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EPISODE 05 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 05 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You.Are you the head of the guard?Yes, Hadhrat Melik.So, you are not one of our brave fighters, you are a spy that infiltrated us.That is not the-truth, Hadhrat Melik.You are a traitor to the Seljuks.That is the only truth.Sheath your sword.Myfchild, my child.My baby.uos A|/\|uos A|/\|Why isn’t he crying?Tell me.Why isn’t he crying?May Allah give him peace.No…No, no, no, no.No, no, no, no, no.No, my son.uos A|/\|Save him.Save him.Save my child.Save him, save him, save him.I beg you, save him.No, no, no, no, no!No! No!No!) No!No!No!My son!uos A|/\|They forced me to comehere, my Sultan.

I could not send word.Since this man infiltrated them, he must know their ugly face.Let us attack the Batini district, and destroy them.That is not the solution, Hadhrat Melik.They are not all traitors, my Sultan.There is a cultgrowing within them.We must find them outand destroy them..To be able to cut the hands that reach for evil and villainy…and to stop the Anatolian war…as Sencer says,we must find them out.That is why, my Sultan, I must return to them and keep infiltrating them.How will you do that?If only you survive, they would be suspicious, and kill you.There is only way to cast away the suspicion, my Sultan.I must take the holyartifacts to them.They would trust me even more.Traitor.Let the healers know!

Do you hear yourself?The holy artifacts are vital to us and to the Islamic community!If anything happens to them, nothing could ever replace them!My Sultan, surely, it is dangerous to take the holy artifacts to them.But we must take that risk for our goal.If that is the only way…we will forge fakes,he can take those.They will surely take the fakes to their Chief Da’i.He would immediatelyknow if we forged fakes.I will find the location of the holy artifacts and notify you.If anything goes wrong…everyone responsiblefor it will pay.I swear on my life, my Sultan.I trust you, Sencer.No matter the costprotect the holy artifacts.Sencer!^After all thus fighting, they wouldn’t have believed you if you walked unscathed.Now, they will believe you.Know that… I want you to return as well, not just the holy artifacts.Is there someone in there with him?The healer is.Then, tell them that Terken Hatun is having a fit, and Seferiye Hatun has ordered…all the healers to help her.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

Go.We know that you are a traitor, spy of Shaitan! Thrown down your weapon Well, since you asked so nicely…Do you think Chief Da’i will let you get away with this?I’ll send him to you soon.You can ask him yourself.You are going to live,while your friends are dead?We will finish this business.You betrayed us.Traitor.The Seljuks set a trap for us.All the other Fida’i are dead.I was ordered the get the holy artifacts and escape.I barely got them.I got injured during my escape.Shaitan MelikShah.

So that the ironwon’t rot your flesh.May you be well. You have accomplished a great mission for our cause.The rest of our fida’i have helped us and bee me martyrs.I will keep the artifacts.The Seljuks will leaveno stone unturned.They should not be in the district.Let me come with you.I want to protect you and the artifacts with my life.You have done your duty.Let your wounds be tended to.You may rest.Rustem, take him to the district.

Disguise yourselves as shepherds, and investigate where the battle took place.Let’s see if he’s telling the truth.ISFAHANMy Sultan.Yes, Mother?My Sultan…Terken Hatun has given birth.But…your son diedshortly after birth.As is tradition…we asked the people…We have announcedtaziye(a period of grief).Terken…May Allah give him peace.Hadhrat Nizamulmulk.I have important news for you.We are going to have a son.We will have a son. I hope to give this Melik Bork(hat) to him with my own hands, InshaAllah.Let me go! Giveme my son!Don’t take him away!Give me my son!Let me o! Giveme my son!Don’t take him! Let me go!Don’t take my son!Let me go! Stop!My Sultan…They are taking my life away Tell them to give me my son!My heart burns!After the son we lost, he was our only hope.Now, my heart will never be the same.I will never wake up to the morning, I will never sleep at night.

Bitterness has takenroot in the place of hope I share your pain,my heart hurts the same.But…we will pray toAllah to ease our pain.We will share this pain of the loss of our son.He who gave him to us,has taken him away.Now, our son will be with Him.If you want to donate for us continue to translate Uyanis, you can find the donation link at description.uos A|/\|Yalman…rrik brotherWho did this to you?What a terrible day.May Allah give them peace.We treated him, butjhis wounds were too severe.It was a miracle for him to even get here.We could not get much out of him.But he said his whole troop was killed before he passed out.And he said thatthey were betrayed.

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