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EPISODE 03 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 03 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I’ve heard you talkWhy didn’t he want to see rfte?We were at a threshold together again, years agoThat dayfVhen I made my decision I ma&e it cfetTpi all my paih.I did it for the state.I took care of the stateas if it was my child.Today, I must once again do the same.The secret will be ree led an That day, whefi we re both certain.nothing will start) in the way-otot Powfer and experience are«(lway^ found togetherYou must look after the heirloom.Just as you have looked after my son.Do not let sadness strike your heart.Your father did the right thing You’re rightEven so. I’m touched that he wanted to see me after all these years.My father did the right thing.We cannot be together until the state is secureNow, it is time for duty.uqfb^ inoA aui ®AIS>in this world and Qiamah.

Wait.I won’t leave you by yourself.The sword must have thepen for companion.There must be a master of science involved with this, to outsmart the Batini in science.Yusuf Hemedani must be visited for this.must have increased security It will be even more difficult for you to infiltrate them nowDo not forget thatwe face neat danger.The men I sent to check on the ambush site set for you have not returned.We have information about the Batini Yo uist choose yolir avenue of infiltration depending on .that information Where?ShalamzarIf I see him in Shalamazar especially near my daughter, I will punish him as I see fit1 I understand your worry.Since its the land of Emir llteber, it will be difficult for you to avoid him.

But this is the best way.For the Batini aremost populous thereEmir llteber is of no importance compared to this taskn’t carry anything that can be used to identify you.Leave your horse with your tribe You will be given a new horse.When you reafch there,attract their interest.So, they will decide td take you in.How will that work”?We found^out yyhereAleksios,killer lives.Yorgos, we can put them through the sword in one fell sWoop We muSifhake sure that thekiller is there when we attack Then. I will kill him as I look into his eyes, I will watch every last drop of blood drain from his this the man you suspect?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

Yes.But first, the ghosts that tail us…Perhaps 1hfe hYoStiirh^ortant task we’ve been assigned so far, brothers It is such a task Jthat the fate the state may rest on £urshoulders This enemy is like no ^thef Our mind must be assharp as our swords.Aslantas’and f”will infiltrate ttiem.You tfrd will supportus from the outsideBalaban, you will stayhere and protect the tribe.So. we are shouldering aresponsibility as heavy as a mountain Welcome Korkut AtaThank you.When brave men like ougather around the fireand lay their swords around like this, it means they are going to battle You’re right, Korkut AtaBut this battle will be much more difficult than the battle of armiesThe enenfy uses fricks ofthe Shaitan to fight usSo, we face such a castle that either we .will conquer it. or it will degiffoy us all.

Hayber Castle was like that But it was conquered with faith, and fai h was much stronger than the castle “Mow so. Korkut Ata?Hayber Castle stood between the roads of Makkatf Medina and Damascus Thelslam Army surrounded it.Ou r P rophet Efen d i (P b u h) thus spoke .Tomorrow, I will give this Sanjak (banner) to a u luoswho is loved by Allah, and His Rasul.And they love llah, and His Rasul.Afterwards, he caljed Hadrath Ali(RA) Our Prophet Efendi(Pbuh) gave Hadrath Ali(RA) the Sanjak (Banner) of Islam And he tied Zulfikar around his belt with his own hands And he Spoke so…Keep fighting until Allahgrants this victory to you.” And never retreat.Hadrath Alj(RA) jumped on his horse, Duldul and rodelo the front of Hayber.The infidels at the castle were surprised to see him aloneThey asked him ’ How dare you stand before Hayber all by yourself

you think you are?”Hadrath Ali(RA) replied! am the son of Ebu Talib, the bravest of the brave, the leader of the proving grounds. All.I have come to take this castle from you.The sword tied around mybelt is named ZulfikarThis Sword has madeall infidels kneelAW my courage comes from my faith.Tihe infidels were afraid of Hadrath Ali’s(RA) courage.Merhab, the strongest among them stepped forwardHadrath Ali(RA: defeated the strongest of the infidels in face to face combat, with Zulfikar.}Nhen the Islam Army saw it, they look strength from it.His bravery had an effect on everyone.

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