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EPISODE 15 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 15 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Now……it’s time you pay for your treachery, Andreas.Your father.. Alparslan……had captured my uncle, Romanos……then he released him.Do as your father has done.Let us make a deal.Your uncle fought bravely on the battlefield.He was not a treacherous scum like you.He was an Emperor.You are nothing but a dog.Great Christian armies will come here……they will destroy your cities.They will raze your temples.You will all die, MelikShah.Let them come.We have enough swords……to take all your heads..swear before my Rabb!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

We will fight the tyrants until our last breath!We will not rest……until the last of the infidel’s castle is taken!The conquest is ours, but the victory belongs to Allah!ALLAH-U AKBAR! (Allah is The Greatest) How did you capture him?Thanks to Sencer.I ran from where I had taken refugp., and I found Sencer on the road to Shalamzar.Just as I was approaching, I saw you get to him.I heard you speak.Sencer suspected that Rustem was in the caravan, he wanted to search……but you didn’t let him.I believed Sencer, and followed the caravan.

The man leading the caravan left midway through.I kept following them.Move!After a while, I saw Rustem escape into the forest, he was indeed in the caravan.I chased after Rustem.Then I captured him.So, Sencer was right, Hadhrat Melik. Rustem was hidden with the caravan.I caught Rustem thanks to Sencer.He was supposed to have a book with him, Arslantas. Did you find it?He threw a satchel made of black leather into the river when he realized he was about to get caught.■“■KSSiiiaq js n w oo gfaURgyau ‘What book are you talking about?

They must be dreaming.-Stop lying, you dog!Don’t take another step, Sencer.DFn’t.take another step, Sen’cer,’H efa^M e I i k…..the book hides alTthe secrets of the Batini, there’s information about the new Chief Da’i in the book.Let us go after it.You lied to get away enough times.I won’t let you, this time.This is a matter of the state, not a personal matter, Hadhrat Melik.You didn’t let us search the crates, and Rustem was hidden there.Now, you won’t let us go after the book.You’re making a mistake, Hadhrat Melik.

If there’s a book, we’ll search for it. Why would we need you?They may leave fake books behind to distract you.I infiltrated them before, Hadhrat Melik.I would know the true book from the fake ones. That’s why you need me.Silence!You will stay in the dungeons and wait for your punishment.Arres’t Arslantas and Rustem.Acr.e.stJArslantas and us eYou are making a mistake, Hadhrat Melik.You will see that we are right.If the Batini get to the book before us……you won’t be able to pay for that mistake.Take them to the dungeons.You killed your collaborators without blinking an eye.Send Esma to the witch. You will go there, too.Elcin Hatun will follow you.

She will think she has caught us…..but we will catch her.I did not kill them.You killed them to frame me and hide your sins.You kill your collaborators to bury evidence……and you accuse the Sultan’s Hatun so baselessly.This is too much, Elcin Hatun.No one can save you from the wrath of MelikShah now.No one will believe I killed them.This is your doing!All the soldiers here…..are witnesses to the murders you committed.And you? Do you have any evidence, any witnesses?Those who made the poison are here……and their murderer is here,too.

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Abdullah Rajput
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