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EPISODE 32 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 32 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Push the door!Push the door!We couldn’t Sencer, no matter we did I Now, they are at the door.The walls couldn’t stop them.If they open the door, too, it will be so bad for us, father!Keep at the door as much as you can, my servants!Don’t let them goBring all the soldiers including Byzantines here right away1 Come on!We’ve brought all the soldiers, father!They areKill them all!We won’t surrender Selemzar!Kill them!Shoot themShield wall!We got them now.They won’t be able to get away from this attack!They will all die! All of them!Firsty Melik SencerA’attacked alone.Melik Taper and and the Alps followed them.

They broke/the door and got into Selemzai They are all inside now.Sencer must have become hell bent.It is full of Batinis and Byzantines.Such a small crowd cannot get out of there alive.Tapar. Sencer.My sons.We are cornered here.If we continue to stay.-, we will die.Our Sultan came to our help.Attack, my brave ones!Attack, .brave ones!Meliksah is also here.They got rid of all the traps we set for them.They are going to turn this place into a bloodbath!What’s left to us is to escape before we drown in the bloodbath.

They may be after us, Faysal.Let’s split into two, we will meet in Karaorman.Let’s split into two, we will meet in Karaorman.Okay, father.Bastard!I will drench my sword in.your blood Faysal.Balaban!Although we poisoned the soldiers, Sencer attacked Selemzar.Although we poisoned the soldiers, Sencer attacked Selemzar.Th’eylentered Selemzar.And our Sultan attacked ♦the city behind them.If Sultan Meliksah entered Selemzar, then he won’t leave without taking it, Taculmulk.You could n’t-stop Sencer!And now Sencer will take Selemzar. and get even stronger with Tapar.You ruined all our plans.Get out!Get out!Mother are you okay?

Get the midwifes now Mahmelek!Servants! Servants!Bring the midwives here now!No more running Faysal.I told you I’d cover my sword with your blood.Ayaz and Aydogdu couldn’t escape either.I covered my sword with their blood.I poisoned your hatun Turna’s father Emir Ilteber……and I let him die slowly and painfully.Melik Hadrath.Melik Hadrath.We cleared all the enemies in Shelemzar Melik Hadrath.Shelemzar is….ours once again.You took the lives of the innocent.You took the livesof my companions.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور پھر Watch Here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

I took an oath saying this sword will enter my body…..and come out red if I don’t take my revenge.Now it’s time for revenge Faysal.You’ll pay for-all the blood you’ve spilled.& f ,e’Your head will be a warning to all……who dares to rebel against our state.My child.I hope my baby is okay this time.I hope my baby is okay.I hope my baby’s born safely.Don’t think bad thoughts Terken Hatun.Do as the midwife says.Come on. Pushharder Terken HatuThe baby’s on its way.Your blessed son is born Terken Hatun.Thank Allah.Thank Allah.My son.My son.

You finally have a son.Congratulations Terken Hatun.InshAllah he will be honest, religious……and faithful like his Sultan father.He will be a child worthy of our dynasty.M ash Al la h.I think he will take after my father.What about his health?This time…..I won’t lose him, right7His health is completely fine.May Allah give him a long life, InshAllah.Allah has finally granted you to me all fine.Thank goodness.UOS A|aJMy Sultan.

We put all Byzantines and Batinis through the sword.Selemzar is ours’now.May your sword be protected, brave men!Are Sabbah and Tekis captured TuransaYou did not allow me but for the sake of the state……and for my own reputation……I came to fight for Selemzar.I hid outside.I was going to help you if you had struggled.However, your sons earned the victory.And I caught them on the run.Shut up!You still call me”brother” with no shame.I am not the brother nor the sultan of a despicable man like you!This time, your punishment will be more severe.This traitor went behind your back.Now you caught him.It is your duty to carry out his punishment, Turansah.Blind his eyes……in a way that could never be healed again.

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