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EPISODE 03 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 5

This is Episode number 3 of Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. In his days, our Sultan Alaeddin has decided to make secret preparations, in order to. . be able to withstand the Mongol’s assault. As part of these preparations, he had the scribes to. .. neatly record all the details in a document, including. the names of all valiants who would participate.. all the secret meeting locations, as well as. the names of all spies who successifully infiltrated the Mongols, one by one. This document placed in one chest, was hidden in a secret niche in the Palace.

The chest in question… contains the names and duties of.. all Beys, elders, influential people and State Officials who can… keep the ideal of the Turks State alive. Regrettably, the Mongols have learned about the existence of this chest… and have found the niche in the secret room. And they have slayed the State Dignitaries who were responsible for keeping the room. This is a disaster. It must be prevented. This is a betrayal. It must be prevented immediately.

Gunduz Alp, let my father go Don’t you even think to talk to me, hutun. When the time comes, I know very well how to make you pay for your lies. Gunduz Alp It seems your father did not raise you to be an Alp loyal to your State, boy. You deviated from the stnght path if you put a knife under the throat of a Bey serving the State. What do you know about loyalty to the State, old man? You only know how to lick the Mongols’ boots Gunduz! Brother! I will not allow you to collect the taxes neither from this tribe nor from any other tribe, before our Ertugrul Bey returns! Know your limits, young man. Gunduz Alp, that s enough You still did not realize why they came to our tribe? They are Mongols’ henchmen and they will force their way into my father’s tent. Know your limits, youngster! Hey! Else, I will kill you. Father! Gunduz Alp Father, are you all right?

Gunduz Alp, put your dagger down. Gunduz! Put it down! Father Father This greenhorn brat will suffer the consequences for drawing his weapon against me Our spy in the Palace notified us that the Mongol Commander… by the name Kara Boru, would be coming tomorrow… to take the chest with the secret documents. I’m going to the Palace tomorrow to see Emir Bahaddin regarding the taxes. So then, I will get hold of that chest and remove it, before it falls into Mongols’ hands. Otherwise, we may be too late. It is no longer your duty, but it is the duty of your valiants to remove it, Ertugrul Bey. Now, you are an important member of our Divan.

We no longer want you to put your life in jeopardy, from now on. Seljuk has become a de facto State, since it is occupied and is no longer even functioning. But, no matter how difficult the current situation is. the Turk’s State has existed since the time immemorial and so it will remain. And eventually, sooner or later, a new world-wide Turk’s State will have to be formed. Now, we cannot risk the lives of all those valiants whose names are written on… the secret list, in that chest. Therefore, what is more important now is not my life. but that chest. Now, tell me who our spy in the Palace is? Someone who was at one time, one of your greatest enemies, Ertugrul Bey. Umur Bey, listen to me now. Get out of here] Go to the Han, and take a rest there. I will come there tomorrow. And we will discuss what we will do next Well, since our State has assigned you an important task… then it is my duty to provide you with all the help you need. so that you can fulfill your task properly However, if you overtep your boundaries, you will suffer the consequences.

Escort Umur Bey to the Han. And, llbilge Hatun as well. Or, whatever she is called. So you’re a liar. Wh t t pity Gunduz Alp, get into the tent. Alps Aag A|A| What did you do Oguz9 We sent the wounded back to the tribe, accompanied by other Alps. Come on, let’s continue our search Brother, brother, they went in that direction. This road leads to Kor Valley. Brother, what if they did something bad to our Bey? We won’t think of the bad things right now. Come on, to the horses, let’s go there! Come on, come on, come on, let’s go Deh! Come on! Deh! Come on1 Come on! As-salamu alaykum (peace be upon you). Alaykumu as-salam (peace be upon you too) F ther What is it, my daughter? There is no water left. Your sister went to fetch it from the well. Go help her, and return quickly. Right away, father. Are you all right, my brother? What do you want9 Ugh I’m a merchant from the town. My name is Teo. I bring supplies to the tribes. Since I was coming here… the Reverend Father has asked me to check in on you. He wanted me to give this beg to you and your daughters. Why would the Reverend Father be concerned about me? As per Ertugrul Bey’s order, Muslims and non-Muslims in Sogut… have been taking care of each other, for years now. And if there is any unsolvable issue, then they inform Ertugrul Bey Reverend Father said that if you and your daughters need anything… you can turn to him without hesitation Dont you see, I am under the patronage of Ertugrul Bey?

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