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EPISODE 09 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 09 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Hang in there, Tuma!Her pulse is weak.Her pulse is weak.We must get her to Shalamzar’s sickhouse. Empty the cart, Arslantas.I’ll get on it.Aydogdu, Mehmet.Go after Yorgos.Don’t return without finding him!Hang in there, Turna.Hang in there, Tuma.You’ll get better.Dukas is in bad shape, Sencer.If he dies, it’d be our fault.It’d worsen relations with the Byzantines.Take him to Isfahan, Aydogdu.The cart is ready, Sencer.I promise you.Nothing will get between us ever again.When someone receives a new office, the high officials of the state must be notified, so that there wouldn’t be disorder.But, our Sultan has not given the decree to make you Head Hatun.o* °X- / ®You have grown old, you are .talking in ways unfit of a Hace.Perhaps, the best way for you to serve the state now is to retire.Since, it seems, you have forgotten about the state’s customs.Seferiye Hatun is sick……and our Sultan is not in the palace.

In such a situation, I could not leave the office of Head Hatun empty as Sultan Hatun.I will ask any questions to Taculmulk.And I will make the necessary explanations to our Sultan.From now otn, the did wolf and all the others will be watching us.• 1 •Don’t fear/We will take out all the eyes that a’re^kept on us.Our horses should go that way.Where did that infidel go off to?No matter what, we will take back the holy artifacts from the hands of Yorgos.No matter what, we will take back the holy artifacts from the hands of Yorgos.The horses went this way.Move!*Elcin and Tapar have fallen into our death trap.Good.Now, time for the fatal strike.Sultan MelikShah!He’s here.How did he find out about the attack?MelikShah will not let anyone survive.

We must run away!Baybura, return to the tribe. Keep an eye on Elcin Hatun.If there is any evidence of what we did, destroy it.MelikShah!Move.I’m fine, my Sultan.For years, you have slapped marble, and your hand has become like marble.If it was anyone else, they would have lost their hand.Anything for your life, my Sultan.Anything for your life.Be careful from now on.If you lose a hand, who would I have archery duels against?My Sultan.Elcin Hatun got here in time and helped us.

If you hadn’t arrived, we would be done for, my Sultan.Check the dead, and inform me.Why?Becase you were wrong, Ibn Attas. You were wrong too many times.If a Chief Da’i is wrong so many times, thenhe must have fallen from the Great Imam’s grace.I trained you all.You idiots think you can decide on a matter like this?You may have raised us, but we have surpassed you.The Great Imam’s grace belongs to someone faultless……like Hasan Sabbah.The dual daggers no longer apply to our cause.A single dagger will bring us to victory.The dagger of Hasan Sabbah.v • . •. ‘The realm will be wrapped around this dagger.The demons will shake with fear when they see the glint on this dagger!

Those who dare strike us today will not be able to show their faces out of fear tomorrow.I promise a yictory of the dagger to you!Chief Da’i Hasan Sabbah!Chief Da’i Hasan Sabbah!Chief Da’i Hasan Sabbah!My Sultan…am terribly ashamed……first for trying to rescue my brother……and now because of the attack of the Beys under my command.You stood against your Beys, and fought alongside us.It had been a few days since you returned from Isfahan.What changed you so quickly?You told me to pick my side.I thought about everything.In my mind and in my heart, I am certain that I want to choose your side.Why did you choose our side?Is it because you are afraid of death and defeat?You know that I do not fear death, my Sultan.I have chosen your side because I respect you.I believe in you.I have personally witnessed how hard you try to make sure blood does not spill.In this situation, I could not stand.against you.Since I had disappointed you, I feared you would not take my letter seriously.

Thank Allah you came here in time.WITat letter?When I heard Melik Tapar would be ambushed, I sent you a letter.I did not receive any letters from you.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

I’m here thanks to my envoy, who received news from messengers.How can this be?It seemslhere are those in the palace who are practicing gross negligence.Our fury shall’force them to reconsider.My Sultan, by your orders, the bodies have been investigated.Some of them are Byzantine soldiers.They have a finger in every trap set for us.They have a finger in every trap’set for us.But they wouldn’t provoke the rebel Beys on their own.They are cooperating with someone on our side.Whoever the traitor is, their hand reaches your tribe, Elcin Hatun.I have to go back to Isfahan.Since you have picked your side…@5)…find out who the traitor is.Inform me.Do not worry, my Sultan.Hang in there, Turna.You will recover.Yoirwill recover.You will recover.You will recover.Doctors, help!She’s badly wounded!Lay her here.She ha’s lost a lot of blood.-My Hanim.Of course. We need hot water, clean rugs, and ointment.Fate has brought us together through our wounds, Turna.You healed my wound…..and now I’m helping heal yours.So, hearts that understand each other’s wounds must be together.We have a lot more to say to each other.Open your eyes.Look at me.Will she be alright?-We will do everything that we can.But her wound is deep.We must operate.

You have to leave.She’s bleeding too much. We must stop the bleeding.Is the ointment here?We must be quick.She is bleeding too much.My brother.How is Turna Hatun’s situation?She’s fighting for her life in there, Arslantas.She’s the one who’s wounded……but I’m hurting.If anything happens to her……I will hurt all my life.I’S F A H A NFor forty years, we helped run the state.Now, we are losing control.What do you think, Ustadh Khayyam?Have I grown old like Terken Hatun says?You suffer from the weight of your reputation, Hace.They call you the one who brings order(nizam) to the state(mulk).Once you start losing the ropes of order, you start feeling restless.That’s all.A letter meant for me fell into another’s hands.c>p p pOur envoys receive important information, whereas I’m left out of the loop.I fear that someone is trying to take us out of the game……and take control of the state.AlEven in this universe, which has perfect order, there is instability from time to time.

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Maks Marfich
Maks Marfich
Aug 21, 2023

In Episode 09 of "Malik Shah: The Great Seljuke," the intricate web of power and ambition continues to unfold, offering a gripping portrayal of historical dynamics. The narrative skillfully navigates through the political intricacies, reminiscent of the depth found in the research proposals at As alliances shift and tensions rise, the episode captures the essence of an era while mirroring the scholarly dedication seen in the meticulous proposals on the website. Truly a captivating episode with echoes of scholarly rigor.

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