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EPISODE 08 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 08 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. I am sorry, Melik Hadhrat.I am sorry, Melik Hadhrat.I don’t know what I am doing because of the grief of my son.My heart was about to come out since you brought him here with great effort and I couldn’t stop myself.Don’t worry.I appreciate you.My mother passed away when I was little.You made me feel the affection of a mother that I’ve never tasted.Now you can see me as your son now.Mother…My son…My son…Thanks to Allah, you opened your eyes.Hadrath Melik.What are you doing here?We never left you, Sencer.Thanks to Allah we found you safe and sound and brought you to your mother.We are proud of that.You showed great effort.We fought for the same cause.We are companions on our way, and brothers in fight.I will bring some water.I will bring some water.Could you find the holy artifacts?My Tapar…My first child…You grew up..You are now a valiant man who can’t be defeated easily.You saved your brother from death and brought him to your mother.

I can’t hug and smell you……and I can’t tell about the longing I had for you…But I saw you once again…..thanks to Allah.Sencer!My son…Is he going to wake up? Tell me, valiants!He will, don’t worry, mother.My son…Let me come with you. I will do my best for him.My Allah… Keep Sencer with us.I beg You..atC”Ya Rabbi..This is the trader who came to the tribe.No one can take you from me now.Where is Turna?-I don’t know Emir Hadhrat.They killed my soldier in daylight on my lands!If something bad happens to my daughter, I will burn this world.Tell me if you know something.Turna might be in trouble.They said that there was an injured man. She was going to Kinik tribe.That migrant again!Now even NizamulMulk can’t take him from me.We are leaving!Selamun Aleykum.-Ve Aleykum Selam.What sword is that Aydogdu?Sencer brought this iron’s ore from Karadag years ago.He said…..”If we need it someday, make a shield and a sword out of this iron.”Now it is time.My brother will get up strong like dark steel and sharp like a sword.And it will be his sign.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

Then all our hands should touch that sword.This sword will be a sign which gathers us around Sencer.Let’s do it then, valiants!Ya Allah!Ya Allah!Ya Allah!Ya Allah!Ya Allah!Mihael took the holy artifacts.He was the one who threw me off of that cliff.I have to find hDon’t get up.You just woke up.Don’t worry.I will go after him.He might be in contact with Queli.He also has control over Isfahan.Going after him won’t be enough..I have to trace hSencer… what are you doing? You just woke up.If Mihael is related to Queli, we will look for them on borders.Don’t worry, they can’t escape from these lands.But you have to rest.Wait for news.If you allow me.Hadrath Melik.You told me that your mother passed away when you were a child.And you said that you found the affection of a mother in me.Whenever you need the affection of a mother… doors are open.May Allah protect you.I saw your brother after years…And he saved you from death.

I beg you, don’t get up until you recover, son.Tell me, Hasan Sabbah.How did you detect those who provoked the folk?My Sultan, I thought that if there wasn’t fitna in this…My Sultan, I thought that if there wasn’t fitna in this……the folk must’ve rised.Then I traced those troublemakers.Are you the only one who has eyes since only you understood it?Of course I am not.But… I witnessed these kind of games on my travels as a messenger for a lot of times.Thus, I am experienced.That experience allowed you to find those troublemakers right away…Hadrath Hace..There were people among the folk who kept provoking them.They moved away from the folk when soldiers came.Then I understood that their goal was to make the folk and soldiers enemies and then leave.So they were going to achieve their goal.And when I followed them, I found out that those troublemakers had secret meetings.I understood that I was on the right way and reported them.The thing you did served the sharp sword of the state.You will get it’s return one day.You deserved appreciation.Keep your eyes open.People we don’t know…People we don’t know……are doing things that we don’t know.

Just like Hasan Sabbah.Our enemies who we don’t know……know our deepest secrets and playing games against us.Just like they put the arrow head sign which started that fire.Even if they are playing many games……there is only one hand holding that rope.And that hand’s only goal is to destroy us.What about you, Hace?My Sultan-Your men must’ve exposed those troublemakers when we were not in Isfahan!The fire and the riot..There is game in another game.Start untying this deadlock.Or these issues will cost many heads.Do your wounds hurt, son?Your curative food is healing my wounds, mother.-Can I come in, Bashulu Hatun?-Come in, Korkut Bey.We and Hemedani Hadhrat wondered about Sencer.Don’t bother yourself, son.You were seriously injured when we found you.

Thanks to Allah, you are healthier now.You have healing hands…..thanks to them, my body found it’s cure.You have such hikmah that……my heart found it’s cure in my dreams.What was the essence of that cure that healed your heart?It was a flag which was……imprinted with Kalima-i Tawhed.The sword was a…..symbol of justice that separated the truth from superstition.It was a caftan that……It was a sign of war waged for the Will of Allah.How good it is that you received these news in your dream.I’m happy that I was able to help such a thing happen.Your destiny and your health are both gifts from Allah, my son.May Allah be content with you, Efendi.We were setWe were thrown off cliffs.

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