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EPISODE 09 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 09 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. They made the fuse long to run away, Ilyas!Aga Reis, you see the Cafer’s lions?Kill them! What are you waiting for, you idiots!I have no intention to let you go for now, Cafer.I’ll kill you!You are all going to the warehouse!I won’t be defeated by you this time.Not this time.Cafer!Even if we mix all the lands of Alexandria with the waters of the seas……we can’t make a mud like you!Yareli, take this door down.Make way.You are right, Oruc.I made the fuse long.I’m tired of this.If I die, you will die, too!This story will end here.Ilyas! Cover me!Cafer says he is out of patience.

Stop there! Why are you that ambitious to play with fire?It is over, Oruc.It is enough for now, Cafer.There is still time for Hz.Azrael to meet us.For now.You are out of luck, brothers.Cafer is in the back.Tie the ones who are alive.You saved our lives. Thank you.What was their problem? Pillage?You know I talked about a secret to you.You know I talked about a secret to you.That is their problem.What do you mean?For what reason I want to solve the book with me……they are after it for the same reason.But we want it for good……and they want it for cruelty.I won’t let them take it even if it will cost my life.You obviously took all the world on.

Hold on, master.Hold on.We have held on more than enough, Hizir.It is your turn now.We have sacrificed our life but we haven’t let……the important thing be taken by the traitors, thank Allah.Thank Allah, master. Thank Allah.■JiziHMy son, find Ester.Promise me.Promise me!I promise, master.I promise that I will find her.And I will protect her.Huh, and…..don’t forget the pages.Even a single page……might bring great knowledge.This time, it will belong to the ones going after the knowledge.You will see it.But that is it for me, my Hizir.This is it.Say Allah, master.Say Allah.I bear witness that there is no god except Allah…and I also bear witness that Mohammed is His prophet and servant.Aga Reis, are we going to wait just like this?Let’s attack them.

There are lights on the horizon. There must be a ship.There is something wrong with this, Diego.It was obvious from the fact that the ship was not at the location of meeting.We did good by blowing out the candles.•oBsiqThere are not one but two ships there.This doesn’t look good. Ebu Mohammad must be in one of them.Someone acted before us!Who could that be?I can’t recognize them through their clothes.But they must be Muslim sailors.The ships are too close to each other.They are going to board each other.Let them attack each other.We will finish them off. Things got easier for us Diego.We are going forward.Cannoneers! Get in position!Stop, calm downWhat’s it Diego? Are you questioning my orders?

No one. I held a grudge against you. I did it out of my own hatred.You are not that brave…..but whatever.We will learn who holds your leash.I want to ask you something else.Unita.Couldn’t you learn what is the organization you have been working for?I know what they are.I want to learn the parts I don’t know, Cater.You are as close with Slyvio as you are with Kilicoglu.Tell me.What is the truth behind Unita?I don’t know more than you already know.I’m beating you not because you……sneaked into my ship, but because you are lying.Now tell me.What do you know about Unita?I don’t know its leaders……all I know is that they are more dangerous and stronger than people think.They are strong enough to turn these seas into a grave for everyone.Even you, Oruc Bey.

Even you.I haven’t shaken these seas yet!When my storm breaks out…..the whole world will see that for whom……these seas will be a grave.My brother.While trying to save you from captivity, I myself got caught.Here, I brought you some food.There is no need, I’m not hungry.You can take it back.You don’t understand, Isabelle.You are playing with fire, but you are not aware.I have found the letters you hid from me for years, father.-You don’t know what you are talking about.-I’ll save my brother.Even if your mighty Unita, your trade union stands before me……even if they set the Mediterranean sea on fire, I’m going to save my brother from them.Wait, father.You will regret it.

When you remember that slap……you will understand that was the moment all catastrophes begun.We are going to Zeynep s house first, right Hizir?Of course, I will be honored.Well, we need to visit Oruc Aga as well.But let’s go to the orphanage first, then we can go visit Oruc Aga all together afterwards.Right?Okay, inshallah we will.Let’s place Hamza to his home first……and he can have a good rest, then we can go.

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