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EPISODE 06 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 06 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. What’s going on here, Karaca hatun?Your scream can be heard all over the tribe.Instead of grouching me, you should see the traitor under your nose See what the snake, whom you tried to make…..Alparslan marry and make a Belik’s Hatun!She corresponds with Vaspurakan.That note was coming for me.

For yoYes,What business can you have with Vaspurakan, Akinay mother?Don’t protect this traitor in vain!I correspond with the rug traders in Vaspurakan.Why are you looking at me as if you don’t know we trade rugs?And lower you weapons. Lower them!Go back to your duty.Come on!You go.You are the one protecting me in the tribe.You were also the one, who brought me the necklace.

Protect the Tekfur!Who are they?It doesn’t matter, esteemed Tekfur!Esteemed Tekfur… looks like you got some good news.There couldn’t be.any better.Alparslan was given the duty of taking the gold to the army base.Prepare your soldiers, we will go and take him.The gold will reach the base through mountain road.While we are going to the base with empty chests……you can follow us from a safe distance, father.We got the word that the infidels will ambush us.But we still don’t know where they will ambush us.So let’s determine the safe distance between us according to that.After that, we will take care of the infidels, son.Where are Alparslan and Hasan?They went that way, my Bey.Come on!Protect Alparslan!Attack!Get up you God damn bastards!Kill them all!Keep fighting Alps! Come on.We’re out of the archer’s vision.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

Damn those! They might follow us.

We know who attacked us.But where are they taking us?Somewhere other than death.That’s what matters.Why did we stop?-Who are you?Damn you! Did you swallow your tongue?VfWhy did you save us?Not them.i ‘5 * *I saved you.I saved yoEmir Bozan.I told you Alparslan wasn’t easy to beat.My old friend.We owe your our lives.I guess you’re the mystery friend……we have in the west who’s against the Seljuks.Even though we let that dog Alparslan get away……the best option was to work with you.I can see that Bozan.Let’s get going now.We’re still close to them. We have to get back t the caste.But you must return the favor.Dear Saint Kekavmenos.We both know that pretty well.They have no gold sin.

The chests are empty.Son. Son.Son.Son.Kekaumen’os.Where is he?It’s okay son.My Bey.My Bey. My Bey just wait.Let me go.I’ll cut off that bastard’s head.You can’t go-like this son.-Dad.Let me go.My Bey.My Bey.My Bey.-My Bey.1 aSon.My Bey.We’ll protect Alparslan.Go to the forest now.Find that snake Kekaumenos.Find that snake Kekaumenos.As you wish my Bey.Artuk.Take Avar with you and keep watch.As you wish my Bey.Son.Son.-My Bey.My Bey.So they sent you to our tribe to spy on us.They think I’m a spy.But with Allah’s help I’ll make them fall into their own trap.I’ll fight until Vaspurakan is our home.The infidels…..burned our hearts with an eternal flame…..years ago in Vaspurakan.My son got missing during the massacre.When the infidels raided the village……he was in the forest.Alpagut never came back.Alpagut?Yes.Do you know him?I was at a crossroads.I was either going to see if my parents died in the tribe……or I was going to follow you.I couldn’t leave a Muslim girl at the hands of the infidels.

I came to Ani by following the men who took you.I went into the castle as a servant.Thank Allah Kekaumenos chose me to look after you.Do you know him?

Call in the doctors now!i Aj j n hCome on!Get up, Alparslan.You..Get up.Because you are here to wake up those who are asleep and raise those who have fallen down.The read is leng and time is tight.The road is long and time is tight.Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.He-s awake, Mother Akinay.He opened his eyes.Thank goodnessAlparslan!Time is tTght.Time is tight, I have to getup.I’ll go and let the others know.Wait with him.Where are you going, my bey?You are wounded.J •Alparslan.Time is tight.Time is tight.Let me get up.Son, what are you doing?Alparslan, stop!Kekavmenos…Did you catch that bastard, father?I made our alps go after him, but it didn’t work.

That infidel disappeared.I will rip his head off.I will crush that snake’s head!You should rest first.Your wound should heal.My wounds won’t heal before…..I wash m.y weapon with his blood, father.They won’t.Patience, son.Patience.Tell me.Did you catch Kekavmenos?My bey, Shahzade Hiimam…We found his dead body among the armed men who attacked us.Why would a Ghazni shahzad …shield that snake at the cost of his own life?

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