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EPISODE 16 Malik Shah Great Seljuke

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is EPISODE 16 of Great Seljuk with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. What are you talking about, Sencer?Lower your sword.What are you doing, going after the book of secrets?Everything regarding the state is part of my duty.I don’t have to answer to you.Did you kill the fisherman for the state?Of course I did.He was a Batini.What should I have done?let him steal the book?The fisherman don’t have any symbol of the Batini.He doesn’t look like one, either.You have been fighting the Batini for so long.Don’t you know that they don’t carry their amulets when they assume a disguise?Now, let me go.You can’t go anywhere without convincing me ,Sabbah.You meddle in things that go beyond your duties.I worked for this state……when you weren’t even a private soldier.

Who are you to suspect me?We’ll see if you worked for the state.Chief…This is the true book of secrets.But it was written with the old language.We need to show it to the ulema in the palace.Now that I lowered my sword……know that the Sultan will judge you.Let’s see how you will save yourself, then.Once we get to the palace……we’ll see who the Sultan will judge.Walk!Elcin Hatun says you followed Firdevs……and you say Elcin Hatun was responsible for all of it.

So, only Firdevs Hatun can solve this matter.When she reveals the truth, all will be revealed.KamacBring Firdevs here.As you wish, my Sultan.Go to Markus immediately, and ask him to return the favor.He shall find Sencer, and kill him.The ring of Seljuk soldiers is getting closer.We cannot get any closer to the river.Sencer will surely pass through here.We will attack him the moment we see him.I cannot wait to break that eagle’s wings…..and tear off his head.MelikShah got away from us.But Sencer’s death will be ours.He will not survive.Our soldiers have spotted Christian vanguards by the Zayende river.They ask for increased security.So, the Christian soldiers have come all the way here.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرول ڈاؤن کرکے watch here پر کلک کریں ، شکریہ۔

Sencer was going to the Zayende river.They are going to ambush him.Melik Tapar is out of the castle.Send word to him!He shall movehis soldiers to the Zayende River!He shall find the Christian soldiers before they find Sencer! Move!How can this be?Why would she hang herself?Did anyone enter her room?Did you see her?We didn’t see anyone.We’re out of the soldiers’ circle.It won’t be long until we get to the palace.Where are you Marcus? Where are you?!Sencer!I was anxious to see you.I’m glad we finally get to meet.So, you’re here, too.Good.Good*.You saved MelikShah, but you will die!

Who are you,demons of hell?That’s what MelikShah said.mangled his arm.Now, I will chop off your head.For every drop of blood of our Sultan, I will decapitate one of you.Men, protect the book!Protect the book for the Seljuks!Guard the book!They said the book is important! I’m going after the book!Aydogdu, Ayaz! Take Sabbah to the palace.My Sultan, when I entered her room. I found that she had hanged herself.No one visited her.No one visited her.I found this letter, newly written.I did it all, out of loyalty to Terken Hatun.I poisoned Seferiyye Hatun so that Terken Hatun could be Head Hatun.Hace was about to discover it……so I ordered Esma to poison him.I killed the witch and Esma to hide evidence.My Sultan, I have another document of Firdevs’ so that you can confirm her writing.These were both written by the same hand.It’s clear that Firdevs Hatun wrote this letter.

It is my decree……Elcin Hatun……no matter how good your intentions were……you are guilty for acting independently……and because of her enmity towards Terken Hatun……there is bound to be unrest in the palace with her presence.■ [paO.a©® wofih ter p>r®s®(ffl©®.It is my decree that……Elcin Hatun returns to Anatolia as soon as possible.However…..this is not a punishment.It’s a duty.There are restless tribes in Anatolia.We hear news that the Christian armies……are cooperating with the Byzantine Empire.Before they arrive, the Anatolian tribes must be unified.You are the best person for this task, Elcin Hatun.You have our trust, Elcin Hatun.Your brother is in safe hands.Do not worry about him.Your trust in me is an honour.I will not disappoint you and our state.

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