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EPISODE 15 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 15 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. I will give you General Dukas.Abolish’the siege, and I will give you General Dukas.General Dukas is a noble general that holds the benefit of Kaiser above all else!General Dukas is a noble general that holds the benefit of Kaiser above all else!He would choose death over giving a single piece of Rome land to the enemy!I am sure that he would see this as an honorable act!Do you think your Kaiser thinks the same way as Diyojen?This does not seem like a matter of honour to me.Diyojen and Tekfur Kekavmenos were waiting for a chance to get rid of you, it seems.Nonsense.

Draw your sword like an honorable fighter, and fight me!You can only imprison my dead body!Untie him!My Bey, allow me to fight this infidel!You need to tell that to him.Give him your sword.My Bey…If I become the winner……your Alps will release me. Do we have a deal?Do as he says.Alparslan.-Nestor.-Sir.-Nestor.-Sir.W-. .. .7,-*•> -Vi? . ‘As we speak……I don’t want him to leave here alive, understood?Don’t you worry, sir.This way.I might have bestowed you a death that you can consider an honor……but I need youalive for some time.Let’s go to the tribe, come on.If you want to had a fight again, when we arrive the tribe, find me.Are these the goods you said profitable, Emir Bozen?

explWhat is the anation for this?Batur Bey.What does this mean?What kind of a game did you set up on me?What are you talking about, Emir Bozan?Why should Batur Bey set up a game on you?My Sultan. After killing the Byzantine soldiers……how can we know that he didn’t change the steel with these worthless ores?Do we need any steel that we might want to change your goods, Emir Bozan?Our ghazis have hearts and arms……made of steel just like the swords they carry!Emir Bozan.Batur Bey is one of the bravest Beys of Turkmen……and he is one of the most faithful friends of my father.We fully trust whatever he says.You should explain this now, Emir Bozan.What is this?

Sultan……I can’t find any word to say…If Batur Bey is not involved……then……we have been tricked by the infidel Byzantines.We will do what’s necessary.But…..if I have been blind…Your, only excuse is……not being able to see it?My Sultan……I would sacrifice myself……for the great Ghazna State.But……I am not……a traitor as Batur Bey implied.If there is a wrongdoing here……it must have happened because of being blind while……working hard for the well being of my state.I know Bozan very well.He will cheat in the trade business.We know whom he will share the profit.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

Forgive me my Sultan……even a Turk child wouldn’t use a sword made of this….even a Turk child wouldn’t use a sword made of this.I hope Ghazna state did not lose much with this.What’s the price paid from the treasury for this trade?How much did you pay Byzantine?My Sultan……2 chests of gold.2 chests worth 5 thousand denars.Call the treasury officer right away..□□□□ □What’s Alparslan Bey’s goal, my Bey?It’s obvious Alparslan Bey is planning’something.It’s been a while since General Dukas left the castle.And Diyojen is not back yet.■ <vV«’One of the infidels is here.• • ♦ *•A* SJAwvWhere is Dukas?Since Diyojen went alone, and came back alone……then it is obvious that something’s wrong for the infidels.We will know soon.How much food we have left?If it goes like this, and the siege continues, it will be hard for us my Bey.

Inshallah our armywill come soon.None will leave here alive.We need to save General.What’s going on Alparslan?The horse tracks on the ground end here.It is obvious that they went to the forest.You will die, General.Watch out for the General.

But this forest does not lead anywhere. Be cautious.Wait for my mark.Let them come a little closer.Wait for my mark.Take cover.Damn it.Shield wall!Come on!-Come on!Avar. Protect the General.Get down!Getdown!Shoot!Get down.Get down!Attack!Come on men!Tell me Treasurer……what did Emir Bozan take from the treasury……for the trade with the Byzantine.Emir Bozan took 5 thousand dinars from the treasury……divided into two separate chests, My Sultan.To gain someone’s trust is tough……and to lose it is too easy.Seeing that you no longer have faith in me……is so painful.Great Natik, they know that two chests of gold is taken for the trade.Soldiers who deliver it to Byzantines will be suspicious when they see one chest.You think I didn’t foresee that?

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