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EPISODE 13 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 13 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Balaban!Where will the explosion be?Tell me!It already happened, Shalamzar is a fiery ruin, now.Arslantas escaped, Hadhrat Melik.That traitor is the cause of all this.I will kill him myself.Hadhrat Melik!Arslantas would not kill Hace.I was with the Batini.I know what happened. They gave him something.He is not himself, don’t blame him for this.Get Hace to a healer.Stay out of my business.Soldiers, take Hace to a healer, his wound is deep.He needs medical attention.We must find Arslantas before Melik Tapar.Or he will kill Arslantas.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

The steel warehouse, the mint, and many more important facilities have become ruins, Hadhrat Emir.Our only consolation is that there was no loss of life.We couldn’t find the explosives, and we couldn’t protect the Sultan’s steel.And we lost many important facilities.Many will see this as an opportunity and come to collect debts.Like Faysal of Baghdad.He will surely come for us.\Ne owe him a great debt.We are surrounded on all sides.

Those damned Batini.They turned our city upside down.The situation of my people, and our lenders……and most of all, the wrath of Sultan MelikShah.How will I answer to the Sultan for this?My Sultan, unfortunately, the explosives were used in Shalamzar.How can this be?Did I not order them to search everywhere?It is obvious that their security is compromised. In an important city like Shalamzar, no less.They made us focus on Isfahan, and blown up Shalamzar.What’s the situation? How many people died?

Thank Allah, there were no casualties.The reports say……the mint, the grain storages, and…What is it?Is it the steel depot?Unfortunately, my Sultan.The steel you had brought for the western conquest……has been lost.I Iteber!I told you to protect the steel with your life!Who will protect you from me, now?Summon llteber, now!If the explosives went off……Hace must have failed to capture the Chief Da’i.Damn that demon! May that traitor find himself under the dirt.It is quite possible that you are right, my Sultan.My Sultan.My Sultan…Hace Nizamulmulk has taken a dagger wound. He’s been brought here badly wounded.

What are you saying, Kamac?If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on Prepare the medical room, now!Hace!Vtffiat is his ^situation?He has been stabbed near the kidney, my Sultan.He lost a lot of blood. We’ll do what we can.The rest is up to Allah.You cannot leave us, Hace.By your leave, my Sultan.We will capture who did this together, we will take revenge from those who attack our state!Send word to the realm!Get the best healers we have!Who?Who would do this?I asked the soldiers, it was Arslantas……one of Nizamulmulk’s private soldiers, Sencer’s best friend.He arrived at the meeting point disguised as the Chief Da’i……struck our Hace.Melik Tapar and Sencer are going after him.First, he shot Sencer and escaped.Now he attacked Hace under the disguise of Chief Da’i.The soldier we trusted… have sold us to the Batini.He will be punished as a traitor Batini!No one can save him now.He will be brought here for execution!We blewfiip Shalamzar.

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