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EPISODE 02 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 02 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Then the caravan broke down, we got stuckon top of mountains Allah Allah! Then the caravan broke down we got stuckon top of mountains These are serious wounds. Whoever did this must be very skillful, knight He will feel better if he takes this medications regularly Do you feel better now? aflayan FlyatWrla Princess’ kind heart healed my wounds. This is very kind of you. i t a good rest. Good night. Good night Are there any news about the Akinji Sungur who escaped from your hands? been found, he is still alive to me. Tell your men to keep searching Commander you another uuv> VU UUI I VIV llj I want you to follow Knight Riccardo who just came to.. Alright My Rabb, I am suffering All of these sacrifices and this pain are lilt 5> How do you Turks have the courage And do not say about those who have been martyred in Allah’s way that they are dead In reality, they are alive but you do (Surah There is no power as strong as your faith Sungur?

Drink some water We are the soldiers of this land. Don’t worry, I’m fine. tyrants will get drunk They will be weakened if we poison them All of them will be bewildered wg IIUVV/ V ^ I A door is closed and the other one is opened. My Akinji brothers will come Then we will destroy this castle’ f • • • t • You need to go to the kitchen and put the poison into the boilers I I iVi uv iVi UVKOL What if we fail? 1V1 UV Ut What if we f *r What if we fail? We will be martyrs Cl o A nm ‘ i Aii pi 11 p An m fininfi i mw ; aiii innnp ipiiaa Konuralp didn’t fear from dying.

It impressed me He became a martyr without fear. I want to have this faith, too I VVIU I UllU^IOiWVI I want to be a Turk(Muslim), too O, great Konuralp! V^l I V/ U I IIIUI l I UVIII IO U V IUIVI Repeat after me, then I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammed is His servant and Messenger. I I VIII IIVVV VII VU Ul KJM VI UV. 5 I saw with my eyes that a knight like my brother were deeply amazed by you. Really7 Yes Well, I want to tell you something.

For the first time in my life, I have been able ‘QaXa q iipiii p ip Rinvinni phiiiaa iipphi Aiii ip phi m after his hunt like a brave knight! Marriage of a Knight ■nonfi nc QnnnoQ 11 You are so pure hearted. I would be so glad to have a messenger like you. Now I need to go to the kitchen.j I want to prepare something for my brother He will feel better with the dinner I can make them prepare what you want It’s been a long time. I want to do it myself. I just wanted to get your permission before going to kitchen. He left. Follow the steps of knight’s sister Where is this man71 ingredients you to do these things, every day WilkRfcz Now I have to cook foods for soldiers. I am tired of cooking all day long. I can take care of it. I 1 VVUUIVI ov w Alright elp me I learned where their armory is important things will happen Don’t worry.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

Everything is ready. As long as you take Mara Hatun and Akinjis from that dungeon Help me sir, help me You better watch out Get out of my eyesight, you foul! who couldn’t be killed by the enemy. time in people Our King is preparing a special I am looking forward to it tell you that no one is happier than me. my woman from them Princess Maria is lucky 4 Au l TiN KILICI I hope you have many children.

Don’t you have a lover? You’ You’ Kill him’ Saadelvat! Hide the bodies. O, my Rabb who revealed the Qur’an! Make our enemies defeated. Help us while we are fighting against them Amin Mission completed, Sungur Reis Mara Hatun’s room is in front of Lazar’s room That dastard’ Ivan made the necessary I-II ^ VU ^AUll^VI Yes. I am excited i Aui aq May Allah help us. Soldiers, be quick. Konur Get them to the castle’ I’ll go and see Karadic. ■q i Aii pi 11 Pin m Qn ini phi in qi ii iqHiw ‘nn amno We won’t die before killing even one of them’ Huu Allah’ Huu Allah! Riccardo’s sister came to me My brother loves you Your dad also said it at the first time he saw me. you should everything men say. iVi UVK t tV» UVK My beautiful and noble people’ it is because of this Knight’ The Knight who saved my daughter. C C |l e »V| UVkULA ¥)3 jj’jjJM }T3 jjjj’n-SjJt From now on, Turks will not be able to attack King Lazar1 From now on, Turks will not b© Great King of Serbia and dear people!

Thanks to your brave King, dejjal Turks will not be able to attack you. with your daughter, Maria, in this beautiful night. My King. The Akinjis are ready Any news from Karadic? INU, dll . Music! beIN MEDIA GR I don’t want this night to end, Riccardo I want this night^to be thej This night will never end Everybody will remember this night I would like you to spend the night in my arms She got tired because of the long road. She wanted to take some rest just like in Rome And brave Knight Riccardo will display an amazing show! Give him an applause’ I will kill you one by one I will kill you one by one Unchain one of them Despina Hatun* How could you be able to come here7 Akinji Bey Sungur helped me. So some of the Akmjis are still alive I’ll kill Mara Why aren’t they still dead7 Kill him, Riccardo the Knight. Or should I call you Akinji Bey Sungur?

Take them Princess Maria. We need to leave. I told you. I am not like the other kings IL IJ> lllllt l I know that you put poison into the mt; riioiiun. game is o Sungur • . T Q VV^I IV vu V II III idn’t know that the Tur would be this stupid Constantinople7 Or was the only wise man among you the Sultan? Rebic’ I want to see blood! Blood! For the love of Best Planner”‘ is time to fight May Allah help you! I leave the Akinjis to you. Sungur Bey is waiting for you It is time to help Sungur Bey, bogomil brothers Form the line’ Take them away up! Fa Come here’ Come inside’ Get inside! There is a hidden passage in the throne room Afshin’ Send my selam to my Sultan Send my selam to my Sultan. Allah-u Akbar* Turks are coming! Turks are coming Under the throne’ Close the door. Pull it. I completed my mission, Mara Sultan My Akinjis will come with you I can’t come before I take the revenge of Konur Chieftain. I am not done with Lazar I am not going anywhere. I’ll stay with you. I am a Turk(Muslim), now If we are going to be martyrs then we shall be. Turks are coming’ My King, Turks are coming Vladic. Send all the soldiers and commanders to the walls1 Alright. To the walls! Come on! Hurry up To the walls’ Allah-u Akbar* I leave Mara Sultan in your care Keep her safe.

EyvAllah, Sungur Reis. A ALbTNKlUO out the traito you did for me t forget you did for me Give your blessing to me. Break it down’ Come on’ Attack’ The great King of Serbia Lazar said that Turks were stupid. Enough! Please’ I surrender i cme mid uodiie, Ottoman as a war booty Sultan has lots of them that he doesn’t have enough place to put them. he see your skull. Die’ Nooo! niON on on No No No'” my a You killed my father i uui ouui 10 oiaimru juoi 11rtr yuu father’s soul, Princess Maria Neither you could be able to protect your castle nor Sultan that loyal to him. I acclaim you as Queen of Serbia we will tear down this castle Tell your Sultan that we Where are we going now? tyrant’s oppression Wait for us. We are coming

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