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EPISODE 14 Barbaroslar

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

This is Episode 14 of Barbaroslar: Akdeniz’in Kılıcı means Sword of the Meditarranean with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Aga Reis…Commander Pietro wanted him alive, don’t forget it!Frankly……I wouldn’t also want to kill you immediately, Ilyas.Come on, gather up!We are going.The ones trying to hunt without permission turn into the hunt themselves!Attack!Meryem!Come on, we will ru towards the city!Are you okay?I am fine.Their leader ran away in fear.We need to go after them.An arrow wound cannot hurt me.Don’t worry, Ayse and the soldiers are here.You take Meryem and go to the mansion.And we will catch them before leaving Lesbos.Innocent people from Ethiopia……Levents…They martyrized everyone.They made a massacre, Baba Oruc.Ilyas?Where is Ilyas?

Find Ilyas!No, Horozcu!Horozcu!Horozcu!Open your eyes!Look at me, you idiot!We will walk to the shahada together! Open your eyes!Horozcu!Why are you hitting me like a cattle?I didn’t die by the sword of the enemy.But I am going to die because of you.He is alive, Reis. He started to babble as soon as he opened his eyes.Are you okay, my warrior?I am. I am fine, Baba Oruc.Where is Ilyas? Find Ilyas!Ilyas is not among them, Reis.Ant- Antuan.They took him as a prisoner, Aga Oruc.They took him.Come here.Come on.So, they want to keep Ilyas as a prisoner in their hands.Where are they taking him anyway, Baba Oruc?According to the tracks, they are going towards the coast of Simal.We will catch them.Take Horozcu to the mansion right away.And bury our martyrs properly.Let’s catch them! Come on! Come on! Come on!Who are they, Baba Oruc?

The ones who set the trap on Ilyas.And they ambush us to stop reaching Ilyas.Ilyas will die there and you will die here, Oruc.Attack!Okay, we’ve waited enough.Take the cannonsAnd I seized the ship!When Oruc Reis comes, he can answer.Oruc can answer for everything he has done, but think about how you will answer for what you have done!What we are doing is written in the laws of Mamluk.And you will obey those laws!They fly Ottoman sanjac in their ship in Alexandria. Do you want us to take it down?Hold on!No one can touch our Sanjac Do you think that sanjac is a mere piece of cloth, commander!?Ottoman sanjac is the representation of justice for world, ghaza in the name of Allah……and the word of Allah!A hand that tries to touch our sanjac tries to sully our cause too!I follow our laws!Many lives were given and much blood was spilled for this sanjac for many centuries!Many lives were given and much blood was spilled for this sanjac for many centuries!

If you try to touch our Sanjac, then you risk losing your life and spill blood!That’s our law!We are ready to sacrifice our life and blood for our sanjac!If you are ready too, then take up your arms!Stay back.There is no need for us to take down the flag.But I seized the ship.And you won’t be able to take that back.Kill the remaining ones!We need to find IlyasThey will cut through the ambush Oruc won’t be able to leave here alive!Reis!They can’t see us. To the horses, quickly!Come on.Father Oruc, are you okay?The bastards shot our Reis from behind!Are you okay Reis?I’m fine.Their leader shot me.Go after him and catch him. We can take care of them.Let’s separate! We will lose our tracks.I’m fine.When your face is revealed, everything you have done will be revealed too Sahbaz!I will take your life first,

then my brother whom you keep prisoner.Sahbaz made a plan to trick me.He was leading you right? Confess and I will spare your life.No one was leading us.We attacked on our,own.We killed Oruc and Ilyas.Isabel Hatun?What are you doing here?What are you doing here?I heard that the knights of Rhodes came to coast of Simal with Unita ships.I suspected that they would ambush you so I came.

Did you manage to break the ambush?Kind of.Okay then I will leave.You can inform Oruc.Father Oruc was shot.We need to go to him quickly.He was shot?How is he? Is he fine? Is he alive?He is alive, thank Allah….but he got shot in his arm. We went after the shooter.If Oruc is wounded I should come.I will tell him what happened.Let’s go.It looks like Isabel suspects me.He still cares for Oruc.I know how to hurt her.OrucIsabel?What are you doing hereI heard that the knights of Rhodes came to coast of Simal with Unita ships.I thought they’d ambush you.The traces lead to that bay.I was worried.I wanted to let you know.You’re wounded.Levents told mI was worried.I’m okay.Don’t worry.Sahbaz is-Unita’s main man ^Alexandria.Rhodes knights came here with Onita’s ship.

Sahbaz might have something’tQ’dd with it.Is Sahbaz-‘inv.olved in it?I don’t kno.w Oruc.Believe me, I don’t.I’ll go to that bay and save Ilyas before the ship leaves.People think you work for Unita.And I’m Unita’s enemy.Before anyone sees you’re here…,>>go back.Or the^ might hurt your brother.You’re hurt Oruc.How can you go there?There’s a bullet inside of you my Bey.Allah forbid, it might get worse.

Reis.Let us follow them.They martyred our brothers Yareli.They took my dear Ilyas.I’ll go even if I know I’ll die.Ilyas is. in danger.Come on.Wh®re°s ?-he shop?At the Tokas bay.We have to hurry and leave Lesbos now.Wait.You must know, dog……that they cut off the heads of dogs that are in pain.My wild knives will help with your pain.He alread has a knife on his throat’Piri.Then let’s.attack in the name of Allah.Come on. -To the bay.Follow him.

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