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EPISODE 14 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 14 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Don’t you know that I would never let a woman come to harm, how dare you slander my Sultanate like this?I broke Taculmulk’s arm as punishment for slapping my mother.If you did not know……he was also punished for tarnishing your reputation.I was here for MelikShah’s life, but god also gifted me Tapar and Sencer.I will hold Taculmulk accountable for what he did.But you will also be held accountable. Take Sencer, now.Move, attack.Ambush!If you’d like to help us continue translating Uyanis, you can find the donation link in the description.KayiFamily.comWhere is Sencer?

He must have escaped after the fight, my Sultan.Go after him!Bring our martyrs to their families.State officials shall attend their funerals in my name.My Sultan, Hace has been poisoned.Poisoned?Did he…?He is paralyzed……he cannot speak, and he cannot move.’m going to Isfahan.Tapar, examine the bodies.Find out if they’re from Queli, or Frankish lands.We will avenge our martyrs.I prepared the medicine, but someone must have put poison in it.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

I saw her sneaking into the palace at night.She must have brought it from outside the palace.Now I know why you came here.You wanted to poison Nizamulmulk.I didn’t know there was poison inside.Turna Hatun would never do something like this.She is innocent.-Silence!You brought Turna Hatun here, and you let her get close to Nizamulmulk.Nizamulmulk is the backbone of our state!How can you h’arm,such an important person?You will be punished, Turna HatJh.You will be imprisoned.No, Terken Hatun, she’s innocent!When our Sultan comes back..Who are you to talk back to the Head Hatun, Elcin Hatun?If you say another word, I will throw you into the dungeons with her!When our Sultan comes back, you will be punished properly, T’Urna Hatun.Until then, into the dungeons with her!I didn’t do it!I wouldn’t do something like this!Save me!Save me!Son..• qJDon’t do this, son.

Let me go, please!Please!There is no escape from Sayyiduna.If you won’t obey us……then, you will die.My son.Let the woman go!I’m here.If you want to fight, fight me.Don’t touch that poor mother.What is it? Are you too used to your fida’i doing your dirty work?You can’t fight me yourself?Sayyiduna is not afraid of anyone!The glint on my sword is the harbinger of your death!Hadhrat Sayyiduna!Seljuk soldiers are on the way.If they surround us, we won’t be able to get away.You must go, Hadhrat Sayyiduna.I know what to do when the soldiers come.No!If you take another step……I’ll kill her.Rustem……you are using your own mother as a human shield for that Chief Da’i charlatan.Let’s see if he’ll be able to save you now.Sencer!*Sencer, surrender.

Get him!Son…Tell my Arslantas…..I lied to protect him…..Nizamulmulk did nothing wrong.It was all…..Batini’s fault.Arslantas knows the truth.Don’t worry.I’ll get you to Arslantas.Get the woman and Sencer.- < <• ** – —Leave me and go.Go after Rustem.In the cave……I heard in the cave…He will go to Daru’l Hijra (House of Hijra).The greatest treasure of the Batini……the Book of Secrets, he’s going to recover it.Take care of my Arslantas.My Rustem has killed me……he mustn’t kill him too.Mother!Mother!Take his mother to Arslantas.He couldn’t see her alive……but at least, he can fulfill his final task to his mother.Chief Da’i escaped for now, but we can still capture Rustem.He is going to Daru’l Hijra for the Batini’s treasures……we’ll get to him before then.

Tell Arslantas…..Sencer will avenge his mother’s death.And prove his innocence.* * > • -AWho are you? Show your face.Chief Envoy Sabbah.My face will only be seen by the eyes of the dead.I killed my own mother for you, Hadhrat Sayyiduna.If I had a thousand mother……I’d kill them all for you.Sencer must have been arrested by the soldiers by now.Don’t worry, Rustem.We will sacrifice anything for our cause.Go to Shalamzar, make haste.Faysal will buy Daru’l Hijra from llteber.After he does that, go to Daru’l Hijra……uncover our treasures, and our book of secrets.What if llteber refuses to sell Daru’l Hijra?Faysal will buy it, no matter what.

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