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EPISODE 07 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 07 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.This man must’be important.You don’t even fight manly when you set a trap.May they don’t call me Baba Oruc if I die before killing you.I think you wanted to stay over after seeing that you are being hosted well.Stand up, dog.You can’t end this day by killing me, Turk!No matter what happens it’ll be the day you die. There was no need to kill my idiot men.I killed them.Now it’s your turn.Despina..You sent Oruc to death on purpose.Are you insane, Despina? Why would I do that?You sent Oruc to death after you understood that you couldn’t take him from me, right?I never wanted to take Oruc from you.But if I did…..I would do it to save him from your poison.

Oruc’s anger affected us all.But we have to calm down now.Besides, it doesn’t suit Hatuns like you.Let’s go brother.Let’s wait for hearing news from Oruc….something bad happens to Oruc……that hand will cut your veins.You should be thankful for your baby.Take your poisonous tongue and leave.And don’t come here again.Despina. Despina..Despina… What’s happening?Girls, go prepare a room.And one of you will go and bring Asiye here.Stop. Tell me the address I will bring Asiye here.Take care of Despina.We’ve arrived, Oruc brother!Brother..You became a Khidr like your name, my valiant.

We learned how to use swords from our ancestors…But we learned how to silence the waves and cross the sea from our Agha.MashaAllah..Now our dark swords will speak, levents!Let’s go!Ya Allah!Asiye Hatun..Asiye Hatun open the door.It’s Ishak..He came here to kill me.Sit down. Wait. How would he know that you were here?Wait here.Don’t make a noise.Don’t even breathe.It’s important Asiye Hatun. Open the door.What happened, my Bey?-Despina…-Did something happen?-Despina fainted.You have to hurry.Alright.Let’s go. -I’ll help you if you have to carry something.No… I’ll handle it.I feel pity for vultures…They will have to eat these bodies…If you want to bury them, go ahead. I’m tired of killing them.My lion..Hey mashaAllah..Ilyas!

My brother… -Are you alright, brother?Yes, I am, brother.I started healing after I saw you killing those men one by one.Levents! Let’s go to Alexandria.Thousands of problems are waiting for us there.And we will also take our revenge from those who did this to us.Let’s take my Ilyas to the showed great bravery, Sahin.I didn’t expect you to help me in a hard day.Right, Hizir?Yes, brother. You are right.You lost, Sahin Bey.Your sword has fallen.Now are you going to follow the morals and land……or do you want my sword to say the final word?If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on I did what I needed to do.

I hope you don’t get in trouble again.There may not always be someone to help you.Let’s go.She’s awake.Thanks to Allah.You just fainted, dear. You are alright, aren’t you?I’m fine, brother.Let’s go home.-And wait for Oruc.-Come. Easy.If he doesn’t come back alive …I will make you pay for it, Isabelle.Oruc is going to come back alive.And you will regret that you said these words.Come on, Despina. Let’s go home.You’re sure, right?Ishak Aga is in my house in Alexandria?When I left, he was there.I hope he didn’t get angry and go back to Midilli.He won’t.

Ishak Aga has a weak spot for me.You haven’t understood for years. He loves me most.He won’t go anywherebefore he sees me.He shouldn’t love you that much.Why are you standing like a ship mast?Go get some sleep. We’ll carry you when we arrive.Brother Hizir, tell him something.Will I walk in the Alexandria port with many men carrying me?Wouldn’t those men be surprised that Ilyas is suffering from a little splinter?Are you worried about what those men will think?Ilyas is like me.He knows who we should give our hearts and ears.Stop that empty talk and come here, Niko.Come, sit down here.Baba Oruc.-What will we do with Cafer?-We’ll give him to his owner.He came for help in that hell pit.There’s sword right between us now.Baba Oruc, I don’t like Sahin either. But Gulletopuk is right.We’re in his ship.That wouldn’t suit us.I didn’t mean him.

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