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EPISODE 04 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 04 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. What are you doing here?This isn’t the time or place for your questions, daughter of Emir.Let me go.Tell me what you’re after, and I won’t stand in your way.A friend of mine is among your prisoners. I’m here to rescue him.Now I know why youpunched my father.You aren’t a awarrior who saved the Sultan, and you’re no tribesman.You are a Batini spy.Be quick. Search everywhere.It’s not like you think.If I get caught, you’llnever learn the truth.It’ll be your fault.You’ll regret it.0AO|/\|If you want to donate for us continue to translate Seljuks, you can find the donation link at description.Lower your swords.

Melik Hadrath, I was aiming for a snake which would hurt our Sultan.1 If you had seen the snake…I wouldn’t have to shoot, and you wouldn’t have to misunderstand.You have proven that you are a skillful hunter, with your sight and your accuracy.But… the next time you put the Sultan in your sights, beware.Make sure your voice isfaster than the arrow.Or another arrow will hunt you down.You will find out the truth when the time comes, daughter of Emir.Tell me who you are and what you’re here to do, and I’ll let you go.You will trust me and wait.

There is no other way.Now, let me go, or I’llleave by force.Will you do to me what you have done to my father?Don’t force my hand.Stop right there.You won’t get away so easily.You can’t go untilyou tell me the truth.The guards will bein the dun eon soon.I won’t be able to save my friend.Let me go.You have so many faces,I don’t know which one to trust.You forced my hand,daughter of Emir.Give me strength, Shia Imam.Give me strength.They’re coming.We must keep our secrets.Let them come, brother.We will grow stronger with the pain they inflict upon us.Stop right there!Who are you?We serve the one who raised you.Nizamulmulk.Get them out, quickly.We’ll do what we can to help.My brother!Sencer!How did you get here?Focus on escaping.We might have to fight our way out.Will you be able to fight?We will, EvelAllah.You saved us from the dungeons of that tyrant, we feel rejuvenated.

Let’s go, then.Only your corpses can leave this place!We must leave beforemore guards show up.Mother!Mother, can you hear me?You are Anatolian Turkmen.Don’t worry, we’re not rebels. I’m the Emir of Anatolia, Abu’l Kasim.Who are you, what happened here?I am the Meiike of Sultan Melik Shah, Mahmelek. My mother is Terken Hatun, she is the hatun of Sultan Melik Shah.Don’t worry, Hadrath Melike, we’ll get you to the palace as soon as we can.Sel, go ahead and tell them to get the healers ready.Drop the hunting suppliesin the cart.We will get the daughter and the hatun of our Sultan safely to the palace.I was on my way to the hunting grounds.–Will Jet Sultan Meliik Shah knowj My men will take you to the palace.Mother, don’t worry, they’re here.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

You’ll be fine, we’ll be saved.Save my child, save my child.Sencer.Korkut Bey!Come in, Basholu Hatun!Destur.What is going on,Basholu Hatun?Why are you so angry?I found it lodged into Sencer’s pillow this morning.It seems that Afreets have made a target of him.Vile people arewalking among our land.Someone cut the back sideof my tent, they sneaked inside.Are the warriors of our tribe sitting idle as these things happen?Are they truly so incompetent?9 Togan, who trespassed in our land?Nobody did, my Bey.The merchants who came yesterday stayed here, my Bey.Their wagon was damaged.We let them stay over for a night.They went on theirway early this morning.And even earlier, they did this, and who knows what else?It is obvious that they meant to practice villainy, and not trade.Why did you not taskany guards to watch them?How could you let them move around freely at night?Is this how you take care of our tribe in my absence?My Bey, you taught us to care for those who need help.They needed help.It is custom that kindness is accompanied by caution and meticulousness.And a Bey’s regent should be able to see his mistake, and own it.

You’ll keep watch forthe next ten nights.And the warriors whofailed their duty…will be hit 40 times with a club.What does that infidel stranger want with my son?Basholu Hatun, there are always clouds at the mountain tops, and there is always trouble around a brave man.Your son’s enemy isan enemy to all of us.A mistake like this willnever happen again.The enemy has entered the tent of your brother, and you’re here busy with this?It’s time for you to use these arrows against the enemy.What happened, Basholu Mother?Ta <e this to Sencer immediately.I found it on his pillowtoday, it is obviously a threat.Someone is after him.He should be careful.When did this happen,who did this?Balaban, it’s not thetime for questions.quickly!My Allah,-protect my son.Let him be by my side.They will hold all the exits from Shalamzar, soon. We must move quickly.How will we get out before the gates are sealed?I’ve got three horses ready.We’ll ride out of here.Leave no stone unturned!No one will leave Shalamzar today!Bring them to Emir llteber, dead or alive!Move!

This way!That wayCome with me, over here!Get him!Run!Hadrath Chief Da i.Melik Shah has gone to the hunting grounds.I wanted to inform you before he returns.Have you scared Andreas thoroughly?Is he cordial towards us now?I have explained the situation to him as you ordered.But I learned something that dwarfs all our previous moves in comparison.What is it?Melik Shah has hiddenforces around the Queli Castle It seems that these forces are the backbone of Melik Shah’s plan against the Queli Castle.If they fall, Melik Shah’s plans will be severely disrupted.You’ve brought us such an information that we will not only break the back of the Seljuks…but when the time comes, we’ll be able to get what we want from the Byzantine Empire.

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