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EPISODE 13 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 13 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Now the power of the knights of Rhodes stand before you Oruc!Now the power of the knights of Rhodes stand before you Oruc!This power will destroy you!So you increased your power, Pietro.Okay then, I want to beat stronger enemies.We will see if this island will be the grave of knights of Rhodes or us.What’s going on Hizir, is there a problem?I have went to Lesbos many times.But there is something wrong with this route, Meryem.What does that mean Hizir?The sun should be seen on starboard bow, but it’s on larboard.

We are going towards north-northwest instead of west-northwest.This ship is not going to Lesbos.

This ship is not going to Lesbos.Where are you taking it?This isn’t Lesbos ship Hizir.It’s the Kalymnos ship. We will take all of you to commander Pietro.It looks like Pietro did not have enough defeat by our hands.You can’t escape from this ship. Drop your swords.Let’s attack Hizir.Attack!Attack!The gold!Little levent Ilyas, or should I call you small levent?Take the cannon boxes.You escaped death after I destroyed your ship.But my sword will pierce you now instead of pieces of wood!But I want to do something good for you. I will make you meet with your brother whom we killed!Ilyas!Okay we are dropping them.No one should get hurt.Hizir what are you doing?

How can you surrender? Do you want them to take us to Kalymnos?Listen to me Meryem.Drop the swords.The woman is better than you Hizir.But I like timid men more.We will see where timidness ends, and bravery begins!Take them to the cellar!MoveWhat are you trying to do?They are killing the knights I won’t leave this to luck anymore!Wehave the gold and the cannons.To hell with Oruc.Let’s get out of here.I should at least take down Ilyas.We can’t die and lose the gold. Let’s go.You’re right.You’re right.I might not get the gold again.But I can always kill Ilyas.I’ll kill you one day. One day!Sister.Don’t.My brother.Hold on Isabel.You can’t just walk in there…..because you heard your brother’s voice.Why do you have my brother you bastard?Isabel.Open the door.I said open the door!I want to see my brother.Isabel.Your father betrayed Unita.

They were going to punish your brother……but I vouched for your brother.If you don’t do as I say…If you don’t do as I say……and shoot me……your brother dies.It’s your choice.What do you want from me?I want you to work with me Isabel.I want to make use of your knowledge.Let’s work together to grow this inn.And that way……you can stay with me.I won’t even breathe next to you, let alone work with you.Okay then. Your brother will die.What can I say Isabel? I did what I could.But you sent your brother to die.Wait.Don’t touch him.Don’t touch my brother, I beg of you.Isabel.Isabel your brother’s where he needs to be.Okay. When you decide……to accept my offer……then your brother will be saved.You have time until tomorrow.

Think it through.Wait Ilyas. Wait.Wait Ilyas. Wait.You shouldn’t lose any more blood.Are you okay Ilyas?Is the wound deep?-I’m okay Aga Reis.If I can spill more of Antoin’s blood……I’ll be just fine.Those bastards took the gold Aga Reis.What will we do now?They trapped us in this island and we escaped.Now it’s our turn.We’ll be the ones who set the trap.We’ll hunt them down one by one……and take out Pietro.Then we should prepare our claws, Father Oruc.EyvAllah.Let’s go Alps.You’ll die because of this gold Oruc.It’ll be my pleasure taking both of them.You mean our pleasure, Pietro.Don’t forget about my share of the gold.I didn’t forget, you shark. Don’t worry.Where are the cakalos cannons?Our men are carrying them .It’ll be here soon.What’s wrong with you?

Oruc would never run from battle.He’d rather take the gold or die.I feel like there’s something off about this.Our men are all around the island.If he tries to do something, he’s going to fail.What worries me isn’t Oruc trying to set a trap.Whenever you get the sweet smell of success……you lose your mind.Diego used to say that too.You know what happened at the end.I got the gold.And I got the cakalos cannons Oruc brought.Amdi 0 gjott rafetosOruc will die soon. There’s just one simple knot left.The last knot is Meryem.When I get back to Kalymnos, I will figure it out.Yes, I feel over the moon.Because I will be victorious.You’re not a man who gives up when they see a lot of enemies.Why did we surrender?We didn’t surrender Meryem.

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