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EPISODE 07 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 07 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Sencer is dead now.But our war is not over.What are we going to do with him, Yorgos?Should we kill him?No. His dead body won’t do any good for us.Put him on a horse and send him into the forest.Seljuq soldiers must be looking for Sencer with the holy chest.Our men will lay on ambush on the way, and they will clean all the traces.They know what to do with this sword.1″We’ve been tracing since Daru’l Hijre.How could they go that far away, Melik Hadhrat?There must be something wrong going on since we still couldn’t find them, Arslantas.This way leads to a path!Melik Hadhrat, we cleaned all Batinis in Daru’l Hijre.Set off and inform our Sultan right away.We descended upon them at Daru’l Hijre, but holy artifacts and Sencer are lost.He should know that we are looking for them.InshaAllah Sencer will have the holy artifacts when we find him.We will get the holy artifacts sooner or later.But we have to find Sencer alive.

Let’s go!Take these traitors away.I trusted your promise.You told me that you didn’t want to shed a brother’s blood.You said that you wouldn’t stab us in the back.But what you did was worse than treachery and betrayal.Our family and our tribes are ruined.I took my brother because I wanted to have an order.I wanted to prevent them from shedding blood.So you wanted to gain our trust just to abduct your brother Kili^Arslan.I wish you could know what I am doing to stop that bleeding.I was being patient just to see if there were traitors among us who create trouble.Now my son Tapar and my soldiers are risking their lives to expose this issue.You harmed our purpose and efforts of those valiant men.I kept you and your brother here to stop you from joining rioters and attempting something bad.If I knew that, wouldn’t do this.If you could trust me the way I trust you……you would learn in due time.But you chose betrayal over trust.So that I made a mistake… neck is thinner than a strand.

From now on, there is no relation between us Elcin Hatun.You are free now.You can join Kutalmishoglu rioters and fight against me……but you should know that I am at the end of my rope…..and my sword is now out of it’s sheathe.JiWe are coming from a long way, it’s not normal that there are no traces.They knew that we were going to look for Sencer, they cleaned these traces on purpose.If they thought that we would come from this way…We might fall into a trap, valiants!Are you looking for this sword’s owner?It’s Sencer’s swordSencer would die but never leave his sword.That’s right. He is dead..Where is Sencer?Where are the holy artifacts?I don’t know what holy artifacts are.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

But you should question vultures about Sencer.They’re tearing his body apart.You’re lying, dog.Arslanta§!We tore him apart!Where did you fight with Sencer?You’ll find out when you find his corpse! I won’t tell you anything!Then, you don’t need your tongue.Hold your horses, men!One does not lose hope in Allah!We will not believe Sencer’s death until we find him!These dogs want to demoralize us!We won’t let them!If Sencer were here, would he give up?We will not give up.We won’t believe he’s dead until we find him.Ayaz, you cannot keep moving with that wound.

The soldiers will take you back to the tribe.Let’s move!f■XX*,!Behram!The great Behram.How could you let them get the holy artifacts?You should have died; instead of losing them!We were going to raise our own flag thanks to those artifacts.We were going to bring the one true faith into the position it deserves to be!You tested them again and again, how could you not understand they were spies?I am ready to accept any punishment you see fit.But please, give me a chance to take our revenge.It would be fitting to execute you.But you will understand your mistake first.You will keep your head.But your eyes, your sight that failed to see the spy……it’s no good to you anyway.You have failed me.You are dismissed.Rustem, take ourfida’i with you……and go to where he lost the chest.

I want Sencer, and I want the artifacts.Yes, Hadhrat Chief Da’i.You, go to the palace as soon as possible. Find out what you can about Sencer and the artifacts.Arid notify me.EUVGL KALE. WC J■ (^6o’« t ‘fcj•K b*oJo 6Muslims will never breach Queli and go West!Any Muslim who reaches our borders……will be fed to the vultures, just like Sencer!…will be fed to the vultures, just like Sencer!I raise my-glass in honour of o’ur great’warrior, Yorgos.Long live Yorgos!Long live Yorgos!Long live Yorgos!Long live Yorgos!Remove your hand.We are celebrating the capture of the chest……but you haven’t brought it yet.Seljuks will be looking for it everywhere.Seljuks will be looking for it everywhere.It would be better if it’s not in the castle for a while.So, you avenged your brother. Aren’t you pleased?

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