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EPISODE 10 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 10 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Inal Bey.When did this happen?We lost many of our men in the field.Infidels raided the headquarter.And I did what was necessary and beat them with my own hands.Ii saved the headquarter from falling into the hands of the infidels.Infidels must have waited for our Alparslan Bey to leave in order to raid. It is obvious.Inal Bey.We know the sharpness of your sword.But what does it mean to have Alparslan Bey’s position?

Our Bey earned it here with his own sword.Then, your Bey should have led and defended the headquarter, when it was raided!I saved your Bey from a great problem by defending the headquarter against the infidels.Inal Bey.Consequently, the headquarters……is no longer under the command of Alparslan, but it is the land of Seljuk.And as the governor of Mosul……it is under my authority.Who is going to meet you, Akca Hatun?Kekavmenos…Are you okay, my daughter?Don’t worry, I am fine, father.Father?Jesus Christ! When I thought you got wounded, I thought I was going to die.And when you called me here instead of coming to the castle……I thought you had important news for me.What happened? Is there a problem?

Problem?Isn’t the fact that I was almost going to die a sufficient problem, father?I called you here-because I wanted to ask.While you were setting that ambush, didn’t you really ever think that I could have been with them?Maria…You are my daughteI am your father. How can I consider hurting you?Let it be, then.I need to come back to the tribe to hide my absence now.Good.Go and bring good news to me.Inal Bey.You also know pretty well that authority is gained by the sword……and given by blood.Thank Allah, Alparslan Bey is healthy.For this reason, there can be only the authority of our Alparslan Bey in the castle.Are you the one who suggested rebelling to Alparslan, Hasan Bey?

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

How can the one who was grown up by the son of Mikhail, Cagri Bey……the one, who was assigned as the heir to the throne by Kutalmis Sultan Tugrul, Alparslan Bey……be suggested by us, Inal Bey?You know that… brother, Sultan Tugrul was blessed as a leader……but you don’t know I am coming from Efrasiyab and a son of Seljuk, Hasan Bey?Of course, we know, Inal Bey.We don’t also suggest you anything.But we just remind you the situation.How dare you!There is the son of Yusuf Inal, Ibrahim Inal before you!Who do you think you are talking to, Hasan Bey?Obviously, you are also after disorder without following the orders like your Bey!Detain them!You shouldn’t judge with suspicion,

Inal Bey.It looks like if we do not take precautions, my beyhood and bravery will be gone, Batur Bey!I \The orphaned Turkmen girl Akca that came to our tribe……is Tekfur Kekavmenos’ daughter in real, huh?…is Tekfur Kekavmenos’ daughter in real, huh?You traitor!You made a plan with your bastard father, huh?You… What kind of traitor are you?-My Bey, listen to me…-I did!I heard, and saw enough!Akca who said she was an orphaned Turkmen girl……turns out to be Kekavmenos’ daughter, the murderer of my mother!Maria!It’s not how it looks like.-He is not my fat–Stop lying!If he is not your father,

then why did you call him father and met him secretly?You tricked all of us!Me, my father Cagri Bey and Akinay Mother!Everyone in our tribe accepted you, loved you and protected you!But you came among us to poison us!Did you think the truth would not be revealed?When the truth is revealed, these words you utter will hurt you!-You will wish to–I wish I had not believed you, but my eyes!The one I saw in Vaspurakan was also you!I wish whfen I asked you “how do you know to use a sword like this” ……I did not listen to the answer you gave to me!I wish instead of saving you…VASPVRAKANYou damn dogI said it! I said that no Turk can be trusted!In a moment, you will scream, begging us to kill you!Do you understand?

You will beg!But begging won’t change anything.-Because you do not deserve a quick death!-Our……our heart is on fire with the desire of returning to our homeland.What you are holding can not hurt us, you damn infidel!Damn infidel huh? Damn infidel?And you barbarian dogs call us “damn infidel” in your tribes?Diyojen!Let him go.Take him to the nfirmary right away.This lying dog needs to die, esteemed Tekfur!Not yet Diyojen! All Turks must die, but some need to die later!I am not done with him yet.What useless plan do you have next, I am curious!Esteemed Tekfur!Sir, Alparslan’s Sanjac is taken down from the headquarters.Seljuk Sanjac is hung up instead.May ^Xllah accept your prayers mother.Ameen, yny girl, may He accept all of our prayers.

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