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EPISODE 13 Dirilis Ertugrul Season 4

This is the story of EPISODE 13 of Dirilis Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. My Bey, my Bey, it is clear that Bahadir used this sod for his dirty works Come on, come on brothers, take this carcass away. Come on brothers. Do it Alps, get out. Tell me about Alpami§. What happened to him’? Alpami§ met Esma outside the tribe in secret. After that, he killed her. That means the one who initiated the poison was Esma, right? Ah, Aslihan, ah And you came to lecture me about Beylik, you incapable woman. If Esma was a traitor, your Alp Alpami§ was a traitor too, Bahadir Bey You ordered Alpami§ to give poison to Esma, so she can poison them.

I’m not falling for your empty words, Ertugrul Bey. That Alpami§ dog was supposed to come with the rest of my tribe. What was he doing here, I don’t know. You still lie to me. Ah. You gave order to Alpamif. You convinced Esma with gold coins to carry out this poisoning. Th t s not tru It is not Who knows who this Alpami§ dog serves? Well, if your intention is to finish me off, do it right here and now, Ertugrul Bey. And save us both the trouble, once for all.

Until the day when that traitor who did this crime… comes back to get your blood too, hah? Ah Ah You still keep saying I didn t do it. I did not do it! Ertugrul Bey, I ‘m not afraid either of you or of death. Do whatever you want. But know I haven t done that! Aag A|A| My Bey. Ares… Tekfur Ares has come. Alps Yes, my Bey Tie him really well. I will draw his penalty when I return. Ah. h Ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah Ah, ah. ah Ah. Why did this one come here? Why didjie come here^ What are you doing here, Ares? I heard what has happened. I came, for maybe I can be of help. So, you heard what’s happened. You have very sharp ears. Everyone from here to the Hanli Bazaar heard of that, Ertugrul Bey Please accept my condolences They are still alive.

Which idiot would make a poison that takes so long to kill? The one who wants them to suffer before they die. Well, well, well. How big of a grudge that one must hold against you. Follow me. What’s going on, Bamsi Alp? We’re walking in a forest, brother, but the path is not clear. I do not know I do not know at all, brother. You said you may be able to help me How can I trust you, Ares? I came to help the Bey of Principality, who offered a friendship to me. Is not that enough? I learned that in my absence… you wanted to seize the Hanli Bazaar, in alliance with Emir Sadeddin. How can I give credit to your words? Yes, that’s true But, what’s wrong with that?

We both wanted to enhance the trade in the time of peace. That is our duty. How much of that gold given to Bahadir Bey to buy Hanli Bazar… was yours Hmh You are a very intelligent man, Ertugrul Bey. It was just a trade. You are back Emir Sadeddin’s authority here has ended. I know that now I’ll have to cooperate with you regarding the trade and peace From now, you are the man with whom I’ll do my business dealings. What can you do for Turgut and Aslihan? I don’t know who is behind this, but I can give you a trail that you can follow. What does that mean? On my way here, I had some doubts. But when you said that the person behind this wanted them to… suffer before they die, I became sure at once. Why did you become so sure?

This poison was made by an herbalist. And I’m sure I know who the man who made this poison for Aslihan and Turgut is. Who i it? A well-known and widely recognized herbalist from Nikea. A former priest who left the faith. He is a master of killing with a prolonged great suffering. Where can he be found? I heard he lives at the outskirts of the Hell’s Hill. He secluded himself there, in a cave at the bottom of the valley. If you find that priest, maybe he can help Aslihan and Turgut. And I would too, extend a helping hand to a friend. I sympathize with you, but who knows maybe there’s a long life ahead of young lovers? However, this is the best I can do, Ertugrul Bey.

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