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EPISODE 04 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

This is Episode number 04 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. In the last Episode Halima is praying to Allah for seeking stregth to bear these burdon after the prayer and on the other hand, Ertugrul is also praying to Allah to get strength to be able to break free from this captivity. He tries to break his chain while evrybody is sleeping except the thief Pito. Bahadur Bey is in te main tent with Aslihan who are enjoying the dinner with all family. Aslihan is treating them as guests but they are here to seize the main tent from Aslihan. They questioned to Aslihan that you took the burdon of our tribe on your shoulder after the death of my brother and nephews. However it should be now transfered to some man of Cavdar tribe now, as they come back from battle. Aslihan clearly tells them that she can continue to take this burdon on her shoulders in future too. However they become angry on this but Bahadur stops his son to not talk and they will talk in council meeting. Ertugrul is tied in between the other slaves. Suddenly Ertugrul and thief Pito starts laughing. The man of Simko who is on guard comes to check them that why are they laughing. When they comes near to Ertugrul, He seized him with his legs as his hands were tied with chain. Ertgrul twist him in his legs and kill him. After killing him, the thief gets the keys and open all the locks of slaves and run away. Zuljaan is sitting in the tent with his mother Hyma. Mother Hayma asks him that why he is worried? Zuljaan tells her the situation of Bazaar and also the solution which Ares tells him. There Zuljaan tells his mother that he want to sale the Bazaar and Han to someone and get gold for that to stable his tribe.

Mr. Arif is fully opposed the decision of Zuljaan. He tells that the Bazaar was taken by the blood of Kayi people so this cannot be sold with gold. We can manage to solve the problems but we dont has to sell the bazaar. Zuljaan tells him that your are right but the bazaar put us in grat losses so the sale of this bazaar is good for all. Zuljaan furhurly said that he is not thinking about his personal benefits but for whole tribe. Tribe is not my personal propoerty but it is the property of whole tribe. Halime also fully supporting Mr. Arif. She says that bazaar is our legacy from my Ertugrul Bey. Mother Hayma is agree to Zuljaan on this point and Halima also telling mother that this is rightfully taken by Ertugrul by blood so how we can sell it with money. At the end They decided to discuss this issue in the council meeting. Mother Hayma suggested that if the bazaar sale is necessary then it should not be sold to an infidel. Mr. Arif suggest that this issue is not an issue because its has to be known that bazaar must not be sold to anyone. When all the slaves are unlocked and they began to run away with Ertugrul, Simko and other friends wakeup. They shouted that the captives are running and follow them to catch. Ertugrul and the slave traders has a fight there. Finallly they manage to run away but Simko and his friends are still following there. All the slaves are very happy to get free and all of them thanks to Ertugrul for this help.

Saedtin Kopek is sitting with Ares in the castle and telling him about Zuljaan thaty he comes to me and tells him about your proposal. Kopek tells Ares that Zuljaan intentions are to sell the bazaar but they dont want to sell it to you. Kopek also tells him that Zuljaan comes to me for consultation. Ares becomes bery happy to see that everything is now under their control. Kopek suggest that Bahadur Bey will be the one who will buy the Bazaar from Zuljaan. Aftetr buying the bazaar by Bahadur the control of Bazaar will automatically under the Saedul Din and Ares. At the end Ares gives the gold to buy the Bazaar to Kopek and tells him that this is shining future of us. Bahadur is back to Cavdar tribe. People are thinking that their good days will come now as Bahadur bey is the brother of Candar Bey and come back with a victory from Battlefield. Aslihan is informed about their arrival she is not happy with this because she knows that Bahadur is an evil man. Halima is sitting on the grave of Ertugrul and remembering his last words when he was going for the campaign. Gunduz is also with her. Suddenly Gunduz sees Jogaani who is coming back to the tribe. They are very happy to see her and they got her back to the tribe. This is enough story for this Episode. Further, you will watch on your screens. Password for this Episode is ErtugrulisAlive. Thank you! Watch and Enjoy!

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