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EPISODE 12 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 12 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Don’t run away Rustem.There are things I have to know.You cannot fool me with these demonic tricks.Arslantas..Arslantas..Why?Rustem is my long lost brother.The Batini told me.Forgive me brother.I have to catch him.Stop.Don’t go.I’ll forgive you Arslantas. But don’t go.This is a trap set for you.You saw your brother. We’ll find him again.I lost my brother once.I cannot lose him again.Forgive me brother.Don’t go!Arslantas!Don’t go!Sencer!Sencecr what happened? Are you alright?Arslantas and Rustem are brothers.They are setting a trap for him.We have to follow him.You can’t go on like this Spencer.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

You’re badly wounded.The arrow pierced all the way to the bone.Balaban.Ayaz let’s go after them.Find him.Find him quick.We cannot make it to Isfahan with this wound you’re losing blood.We’ll go to Shalamzar it’s closer.You went too far this time Terken Hatun.This slap will one day…..return to you tenfold.The greatest of your storm would only raise dust around me.I dare you do your worst.Even if Terken Hatun is Head Hatun she went too far.When our Sultan hears about this he will punish him. .Don’t worry.Our Sultan will never hear about this.From now on this is my personal business with Terpen Hatun.

You are the daughter of Suleyman Shah Kutalmisoglu.Our Sultan would never stand for you to be insulted so.That’s why he should know.I never let anyone say “Elcin Hatun asked for favours to get things done.” That will not change now.As you wis’h.But what can you do against her on your own?But what can you’do against her on your own?I will reveal all her dirty tricks.And I will make sure she loses the rank of Head Hatun.She’s trying to woo MelikShah.If I don’t show her your place she would even try to birth an heir.Let that slep be a lesson to her.If she keeps sowing poison seeds she shall know I will tear apart her garden.Firdevs from now on you will follow Elcin Hatun.

You will inform me of every step she takes.If she keeps seeking revenge we will be one step ahead of her.Rustem!’*M**OIf you’d like to help us continue translating llyanis you can find the donation link in the description.Kay iFamily.comWhy did you stop Sencerfrom killing me?Have you become our rafi’q?I didn’t save you……I saved myself.If I hadn’t rescued you from Sencer……the pain in my heart my suffering would never be over.Remember this?That’s the bracelet Behram took from me when I was a child.Why do you have it?

Where did you get it?I have one exactly like it.My mother made them for me and my brother.You’re rny brother.I’m…I’m your brother.You’re lying.You’re lying.If I was lying why would I shoot Sencer to save you?How can I know you aren’t trying to fool me to take your side?Isn’t our father Muezzin Ibrahim of Saveh?How do you know that? My brother is dead!He’s dead!I’m your brother!All of this was caused by the Batini!They killed our father they destroyed our family!

You’re lying… you’re lying!Arslantas is your brother.gave him that secret.That’s why he saved you from Sencer.Where is my mother?I will save her from you.If you want to see your mother you will come with us.I would never go anywhere with you.We already got what we wanted from you.We can kill you take Rustem and leave.But we want you to see your mother again.Sencer what happened to you?It’s an arrow wound.Arrow wound?We must extract it quickly. Sit down.I’ll get healer Efrus.Sencer I sent word toHace about Arslantas.He will send soldiers after them.He should.We must find him.

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