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EPISODE 11 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 11 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Look down.Look down.-My Bey.-Shut up!You cooperated with the infidels and set up an ambush on us, was that so?Bastard!You ignoble!Traitor!My Bey, forgive my, my Bey!Two things can destroy us.The mercy of the enemy and the betrayal of the friend!Send his head to the d he cooperated with From now on, no one’s head is safe apart from the fallen ones.From now on, no one’s head is safe apart from the fallen ones.Come on, Alparslan.Turks gallop while going to fight.Where are you?You should have already been here.Shield wall! Come on! Be quick!I had never though that vile Turkmen could bring Alparslan to us, uncle.«3No one has come yet,

Evdokya.Don’t be that sure, General.Yes, soldier.This is from Alparslan.-Alparslan?-Open it.AlparslanHow innocent you look!You hide the darkness under the fake light of your face.But it is over.The plan you made with your father is failed again.You will pay the price of your betrayal.I am not traitor.Goktug Bey, whom you said kidnapped by you……lured us into the trap of Byzantine……lured us into the trap of Byzantine……by his so-called information he got!So, he is the traitor.I didn’t know about it.If you don’t believe me lets swear on the book.You planned this with your father.He gave you Goktug Bey.-In order to trick me-didn’t trick you!But I tricked Kekavmenos.It’s true that I got Goktug from him.

But I didn’t do it to let you fall into the trap but save you from it.Here is the opportunity we look for, father.You can gain nothing by killing Goktug Bey.But if I become the one, who kidnaps and brings him to Alparslan……I can make them trust me once again.If they don’t see what I can do for them, I can live among them anymore.It’s smart.It is really smart.Goktug is yours now. But be careful.No one should know that…..I gave him to you apart from Alpagut.Don’t forget. The enemy is not only outside but they are also inside.Do not get caught when you kidnap him!I swear on everything that I did not know about the ambush.You don’t believe me but I’ll say it again. He is not my father.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

He killed-my mother just like he killed yours.And I waited for years next to the killer of my mother jUist to make him pay for what he did.If you don’t believe me, ask Akinay mother.She can tell you what I say is true.Obviously, you also tricked Akinay mother with your stories.After all, we are all human.We can be tricked.We can make mistakes.But it is over.I saw it with my eyes.I heard it with my ears.I experienced the truth of the betrayal.And if you really planned something with Goktug……I made a mistake by bloodying my sword.I acted impulsively.

Whatever sin you committed……there is still tore and judgement.The talking is over now.

The Divan will be established, and my father Cagri Bey will determine your sentence!Hasan Bey, what is going on?Alparslan Bey first arrested this woman when she was wounded, and ordered us not to release her.Then Akinay Hatun came and said that she was going to take her to the tribe.Alparslan Bey was not here, and Yinal Bey let her take her away without any questions.Goktug, whom we were thinking about how to save……was brought from Vaspurakan castle by her.What did Goktug Bey, who was saved from infidel castle, do?He drew us into an ambush.Now, do you think Alparslan Bey is blaming her for that?My Turkmen mind can’t comprehend this.If you know anything, tell me.Who is this hatun?Akca Hatun is an……orphan Turkmen girl that escaped from the cruelty in Vaspurakan, and has been living in our tribe for a while.That’s all we know.When we look at what you say, it is normal to feel suspicious.

But what’s both in myheart and mind is that……Akca girl is innocent.I don’t know why our Bey arrested her and what’s he blaming her for.Let’s say that it will end well.Well, we wish for the best, so it will end up well.Alparslan Bey must know something.Alparslan won again! Because of you!He killed our men and you couldn’t stop him!lile killed our men and you couldn’t stop him!He entered the castle 2 times and kidnapped a man from the dungeon, you could not stop him!He took your headquarters and you couldn’t stop him!He made you kill your son with your own hands and you couldn’t stop him!Esteemed Tekfur!General!Do not utter my son’s name again Never!’ Wfb- ,Pity.They were crowded when they left.Are you surprised esteemed Tekfur?

Why? Alparslan cut his own Bey’s head, do you think he wouldn’t kill our men!?Alpagut, come closer.If Alparslan took Goktug’s head, he might have realized that we were making plans behind his back.Maria’s life might be in danger.If you tell me what you have planned with Goktug other than what we planned together, it will be easier for me to handle it, esteemed Tekfur.What is going on Atabey! What did Akca Hatun do for my Bey to drag her away like that?She saved us in our darkest hour. Isn’t she the one to protect Gevher Hatun with her life?All that was for to make you say this!, To hide her treachery.Akca Hatun is a traitor.Only I believe it right now.

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