priestess She is our salvation If we find her we ll find both the murderer of the Governor and . the traitors in the castle Did you that devil9 The ground swallowed him up, dajjal Turk! Unless you find Osman, we can’t breathe in this land' rII find him Swear to god I'll find and kill him myself’ It's not easy to find him He must come with his will How9 He is a Turk who risked his life for the Governor If we capture someone from his blood . he'll give in to save him Devil took the possession of the whole castle tonight Sometimes you need to get help from the devil to keep up.

We ll take an entrustment from Dundar Bey And that entrustment will make Osman be revealed And because of Osman the tent will be troubled I'll send my most trusted man And the agreement will be infringed Ertugrul's son Osman who killed our Governor has infringed the agreement Everyone should hear and believe that Osman has committed this murder Everyone should know how Kayis treat their friends Can I Uncle9 Come in Gunduz Bey Is there any news from Osman9 We searched everywhere, uncle But nothing is up I don't understand what his aim is Sometimes he saves the day sometimes he spoils the day This has gone too far Dundar Bey Ertugrul Ghazi should know what happened You should send a letter that tells what happened in the tent, Dundar Bey You need to report Osman s situation My aunt is right What would we do if my father came to the tent and asked where Osman is9 Ahh Osman ah. Look what you've done to me But, you gave me no option.

You didn't. Selamun Aleikum, Dundar Bey Aleikum Selam Bamsi Bey Here sit down Thank you Long live, Dundar Bey Osman Dundar Bey where is he9 It's been a while but Osman is not around The enemy is waiting for a gap What if they hunt Osman down like my Ay bars? We were going to ask you, Bamsi Bey, I am not Bey son The Bey is Diindar Bey He needs to know what is going on If something happens to Osman, how can you explain it to my Ertugrul Bey huh9 Huh'?

Brother Gundiiz9 Huh'? Uncle Dundar9 I wish my Ertugrul Bey had come so that the tent could be in order Send Alps (men) for Osman Gundiiz Bey They shall not come back without his trace Will you send the letter, my Bey9 My Bey, I'm talking to you What should I tell to my brother^ huh9 What should I tell9 Should I tell him that I couldn t take care of Osman9 Won’t he ask me that how will you deal with the tent while you can t even take care of Osman? Is Governor Yorgopolos dead9 Yes, sir So why are you silent as the snow on the Olympios Mountains, Megela9 Sir, the runner that Sofia sent brought you a letter Read it Read Megela read'

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