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EPISODE 11 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 11 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Drop your sword Oruc!Catch that runner!The runner is the spy of Kalyimnos. Let me catch him!If you take another step, I’ll make them take you into pieces!If he is a spy, I can catch him.I have men everywhere. He can’t escape.Hey! Stop! Surrender!What are you doing here, huh?How dare you to raid my dungeon?I am here for the gold you plundered from the lands of Muslims.Even Ottoman you leaned on can’t save you!Are you mad? I saved those golds from the real plunderers!You are making a mistake.Then, why are you hiding them in the dungeon?

Your crime deserves even going to the gallows.We’ll find the golds, which are the evidence of your crime now.I said I didn’t plundered!The real criminal is running because of you! Let me catch him!The masked man has injured two of our soldiers, Emir Hadrath.What are you waiting for, then? Catch him!You see the price of your carelessness?Let me catch him.My soldiers can catch him.Then, we’ll understand what kind of a man he is.You will pay the price of your crime.Let’s find those golds now.You are making a mistake.You will regret for this.You won’t get through this.Bring him in!The dungeon must’haVe already been a grave for Oruc, Ilyas!

You can go to his funeral now just as you did for Despina!Attack!You will all die!You will die here and Oruc will die in the dungeon.You will all die! Attack!Ilyas stop.-We need to go. Let him go for now.-What are,you doing, Yareli?I say they entered the dungeons.Reis sent me to let you know. He is alone there! All alone!Alone?Even if you go to the lowest part of hell……I will find and kill you.The time is short, warriors!We should catch up with Oruc Aga, come on!Where is my father?Where did you take him? Tell me, or I will take you into pieces with my own hands!If you do something to me, you will gather your father’s pieces!Listen to me.I will kill you here……and then go and find Dervish? Do you understand?If you d.on’-‘t want to die, tell us where Dervish are.

If something happens to me, Dervish dies.Don’t push your luck, Hizir!I give you time by tomorrow evening.You will bring the girl and the book to the Hadrianus Reef Graves.Otherwise, we will leave the corpse of Dervish into those underground graves.You will take neither me nor the book.Even if it costs my life, I will take my father from your hands!Impressive.It’s time to go for me tlpen.And don’t you dare to move where you are.I have men everywhere.If you follow me……Dervish dies.He locked the door!He’s escaped.

He’s escaped.He can hide in any hole he wants.Whatever happens we are going to save Dervish.What are we going to do, Hizir?He’s escaped and cover his tracks.How are we going to find Dervish father until tomorrow evening?I’m sure such a man like Dervish……must have left a trace, even though he was kidnapped.We are going to his home, Meryem. Come on.The barrels are filled with gold powder, Emir Hadrath.You boast about yourself, saying that you follow the cause of the Haqq.Aren’t you ashamed of raiding poor Ethiopian people?I will cut the tongue of the man who accuses me of raiding poor people!-Do you know how many battles I have fought against infidels to protect the poor people?I will let neither the infidels nor fool people like you to waste my efforts!

This is not the seas where you can act like a bandit!In these lands, there are laws!There is an order!The gold is here.And you are caught.The truth will be revealed after the investigation.Take the gold away, until the investigation is over, we will keep them somewhere else.If you, try to take them away from here……the Kalymnosians will try to get them. You can’t take them away!Don’t push your luck, Oruc!The investigation will be fair.

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