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EPISODE 12 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 12 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. -Father!-Dervish!Rat-lnen!,Don’t!Don’t!Fathe-iI’ve seen how much you fear for Dervish’s death.But I believe everyone deserves a second chance, Hizir.That’s why……you should use this chance well and tell me the location of the book.Or, my bullet will not miss Dervish this time.Okay! Stop, stop!Okay! Step, stepStop! OkayOkay, I’ll tell you. Lower the gun.You know what you need to do to make me lower the gun, Hizir.The book is in the cellar of Oruc Aga’s old house.Why are you telling it, Hizir?

Because there is no other way now, Dervish.While Hizir is trying to save your life this hard, this manner of yours…That’s not good at all.Okay! Leave Dervish now!Okay! Leave Dervish now!You got what you want.I 1 ‘First, I need to be sure ‘ that you told me the truth.First, I need to be sure that you told me the truth.I will only let Dervish go, after I get the book.For you want my life, father…For you want my life, father…..take it.But let Oruc go.Isabelle.

Don’t do it.Saving my brother was not in my power.I couldn’t do’if.%But you can do it, Oruc.Go and save your brother.I told you I would be with you on this road.And it happened exactly like that.This is the end for me.Isabelle don’t go.Here.I put my forehead on the barrel of the gun.Pull the trigger and shoot me.Just let Oruc go….have taken everything I have anyway….have taken everything I have anyway.I have only my life and it is no longer important for me.Take it, father.Just shoot me.Shoot me father!What are you waiting for?

Shoot!We’re here to help, Oruc!-Huma aunt.Attack!Oruc!The cruel Emir of Mamluk is about’to hang Ilyas!Go to the square right away!Levents! You go to the cove for the golds immediately! Come on!Yareli! Gulletopuk!You come with me!We’ll help Ilyas!What did he do?It’s cruelty doing this to Ilyas without him being trialed in a Kadi court.Stay away woman, don’t get close to the criminal.Stay away woman, don’t get close to the criminal.

Is it easy to do this to a brave man just because he is alone?Is it easy to do this to a brave man just because he is alone?Let Oruc Reis come first.He is innocent! Don’t kill him!I wish my father Kilic Bey was alive……so he could see the true colours of Oruc and Ilyas.These dogs blinded him, brother.If he was here, he would protect them.Enjoy this moment.When the time comes, we will watch the execution of Oruc and Hizir too.Ilyas, son of Yakup is found guilty of killing Mamluk soldiers.His crime was proven when he was caught red handed.

Emir Karabay Hadrath sentenced Ilyas, son of Yakup to execution in front of Alexandria people…Emir Karabay Hadrath sentenced Ilyas, son of Yakup to execution in front of Alexandria people……to make him an example….to make him an example.Ilyas!Ilyas!Ilyas!Don’t do this!Ilyas!What’s going on?Oh great Allah.Oruc!What kind of disrespect is this?The day is not over yet, how can you try to execute Ilyas?Time is now now that hour glass is up.I did what I had to.How dare you take him off the rope?(olsr© f@i te fe(i oThey are the ones who are guilty.They are the ones who took the gold and killed your soldiers.Come on. Confess.He’s lying.

I didn’t do it.Is Unita’s document fake too?It’s proof that they were taking the gold to Kalymnos.They did this so the pirates don’t steal it.How can you deny it?You killed my Hatun.You can’t get away with it.You will confess everything.If you don’t talk I’ll break all of your bones.Tell me.We did it.We took them from…..the Habesh lands.Then Oruc took them from us.Mamluk soldiers found the gold so we killed them and took the gold back.

We wanted……Ilyas to be blamed for it……so we set him up.Do you get it now?Everything’s out in the open.I brought you the real criminals……and I’ll find the gold.But first I will kill this dog…But first I will kill this dog……who killed my Hatun and trapped my brother.I’ll be the judge of that.I’ll throw him in the dungeon.I’ll kill him if I want to or I might free him.Your job is done.This is bigger than you Karabay.

I have a blood feud with him.I will make him pay for it.My sword will make him pay if I choose so.If your sword will do the killing……I did it for you.But I will be the judge of this.Thank Allah we made it.Because it’s about avenging your Hatun……I won’t punish you for your disrespect.You punished him.Now it’s our job to find the gold not yours.You lost the gold once.I won’t let you do this again.Why are you so stubborn?Do you want to be a hero and be praised?There’s a whole state here.If it’s stolen, we’ll do what it takes.Only people like you do things to be praised.You risked the gold once.I won’t let it happen again.Everyone here knows……that Father Oruc will finish what he started.1 <x ° 0My boy.Kill them.Thank you, brave men.But who are yoWhy did you save us?Ottomans are everywhere, Ishak Bey.

We’re at the back of our enemies’s necks like death, and around our friends like a shadow.May our state always be strong.Tell us your name.Tell us your name.We’d like to know who is death to our enemy and a shadow to us.My name is Muhiddin Piri.But everyone knows me as……Piri Reis.You’ve made quite an impression, Piri Reis.Thank you.Soldiers will get here soon.Let’s go somewhere safe and talk there.Let’s go then.Don’t speak against the sun.Gune§ hakkinda olumsuz konu§ma! Don’t speak against the sun.Gune§ hakkinda olumsuz konu§ma!Don’t speak against the sun.Why did you tell him where the book is, Hizir?It was the only way we could survive.Trust me.What kind of a solution is this, Hizir?Tell us.Be patient, Meryem.Just be patient.

Where is this damn book?!My agha.This levent should stay.What is it, Hizir?He should lie in wait at the cellar of the house.If things go wrong and we get caught, they will do everything in their power to find the book.As a last resort, I’ll tell them the book is in the ce’llar.Then, you’ll catch the guy who comes and track us down.Good plan.MoveCome on, walk.I’ll finish you if you try the smallest move.So you set us up, Hizir.My agha.I knew you wouldn’t let me die, but……when the noose was placed around my neck, I felt bad.I wasn’t afraid of dying…I was afraid of dying because of a petty crime and tarnishing your name.My lion.You are our honor.It wouldn’t suit us to leave our loved ones behind with tears in their eyes.

You’re right, my agha.It wouldn’t suit us to leave our loved ones behind.What will happen to the gold, Oruc?I sent levents to the eastern shore.We must get there before the ship takes them.It’s the levent Hizir left at the cellar.What if..Talk.Hizir Reis has been taken by Kalymnosians!We caught this bird at the cellar.Talk.Where did they take Hizir?!Speak, bastard! Where are you keeping Hizir Agha?!You can only get him dead.I’ll break each bone in your body until you talk.Tell me! Where did they take Hizir?!

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