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EPISODE 06 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

You are watching season 4 of Diriliş Ertuğrul series with Urdu Subtitles and this is Episode number 06. Ertugrul has set an ambish for the men of Simko but there is now not only the men of Simko but Mihalis also. Ertugrul has a fight with them there and he killed all the men of Mihalis. Ertugrul wants to see the face of that coward but suddenly his eyes open becuase he was in dream. Pito comes to him and ask why didnt you run away and save your life, Ertugrul tells him that this is not in our customs to leave someone in half way. Pito asks that i am a thief so you are doing this kindness to a thief as well. They are talking this, Simko comes and hit Pito on the back and tells him to stay away from Ertugrul an warn him that he already tells him to stay away from Ertugrul. Simko tells Erugrul that because of you many slaves are died so you cost me too much.

But we will get pur gold after surrendring you to your new owner. Ertugrul tells Simko that the degnerates who set an ambush will also kill you after giving you gold so its is better for you to leave me and Pito free and tell me that name of that bastard so i shall save you from him. SImko start laughing after these words of Ertgrul. He tells Ertugrul that if you have enough power you, you would not fall into his trap by your own feet. Hailme is totally disagree to the decision of Zuljaan and she is also convincing Hayma Mother to undertand the the problem caused buy this decision. She tells her mother that if Bahadur Bey buy the Bazaar he will be more powerful to get the Beylik Seat and Aslihan will be also in much trouble. This decision will not only cause of our suffering but also Aslihan, Mother Hayma replies that Aslihan is her daughter and the bride of her tribe as well. But for now we have to find soultions for our own troubles.

Halima is telling to the mother about the disadvantges of this decision, Zuljaan comes into the tent and tells Halima that every men who can pay for the cost of Bazaar should buy this even it is Bahadur Bey, After rthgis Halima clearly tells Zuljaan that She is standing against him on this decision. He is on the side of Mr, Arif in this matter. When Halima asks Zuljaan about Aslihan, He tells her that she can also go with them back to stay with his husband in Kayi tribe, Halima then tells him that she will never do this because he has to fulfill the promise of her brother.

Ares is talking with the Maria who is not in senses. He asks her that why have you done this to him as he give her a new life but she betrayed him. Ares gets a letter from his soldier which is from the Antheus, Ares read the letter and he just go to find Antheus. Maria becomes in senses and Ares aks her about Simko. After this big hit of Ares Maria is going to tell everything to him. She tells her that Simko has an associate and he is the main person who sends her here install in this castle. His name is Anthues. Maria also tells Ares that she is forced to do it. Her brother is kept captive. She also ask for help from Ares and she will be her slave in all his rest of life. Noorgul and his team is coming back from ​the War. When they entered into the Tribe Whole tribe is delighted. Every mother and sisters are welcoming their bravhearts with joy. Mother Hayma is also happy to see Noorgul and others. Mr Arif tells Noorgul that he has come woth A light in this dark.

Noorgul look at the beys who are gathered. Noorgul asks the reason for their gathering then Halime starts talking that we are assembling another council to elect a new Bey for their tribe. Noorgul is wondered after listening this. Mohter Hayma tells him to come into Main ytent and they will discuss all these matters there. Noorgul knows everything there and he tells everybody to delay the council meeting by tomorrow because the faimlies of the mrtyrs are in grief and it would not be apprpriate to held the council meeting. Noorgul furthurly tells them that he has to go to the Cavdar tribe because he has the martyrs from their tribe also so he is to deliver them and also condole to the families.

Ertugrul and Pito is planning to run away from the Simko’s hand. Pito is in despair when he sees that Simo has more men so their chance is now less to escape. Ertugrul give him the power that until you are alive hope is there. In our religion despair is a Sin so we have to find till death. Ares writes a letter to his emperor and ask for more army to exterminate turks. Ares has reached to the place where Anthues is writing another letter to Ares. Ares seize him and ask him about Simko and Ertugrul. Antheis tells him that Simko is coming here with Ertugruk please spare my life.

Ares didnt take pity on him and kill him on the spot. Bahadur bey with his wife are setting the table for welcoming the Bahadur Bey in the main Tent. When Aslihan enters to the tent she asks the bahadur Beyu that what are they doing in her Tent. Bahadur tells her that Emir Saad ul Din is visiting so the are preparing the lavish table for him. Aslihan tells him that she is Women of this Main tent and this tent is belongs to her. If Emir Saad ul Din has come to her tribe she has to informed firstly. If any feast has to be prepared then she is the one who should do this. Password for this Episode is NoorgulBack. Thanks for watching.

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