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EPISODE 16 Alp Arslan Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 16 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles. Sister.Haven’t we talked about this before?While there are many indications that the demon behind you is that bastard Natik……why do you still justify him?Why do you make him Vizier for your state?Is there anyone else who wants to say something?Anyone?I will make you pay for what you did, Bozan!What’s going on there?

Be ready!Attack!Help! HelpI am the shehzade of Ghazna, Abdulresid.Emir Bozan kidnapped all the shehzades of Ghazna.We need to return to Bust for the well-being of our state. Right away!KWe need to return to B^ust fbr the-* . well-being of our state. Right away!To the horses!Is there something you are afraid of, sister?Is this bastard threatening you?

Or, is he threatening you with your son’s life?Where is my grandson, Mesut, Sehver?I want to see my grandson!Cagri Bey.My Sultan son is quite well.And Alparslan Bey’s concern is baseless.As?Sehver Sultan is our Sultan……she is also your daughter……your sister.Do her words mean nothing to you?While you are hard on her tail……we can never7know how we should consider Server’s words, Bozan.It’s not because her words are not important for us!The most important thing is the state, Cagri Bey.We learned this from you.Above all, you have the reagent of Ghazna’s Sultan before you.So, you shouldn’t meddle with our state matters.

Sehver SuitaMy nephew, Mesut, is just a kid now.If Emir Bozan beco the Vizier……Ghazna state will be under the control of Qarmatians.Don’t you think about it all that you let an Islam country be governed by a demon?Alparslan Bey.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

If you have an evidence that I control our Sultan by a threat……present us. Then, I’ll present>my head before you.Suleyman Bey.Do you also think the same way as your brotheV, Alparslan Bey?Isn’t it obvious what we think and our side, Emir Bozan?Now, you all should understand ‘this.From now on, my son^ Sultan Mesut is the owner of Ghazna’s throne.From now on, my son, Sultan Mesut is the owner of Ghazna’s throne.I am his reagent and Emir Bozan is his vizier.And you are the Beys of Seljuk State.

Do you think my state is your state that you are accusing my vizier?If Emir Bozan is a traitor just as our shahzade said, we can’t endanger him by taking him there.Inform Sehver Sultan.We will keep our shahzade secure.It looks like nothing we tell you has an effect.Then that traitor behind you should listen to me closely.You know that…..every plan you make, every scheme you plan bring you to your own end.This scheme will also be revealed.And when that happens, neither my sister nor eyen great mountains……will be able to stop me from cutting your head off!…will be able to stop me from cutting your head off!I have nothing toWhat about you, my Sultan?

What about you, my Sultan?My Sultan, there is an important matter.Can’t you see……that our Sultan is speaking with Alparslan Bey!What’s the important matter?Sehver Sultan told you clearly, Alparslan.We are not going to expose our state’s matters to you.Sehver Sultan.If there is a problem, tell us now, so that……we can save you from that problem.I have said everything there was to be said.If you continue to insist, I will not see you as my brothers.Leave my lands immediately.Yinal Bey is going toreturn to Mosul soon.You need to be at the headquarters with your alps, Batur Bey.We can’t tolerate any kind of weakness there.Yinal Bey and his alps fought really hard in the siege.

Now is not the time to be divided……but to stand united.The infidels continue to make plans, Batur Bey.Having you in our borders with Byzantine……is important for Seljuk.You managed to pull it off.What’s it about?It is personal, my Sultan.Emir Bozan……excuse us fo’r a second.As you command my Sultan.Tell me, what’s that: important and personal matter?What’s going on son?I can’t understand my Bey.If my nephew Mesut sits on the throne of Ghazna state……where are the other shahzades?Isn’t any of them claiming their right on the throne?

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