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EPISODE 12 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 12 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Emir Ali!J 2. BO LUMMy Bey, someone, who infiltrated among the soldiers of Yinal Bey……kidnapped the Hatun!His name is Haris!Haris!I couldn’t protect her.Give me your blessing.Emir Ali! Emir Ali!Emir Ali!Emir Ali!Emir Ali!Bozan did what he said, Nestor.He got the girl.Damn it!We’re leaving. It is for you, sir.

If Kekavmenos wants to get Maria, whom she is so precious for him, he needs to hear what I demand first.Emir Bozan will pay for this!Spread and search through the forest right away!Find that car and get the girl!> . % * X <t 5Who are you?What do you want from me?So, you are that precious Maria….should I call you Akca?Akca!IAkca!kIMy Bey.The dogs of hell!

They took us by surprise!They murdered the scholars and kidnapped Akca Hatun!My Bey. For they didn’t kill but just kidnap her…They will deliver her to their allies, to Byzantine!Afsiri, let Artuk know about it. Be quick!We are going to Vaspurakan, I guess.This is Atsiz.ICome on, my Bey.Come here now. -It is an owl’s hoot.Something bad will happen, sir.Before something bad happens…..let’s go and check……why an own hoots during daylight.Let’s go, this way.Come on, my Bey.Come on.<!>•4 A *tMy Bey, they are running from Altiyol.There are around 20 men around the car.z £t’. ‘*0Hace.Yes, my Sultan?Islam scholars were attacked in our presence.What do my guards, my Emirs…What d® my guards, my Emirs……and my viziers do, Hace?My Sultan…Attack!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

The blood of the scholars spilled in our palace.You made us go through this, Hace.You made us go through this, Hace.You damaged the reputation of- S’eljuk*irj) . the eyes of the enemy and the allies..You damaged the reputation of Seljuk in the eyes of the enemy and the allies.Those who harm the state, will get harmed themselves!Without any doubt!My Sultan, these monsters were in close service of the scholars for years.Out of respect for the Haces, the servants were not searched as a sign of our Sultan’s…While we were thinking that they were gone for a long time, they have sneaked into us silently.Even out of respect, I do not want any mistakes again!

Anyone that becomes careless, will taste our wrath! Let it be known like this!These Qarmati monsters sneaked into ranks of our s&holars.How far do you think they are from us Hace?Take precautions accordingly.As you command my Sultan.It looks like that demon-shaped bastard leader of them, called Natik……does not cut the tongue of his important servants.But they poison their minds.The demons we thought as dead…The demons we thought as dead……resurrect the moment we turn our backs!You should be aware.From now on……we’ll fight the Sarmatians……we’ll fight the Qarmatians……the same way we fight the infidels.We’ll save the people from their poisonous ideas……and cut their throats wherever we see them.Akca Hatun.Won’t we attack sir?

Wait.Walk.Where are you?Where’s the Hatun?Speak.Where’s Akca Hatun?Speak.Did you take her to Vaspurakan?Speak.Don’t die without telling me.Where did you take her?Maria’s not here. We can!t attack and lose time.So we will…..go to Bozan.That devil called Natik…..will show up eventually.Allah is my witness. I will kill him myself.Don’t touch me.Walk Hatun.Great Natik.How long will we keep the Hatun here sir?Until the Ghazni Governor’s helper, Emir Bozan……comes to save her.■, Alparslan’s looking for her to kill her.Alparslan’s looking for her to kill her.And Kekavmenos wants to help her.I will be the one who brings her to them.Which one will you give her to Great Natik?

Will you send the Hatun to die……or- -Isn’t death……what we ca life itself Meym Let’s help the Hatun to be saved from going through hell.When I give her to the Alparslan……Alparslan will no longer be suspicious of me……and I’ll get revenge from Kekavmenos.Seljuks will see how valuable and powerful I am……once again.What is your wish Great Natik?All the Seljuks will go to Re,y to pay res’pe.Gts’t® Bffe families of the dot’d’.. ■ All the Seljuks will go to Rey to. pay resp-eets t® 6l7e families of the dead: While I’m at the funeral……you will let me know that the traitor woman’s in Ghazni land……and she’s being kept in Bust.Now go to Bust.Tell Sehver Sultan about what happened in Rey.

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