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EPISODE 08 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is Episode number 08 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. I have a warning for you here at the start that if you don’t want to ruin the interest of the story then stop here and don’t read furthur. In the Last episode Zuljaan has won the election of Bey from Mr. Arif and getting the blessings and congrats from all the beys. Zuljaan. After electing the Bey of Kayi Tribe Zuljaan comes out of the tent as a new Bey of Kayi Tribe. Now he has to address to the people there. He starts with the name of Almighty Allah. He mentions the name of his ancestors and his brother Ertugrul. Hel aslo talks about the legacy of Ertugrul, However he is selling the Bazaar which is Ertugrul great legacy and also abandon the cause of Ertugrul.

He announce their that he will sold Hanli Bazaar to Tukrmen Bey and with that money they will revive. People are not get silent there and they shout there that how can it be? They will not allow him to sell the bazaar. As the all people are shouting simultaneously, Babar asks Zuljaan to account that did we ever sell the prize which we rightfully deserved by spilling our blood so far, so that it is right to sell it now? When did we ever run away without a backward glance and left our martys in their graves unavenged so far so it is right to run away now. Zuljaan stops him to not exceeds your limit.

Everybody in the crowd is against the decision of Zuljaan. Noorgul also talks against the decion and he asks Zuljaan that why are you selling the Bazaar in a hurry and are preparing to migrate? What is all the hurry for? Will the blood of our Ertugrul Bey go unpunished. Zuljaan replies Noorgul that since when is the Bey’s order open to question? Noorgul clearly tells Zuljaan that Beylick is your right but we will not turn our back and leave behind our homeland for which we have lost so many martyrs and where we put down our roots. Moreover we will not go anywhere before we take the revenge for my Ertugrul Bey.Zuljaan is stand on his decision and he clearly tells them that he will not change his decision because there way is clear.

Zuljaan furthurly tells them that who are disobeying the order of Bey they can go on their own way. People are wonder that tribe will be divided then. Bahadur is sitting in his tent and thinking about the future that he will now be the bey of Cavdar and also the bey of principality. Aslihan enters in the tent and warn Bahadur Bey that you entered my tent without waiting for permission and you sat in the seat of authorty too. She want to Bahadur bey withdraw from the seat at once. Bahadur Bey is stubborn there and refuse to leave the seat of authorty. Bahadur tells Aslihan that Zuljaan is the new bey of Kayi and now he will buy the bazaar and will be elected the new bey of Cavdar. This is enough story for this Episode. Rest of Episode you can watch on your screens and password for this Episode is MyErtugrulBeyisAlive.

Bahadur Bey is angry with the action of Noorgul in the main tent. He is talking about the Aslihan that she is doing her power on me with the courage of Ertugrul. He is talking that if Emir Saad ul Din was not there he would have shown her. Karaca also talking about Norrgul that it is obvious that he will not stop till his axe cut his own head. Son of Bahadur asks mandate to rabid head as an example to others. Bahadur stops his son to not be angr because this is not the right time yet. Despite Bahadur stops his son but he stop Noorgul at outside the Tent and Noorgul punch him with a full power so he started cry and his father comes to save his lamb. The password for this Episode is AtsizErtugrul. Watch and Enjoy!

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